Getting Styled Like Our Zodiac Signs!?

  • Published on: 12 August 2021
  • Does astrology play a role in determining your style or fashion preferences?! Our very own Leah Knauer helps us dress according to our zodiac signs! Will we like the looks?! Then, join as we play a new game where we guess Wish's most popular items! ►►
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    What We Wore!
    LEAH - GEMINI #1:
    Nasty Gal Halter Neck Crossover Cutout Crop Top - 
    Nasty Gal Star Print Flare Jeans - 
    Nasty Gal Diamante Flame Heeled Mules - 
    Nasty Gal Shell Inspired Crossbody Bag - 

    Nasty Gal Oversized Long Sleeve Denim Shirt Dress - 
    Nasty Gal Wrap Around Chain Belt - 
    Nasty Gal Faux Leather Metallic Strappy Heeled Sandals - 
    Nasty Gal Double Standards Snake Drop Earrings - 
    Nasty Gal WANT Clear Shell Crossbody Bag - 

    Nasty Gal Knot Back Crewneck Wide Leg Jumpsuit -
    Nasty Gal Faux Leather Open Toe Platform Mules - 
    Nasty Gal Faux Leather Croc Clutch and Tote Bag - 
    Nasty Gal Layered Long Chain Necklace - 
    Nasty Gal Leopard Print Rectangle Sunglasses - 

    Similar Bodysuit - 
    Similar Leather Pants - 
    Dr. Martens Combs Poly Casual Boots - 
    BaubleBar Stud Earrings Set - 

    Zara Blazer With Rolled Up Sleeves - 
    Zara Slingback Fabric Heels - 
    Aritzia Effortless Short - 
    H&M Braided Shoulder Bag - 
    Madewell Sparkle Pavé Huggie Mini Hoop Earrings -
    NARS Audacious Lipstick in Rita - 

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    We #style #outfits based on the #zodiac and our #astrology signs

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  • Runtime : 24:37
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  • Myria Lynn
    Myria Lynn   2 days ago

    I lovvvvve Bridget's green heels!** Aquarius, here. ❤

  • Matt_hatter
    Matt_hatter   1 weeks ago

    i wouldnt wear the shoes that sinead wore, the colors dont match the fit and the colors on the shoes are clashing and random-

  • TheJooseBox
    TheJooseBox   1 weeks ago

    are any of them fire signs? just curious? like any of the clever girls

  • Nomaj K
    Nomaj K   1 weeks ago

    Please make more of this

  • Isabella
    Isabella   1 months ago

    I LOVE bridgets outfit she picked out, Perfection.

  • zombree2312
    zombree2312   1 months ago

    As an aquarius I feel exactly how shinaed felt about the first outfit lol I see where you were going but I don't think together it worked

  • Stacey D
    Stacey D   1 months ago

    Eh her Gemini outfit was awful lol

  • Nitsirk
    Nitsirk   1 months ago

    So to clarify leahs “expertise” involves doing IG polls of her followers?

  • Yasamine Andalibi
    Yasamine Andalibi   1 months ago

    It would be fun to style the border signs. Those who are at the beginning and end of 2 signs. My birthday is the day of the change or day after depending on the website, so while I'm a Pisces, there's heavy Aquarius influence since I border it. My friend is an Aquarius that borders cancer. We both feel connected to both signs near us. So how do you style that? That would be a cool video.

  • Lola Blake
    Lola Blake   1 months ago

    I see more of my moon sign (Pisces) than my sun sign (Aquarius) in me. My rising sign is also Pisces

  • Alanna Cleary
    Alanna Cleary   1 months ago

    So that’s why green is my favorite color! Like sage green is one of my colors for my wedding and my whole theme is earthy, rustic, but ethereal! I will say though, I’m not a gold jewelry person though! I don’t like how good looks with my skin tone. I feel like I’m too fair for gold jewelry to look good on me.

