Are The Utah Jazz Real Contenders? | Through The Wire Podcast

  • Published on: 13 February 2021
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  • Runtime : 1:23:34
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  • danny chung
    danny chung   2 months ago

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    danny chung   2 months ago

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  • G Moneyy
    G Moneyy   2 months ago

    Ayye I played on a St. Joan's back in the day as well

    TOPSHOT2FR   2 months ago

    41:00 we been knew mic dont watch basketball lmao he had to look shit up on his phone

  • G Moneyy
    G Moneyy   2 months ago

    My favorite game of the season was that Nets Clipers, can't be biased as a Warriors fan about last night

    TOPSHOT2FR   2 months ago

    mic and derek the worst recensy bias dudes lmao

  • Aanan Henderson
    Aanan Henderson   2 months ago

    "this is the first time a player posted this stat line since oscar robinson was on the wheaties box"

  • Jack Wallis
    Jack Wallis   2 months ago

    NEVER HAD SUSHI???!??!???? Yall aint living

  • Young Siimba
    Young Siimba   2 months ago

    I'm all for a podcast of yall just bs-ing talking about experiences....Reminds me of my homies and I on XBOX. Sooooooo Much Content!!

  • Aiden Reyes
    Aiden Reyes   2 months ago

    I’ll bet everyone on this panel that Brooklyn makes it out

  • Aiden Reyes
    Aiden Reyes   2 months ago

    Did they just said Brooklyn ain’t on shit.....

  • Robert Cruz
    Robert Cruz   2 months ago

    Maybe I'm wrong but I feel like they fed zion in the second half but they fouled him a lot so instead of FGA he got FTA. but idk that was a long time ago atp

  • Cam Schroath
    Cam Schroath   2 months ago

    Pierre you gotta watch these Jazz games man. They are absolutely not just a 'drive and kick' team. There is much more to the offense. Pick and rolls are huge. Swinging the ball around the outside. Off ball movement. JC iso's. Bogdanovic mismatches in the post. And to say that the Jazz rely that much on their 3pt% is not true at all. They shoot over 40 3's a game to get 12-17 made 3's a game. It's not like they are shooting 45% from 3 every night. And they have had nights recently where they shoot <35% from 3 and still beat playoff teams by 12+. This offense is different from any nba team I've seen before and there are so many ways they can attack you. Contender no doubt

  • Ivander85
    Ivander85   2 months ago

    P really disrespecting Mike Conley time after time lol. No he is not an all star this year or superstar ever but he still is more than just an average PG.

  • tashun` miller
    tashun` miller   2 months ago

    This video went from Basketball to Derrick getting girls 🤣🤣 I love this podcast

  • rami dari
    rami dari   2 months ago

    Everytime you guys talk good about the piston make me feels good

  • Yvette Rolle
    Yvette Rolle   2 months ago

    Picky Perie should be the name of the show with dmills and p ps don’t at me on ps name

  • iNameless
    iNameless   2 months ago

    I really love this podcast a lot for how y’all talk about a lot of teams and cover a lot of stuff but I really wish y’all would at least say the suns at least sometimes. I listen to every new episode and I hardly ever even hear y’all say a word. Talking about the top western teams y’all said everyone except the suns. It’s also just kinda weird y’all didn’t say anything especially after their winning streak rn. No hate all love just saying I wish you would talk about them more.

  • Kyle Parkhurst
    Kyle Parkhurst   2 months ago

    First time tuning in. Great stuff guys. Go Jazz

  • Painter Productions
    Painter Productions   3 months ago

    For the top 10 performances game as a nugs fan I was just screaming JOKIC!!! IITS JOKIC!!! HE HAD A 47 POINT DOUBLE DOUBLE ON RUDY’S ASS, ITS NIKOLA FREAKIN JOKIC!!!!!

  • Hunter Okubasu
    Hunter Okubasu   3 months ago

    pelicans need to start JJ Redick, not enough shooting in their starting lineup

  • Daryl Morson
    Daryl Morson   3 months ago

    Utah looks Legit. As a Celtic fan I got to watch it up close. they have rally good chemistry

  • JL21
    JL21   3 months ago

    Damn I wish I had homies like the TTS crew, funny as hell and plays both basketball & football

  • Cliff
    Cliff   3 months ago

    Mike Conley was 3rd barely below Kawhi in Raptor ratings on the season before a mild hamstring In way late January. Definitely an Allstar and way above average.

  • Somebody Important
    Somebody Important   3 months ago

    I love it when you guys just start talking about life and other things! It would be awesome to see you guys start a TTW YouTube channel! Keep up the hard work y’all!

  • Thomas Norris
    Thomas Norris   3 months ago

    Dejounte Murray 27 8 steals should be up there

  • Ryan Sipple
    Ryan Sipple   3 months ago

    I don’t even watch any games and I knew half of the top performances just from watching this show. Don’t fire Mike though, he’s the GOAT

  • soeffinpro
    soeffinpro   3 months ago

    I see new fresh TTW podcast I click the upvote

  • Will Huff
    Will Huff   3 months ago

    Those apples were scrrrrumptios😂😂

  • Tcrom977
    Tcrom977   3 months ago

    Pierre ain’t never been compared to Jokic in his life lmaooooo

  • 1 Survivor
    1 Survivor   3 months ago

    I'm so tired of this question. YES, they are real contenders. It should be blatantly obvious to anyone who watches games and researches how their numbers stack up historically. Excluding garbage time they are a +12.4 per 100 possessions. Do you know how many other teams were +12 or more since 2003? THREE. The 16-17 Warriors (+12.8, won championship), the 07-08 Celtics (+12.2, won championship), and the 14-15 Warriors (+12.1, won championship). They have a +9 Net Rating rn, best in the NBA. Historically if you're over +5 you have a real shot at a chip. In their last 19 games they've won by double digits 16 times. SIXTEEN. The only other teams to match a run like that are the 70-71 Bucks (won championship) and the 08-09 Cavs (lost in ECF). They aren't stumbling randomly into a hot streak. They are demolishing teams. And then you got the eye test. They have 3 high level shot creators who can get their own (Mitchell, Conley, Clarkson) and a 4th solid shot/mismatch advantage creator (Bogdanovic). They have 4 near (or above) 40% three point shooters on the floor for all 48 minutes. They are shooting the three at historic volume and accuracy as a team. And their defense is great too.Will they win it all? I don't know. They aren't the only great team. But if we have to ask if a team who checks off all of boxes in terms of traditional statistical criteria for a contender and the eye test and is doing things that are rarely accomplished then idk what the fuck we doin.

  • Luke Gould
    Luke Gould   3 months ago

    who else want them to vs people in basketball like against 2hype

  • NBA Fan Crazy
    NBA Fan Crazy   3 months ago

    I do think they are a contender. Their shooting, ball movement and defense is really good. But imo, they won't get respect from some people win or lose. If they lose, people will tell "I told you so". If they win, they will call it a fluke and that they wouldn't have went that far if it were normal. I hope they prove those people wrong