• Published on: 06 April 2021
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  • Eng Han How
    Eng Han How   5 hours ago

    Simon's ads are the only ones I watch 🔥🔥🔥

  • CampioneDi17
    CampioneDi17   13 hours ago

    KSImon wanted to try out a new cheese fetish, but KSI said no for now and maybe in the future they can.

  • Aussie 0473
    Aussie 0473   1 days ago

    This video reminded me of a cool story:I dropped a watermelon in a store and immediately panicked because it split in half, I placed it back with the rest and ran off 😂😂

  • DAP Ball
    DAP Ball   1 days ago

    Love that he has a haikyuu poster

  • Davian Johnson
    Davian Johnson   1 days ago

    I love how Simon and Talia were intensely watching the scene play out on the last video

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet   1 days ago

    To whoever is reading this:I know it's not always easy, but you will feel betterYou are not alone.You are important, no matter whether you see it or not. You matter, I promiseDon't give up, think positively and believe in yourself ( ◜‿◝ )♡Have a good day/night 🖤

  • sam obed sunil
    sam obed sunil   1 days ago

    8:12 did anybody notice that glowing eyes in the back

    PHANTOM   2 days ago

    tommy is gonnq beat you up lad

  • Noah Davidson
    Noah Davidson   3 days ago

    australians call it macca’s also Macdonalds was founded in australia so were right

  • Bryce L
    Bryce L   3 days ago

    You guys call McDonalds "Mac"Donalds? We Pronounce it a "Mick"Donalds so Mackys doesn't make sense to us. (Plus there are restaurants here called Macky's already so it adds to the confusion.)

  • Adrian Bisutti
    Adrian Bisutti   4 days ago

    You should react to anime on your channel, I am sooo happy that you are getting into anime!!!

  • Dj Corella
    Dj Corella   4 days ago

    I bet talia is the funniest at parties cough cough not at all she a stiff lol cough cough

  • StealthKV
    StealthKV   5 days ago

    Why did Simon cut out the TikTok in 13:42 about gas and Mac Donald’s

  • iron Gollum
    iron Gollum   5 days ago

    Okay we call gasstations and gasoline gas becaues evan thoe in it natural state its a liquid it turns in to gas to fuel your car and what do gas stations do the give us that liquid that turns into gas and you guys call it petrol caues it's a name. We did it chemically right by naming it that and ni know not a lot of people know that so you Don't realy get the answer but there you go

  • Raymond
    Raymond   5 days ago

    Planting trees in Africa?????!Mann we chilling in the Jungle over here, Bossman keep your money or cash app me still!!!

  • Vibe
    Vibe   5 days ago

    Yo Displate is actually dope. Going to college next year and I'm definitely decorating my walls with their stuff

  • ?
    ?   5 days ago

    Why did they cut out the American ask British a question

  • TTVthegingerninja
    TTVthegingerninja   6 days ago

    Don’t you guys just love that for all the try not to laugh challenge the thumbnail is always of a girl dancing or wearing practically nothing 😂

  • jedo 92
    jedo 92   6 days ago

    i got in to anime here we he haku and hunter bruh

  • FE4R Purgee
    FE4R Purgee   6 days ago

    Sorry I have to do it. It's "Hunter Hunter"

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy   1 weeks ago

    Luv how Talia's name is the only word written in small letters in the Title😂😂