  • Kuzmanoska Iva
    Kuzmanoska Iva   1 months ago

    love ur vids but God said we shouldn't believe in astrology

  • Kylie Kupfer
    Kylie Kupfer   2 months ago

    As an Aquarius I would also never wear Sinead’s heels 😬

  • Slime Gang
    Slime Gang   2 months ago

    As an Aquarius I don’t think I would wear the shoes I would of went for a hoop earring with the demon and a blueyyy - aqua type of demon shoe 💕💕

  • ItsABriMoment
    ItsABriMoment   2 months ago

    The Virgo outfit Bridget picked with the blazer is EVERYTHING.

  • kdanny96
    kdanny96   2 months ago

    As an Aquarius, I absolutely hate those shoes.Bridgets outfit is amazing!! I would wear that. Sineads outfit is not necessarily something I would wear together, but definitely the pieces themselves separately.

  • Johanna Giesbrecht
    Johanna Giesbrecht   2 months ago

    As an Aquarius I have always loved Sinead's style. This now makes sense.

  • Cæcilie Lotz
    Cæcilie Lotz   2 months ago

    Leah is a fabulous queen and I love her style💖🤗

  • Earle's World
    Earle's World   2 months ago

    Need to take into account all three of your signs which is probably why Sinead wasn't a fan of the strappy heels

  • lissiesews MT
    lissiesews MT   2 months ago

    As an aquarius I love those rainbow strappy sandles but would never wear them due to lack of structure. Cute for someone else to wear.

  • Melissa Winters
    Melissa Winters   2 months ago

    Am I the only gemini that likes Leah? Like yes it was a bit much but that can also be because my rising is scorpio. But I liked her outfit, just not the bag and the shoes, for this particular outfit. It is as described gemini, but the other signs in your chart can change that picture into something way more complex. You're not just 1 sign.. my sun is gemini, my moon is leo and my rising is scorpio, which makes me really different from most gemini's. I think they should have mentioned that :/

  • Greycie Pesh
    Greycie Pesh   2 months ago

    Please do a video like this but with all the zodiac signs.

  • hailey paige
    hailey paige   2 months ago

    only a gemini would give themselves that description

  • Traci Hines
    Traci Hines   2 months ago

    Ladies, I suggest you try clothes from Dolls Kill, their clothes look super cute and I'd like to know what you think before I'd buy anything

  • Cash
    Cash   2 months ago

    sinead is SUCH an aquarius and me as an aquarius as well i realized i dress the same as her (black white and grey and then neutrals)

  • Cash
    Cash   2 months ago

    as an aquarius i would NEVER wear what leah chose

  • J C
    J C   2 months ago

    Aquarius here and no to those shoes am more platform boots punk rock style or sneakers and Tennis if it’s heels the girls to be Yh Ide type almost platform heels shoes that look like a tennis with a nice long heel

  • Stephanie Lewis
    Stephanie Lewis   2 months ago

    We are not just 1 sign we have numerous signs that make up , well us lol therefore you will have traits from different astrology signs so that's why you don't like all the clothes that were picked for you.

  • Grace Mukhia
    Grace Mukhia   2 months ago

    Omg I'm an Aquarius too and Sinead and my personality is exactly the same down to strictly following the rules to taking long time to decide... though our style is different I'm very much girly girl whereas Sinead is tomboyish but our personality is basically the same ❤️❤️

  • Jamaya Fuller
    Jamaya Fuller   2 months ago

    I love how hard sinead tried to be respectful to Leah chose of outfit bc we all know she hated that outfit cuz the denim dress is ok but the that chain belt need to go and if she knows that sinead hates open toe shoes why get them just get some close toe shoes for her with that color ( even tho those shoes are ugly 👀😬) like I get that ur trying to dress it up for Aquarius but she could’ve dress it like for Aquarius and sinead 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Audrey Brewer
    Audrey Brewer   2 months ago

    love when bridget joins the crew! missing erin and jackie and loren tho! still love leah and drew and sinead!