I asked an AI for video ideas, and they were actually good

  • Published on: 22 February 2021
  • I didn't expect this to work so well. • Includes text generated by OpenAI's GPT-3 at my request: https://openai.com • Art by Chris Quay: https://www.chrisquay.com/ • Got an idea for a video? https://www.tomscott.com/contact/

    Filmed safely: https://www.tomscott.com/safe/

    OpenAI had no control or sign-off on this video, although I agreed to abide by their ethical guidelines and social media policy.

    Thanks to Eddie the corgi's owner for introducing me to the folks at OpenAI: https://instagram.com/eddie_corg

    Articles referenced:

    New River in Bowes Park image by Nick Cooper on Wikimedia Commons: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:New_River_Bowes_Park.jpg
    Licensed under CC-by 3.0, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en

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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott   1 weeks ago

    I should clarify that by "out of ideas", I mean that I've only got enough to last me until the end of March, or maybe the middle of April if lockdown eases. The way I work, that's close enough that I start to get worried.

  • Steven Osborn
    Steven Osborn   14 minuts ago

    The British Road that is also a boat: Isn't that the Isle of Wight Chain Ferry?

  • Noname _game
    Noname _game   16 minuts ago

    5:25 in German there ist a word for this. ;-)

  • neilomac
    neilomac   29 minuts ago

    "A word for nostalgia for a thing that never existed" - Not-stalgia? Non-stalgia? Lostalgia?

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith   34 minuts ago

    Don't get me wrong but road that is also a boat sounds like a interesting video to me :)

  • Nippletwister 2000
    Nippletwister 2000   1 hours ago

    Lofthouse is asking you to drive safely, because of the invisible things there... Don't be stupid, sheeple

  • Mantas Zlioba
    Mantas Zlioba   1 hours ago

    I asked an AI for video ideas, and they were actually good continues to talk about the AI

  • Vishnu Nittoor
    Vishnu Nittoor   2 hours ago

    I think you're looking for the word 'anemoia'- It means "nostalgia for a time you've never known". Close enough, I'd say.

  • John M. Wilson
    John M. Wilson   2 hours ago

    I'm guessing your animator want British, the flag isn't right

  • Ashley Strober
    Ashley Strober   2 hours ago

    Nostalgia for a thing that could have existed Is often Hauntology

  • Nani??!!!?? nice
    Nani??!!!?? nice   2 hours ago

    Plot twist: This entire script to this video was written by the AI

  • Kuchiki Beyakuya
    Kuchiki Beyakuya   3 hours ago

    "the white cube at the end of the world" haha what nonsense sweats in blender

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude   3 hours ago

    i honestly wouldn't mind if Tom made a video about a bridge over a motorway or about a warehouse in the middle of nowhere.

  • Varun VC
    Varun VC   6 hours ago

    Next Video Idea:How to look 8, 18, 48 and 68 at the same time.

  • KnuckleHunkybuck
    KnuckleHunkybuck   7 hours ago

    Where is the location you found of the beach where you can hear the sea? Or did you just edit the audio in afterward?

  • alegend4evr
    alegend4evr   8 hours ago

    invest another 10k into AI research fields

  • Cly Marin
    Cly Marin   8 hours ago

    Tom scott had other things to be worried about, now that we have a generated tom scott, and a video script generator

  • nutzeeer
    nutzeeer   9 hours ago

    i bet that AI will be free at the end of the year.

  • John Marshall
    John Marshall   10 hours ago

    02:21 The British Road That Is Also A Boat is not nonsense - boat means "Byeway Open to All Traffic"

  • Maciej Załucki
    Maciej Załucki   10 hours ago

    Well, the words "there never was any Russian utopia" may hurt some people more than you might've though.

  • hen ko
    hen ko   11 hours ago

    "The Airport That Lands Planes On Water." Wendover Productions has entered the chat.

  • Carl Hartwell
    Carl Hartwell   11 hours ago

    At the end there, I thought you were going to say ...when that happens, my job will get a bit harder... After all, you'll have much more competition.

  • taped wall
    taped wall   12 hours ago

    I hate how this could be editors used to smear you name and credible it’s as a reporter and as long as the voice was loud and the ring anuff it would make people hate your and you followers anyways despight that it’s a great video I love your work

  • jimbobbyrnes
    jimbobbyrnes   13 hours ago

    well there is always the option of starting a second channel for coding/mathematics teaching. i feel like if you did videos like Ben Eater about whatever sciences that interest you it would probably take off.

  • Raina Ramsay
    Raina Ramsay   13 hours ago

    "They would be wonderful to make, but I can't, because they're not true", says the guy who's already done a video about the AI virus that deleted a century, and the day Google stopped checking passwords

  • James Postlethwaite
    James Postlethwaite   13 hours ago

    What about the bird statues of cumbria that start at maryport roman museum they are mostly in perfect condition and left by romans

  • TravisFabel
    TravisFabel   14 hours ago

    I want to know more about this tiny underground railway for mail

  • Em Kav
    Em Kav   14 hours ago

    This video just randomly started playing in the background of my phone.

  • Renzo Torr
    Renzo Torr   14 hours ago

    damn gpt-3 really referenced Kirby's Dream Land

  • Miles Saxton
    Miles Saxton   15 hours ago

    I like the idea of the AI creating scripting an alternate world history, it would be a decent series if you’re up to it.You can probably call it ‘Up to earth history’ or something.

  • Zan (VB2P360)
    Zan (VB2P360)   15 hours ago

    Anemoia and Fernweh are some words that would fit for "nostalgia for a place that doesn't exist".

  • random videos
    random videos   15 hours ago

    Id honestly love to watch these videos! 2:19

  • Robert Willoughby
    Robert Willoughby   15 hours ago

    You could perhaps do something on Theosophy..... Seeing as that was Helena Von Hahn that became Helena Blavatsky. Theosophy has influenced the saner of the fringe religions (and a few nutty ones, BTW!) and a look at Theosophy and it's offshoots in the UK would be interesting.

  • Space Cadet
    Space Cadet   16 hours ago

    I want to see a video about the cliff that refuses to be a cliff, please.