Jalen Rose compares Kyrie Irving’s game to Allen Iverson after win vs. the Clippers | Jalen & Jacoby

  • Published on: 22 February 2021
  • Jalen Rose and David Jacoby react to the Brooklyn Nets’ 112-108 win over the LA Clippers and reacts to Paul George’s minutes restrictions.

    0:00 Jalen Rose was impressed by Kyrie Irving and James Harden’s performance vs. the Clippers.
    0:30 Jalen Rose compares Kyrie Irving’s game to Allen Iverson.
    2:00 Jalen Rose wants to see how Kyrie Irving and James Harden distribute the ball once Kevin Durant returns.
    3:34 Jalen Rose reacts to Paul George’s minutes restrictions.

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  • Runtime : 6:40
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  • Prince Samuels
    Prince Samuels   1 months ago

    KYRIE has the most haters in the world.. Uncle drew Would destroy the NBA IN 2000, Iverson would not take 2000 Sixers to finals in today’s NBA stop the foolishness.. Iverson lovers so quick to bring up his only finals ever in which he lost only wining 1 game..the facts that Iverson gets more cred for losing than KYRIE gets for winning is incredible..

  • Miguel T
    Miguel T   1 months ago

    kyrie has been better than iverson since cleveland lol

  • Kj Guidry
    Kj Guidry   2 months ago

    Where is the Kobe in kyrie a game?

  • Kj Guidry
    Kj Guidry   2 months ago

    Harden is the big dog..... This kd narrative is just deeply embedded in everyone’s brain

  • Never Fail
    Never Fail   2 months ago

    Statistically, James Harden is more like Iverson than Kyrie, both offensively and defensively. And can we stop comparing bad defenders to Kobe? Man had 12 all defensive teams.

  • HoopLOGIC
    HoopLOGIC   2 months ago

    Ai was a competitor he didn't want easy RINGSS FACT og iverson difrent breed!

  • Air Magic
    Air Magic   2 months ago

    Yeah whatever...Iverson was on another level. Je was a player of another dimension.

  • JD
    JD   2 months ago

    👏🏽 👏🏽 hmmmm 👏🏽 it must be broken... 👏🏽 trying to turn jalen brightness down.... MAN IF HE DONT GO OUTSIDE LOL

  • CJ Payne
    CJ Payne   2 months ago

    That's actually the most accurate description of Kyrie's playstyle...wow

  • Desztro1
    Desztro1   2 months ago

    he such piston hater....our time is coming..tell em rose

  • Sadam Ali
    Sadam Ali   2 months ago

    kyrie better than AI, Kyrie really the most skilled player all time better than kobe, bron mj whoever

  • ThisIsRiseTV
    ThisIsRiseTV   2 months ago

    Jalen is exactly right I've been telling people for years kobe and ai

  • kilo draggin
    kilo draggin   2 months ago

    not a bad take, but a terrible nickname lmao

  • Argentris Barber
    Argentris Barber   2 months ago

    If you wanna say a Watered down Iverson and Watered down Kobe cool. But Jalen should STOP it. Kobe and AI are easily top 5 SG EVER. Cant say the same about Kyrie....ijs

  • LazyyMaster03
    LazyyMaster03   2 months ago

    Which one is better, Kyrie and KD, Kyrie and James Harden, or James Harden and KD?

  • D. Jackson
    D. Jackson   2 months ago

    Kyrie got that “ O no you didn’t “ face in the thumbnail

  • Rory Edwards
    Rory Edwards   2 months ago

    Why is he grabbing players jerseys like he's D Wade

  • Rory Edwards
    Rory Edwards   2 months ago

    I think Kyrie is going to retire if they win the chip cookies

  • Kyza Domwayup
    Kyza Domwayup   2 months ago

    Finally ! I been saying this for the longest never heard anyone speak on that comparison untilNow

  • londonyedigg 88
    londonyedigg 88   2 months ago

    I don’t think y’all realize how funny Jalen is 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jing Qi
    Jing Qi   2 months ago

    Yeah but can Kyrie be injury free? Doubtful

  • Val Venis
    Val Venis   2 months ago

    As long as we all still agree Kyrie isn’t near as good a player as A.I

  • Truth Is
    Truth Is   2 months ago

    He's the Frankenstein monster. The Nets have not accomplished jack.

  • Luis D
    Luis D   2 months ago

    Your on drugs Jalen?.... no way you could compare him with AI and KOBE in the same sentence.... your lost man

  • John Davis
    John Davis   2 months ago

    Kyrie..reminds me of Tiny Archibald..top 50 player lead the league in assists and scoring and was the point guard on Larry Bird first championship

  • S.K. Tavakoli
    S.K. Tavakoli   2 months ago

    Honestly, Irving is a better pure scorer than Iverson.

  • Los
    Los   2 months ago

    PG should of done that, but he knew he be safe they lose.

  • Mariin80
    Mariin80   2 months ago

    Kyrie is no match to AI, of and on court, period.

  • Lonnie Knight
    Lonnie Knight   2 months ago

    Are y'all not listening 🙄 he was saying his game reminds him of Kobe and AI. Not he as good as either was

  • r c
    r c   2 months ago

    Compare kyrie to AI when he carries a team deep into the playoffs without these other all stars/former mvps