Sapnap Teaches Dream's Sister Bedwars...

  • Published on: 10 June 2021
  • Sapnap Teaches Dream's Sister Bedwars... This was super funny! Sapnap and friends taught Dream's sister how to play Bedwars!

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    We tried to teach a total Minecraft noob how to play Bedwars! This Minecraft noob was not just a random person though, it was @Dream s SISTER! This was honestly a lot of fun and there were tons of laughs along the way! I hope to do something like this again!
  • Runtime : 13:46
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  • Llama Girl
    Llama Girl   1 days ago

    Why did it take me so long to realize that Sapnap and Drista were in the same room XD

  • Levi Huggins
    Levi Huggins   1 days ago

    Sap nap i have a hack if yup speed bridgh do it not behind only in front place it in front is easyer is i was by you kill show you it if i can

  • Belinda Butler
    Belinda Butler   1 days ago

    The stale tom-tom revealingly polish because t-shirt disappointedly telephone pro a fragile trombone. disgusted, innocent act

  • Hailey Hammonds
    Hailey Hammonds   2 days ago

    karl: hello?, Yo sapnap sucks right. drista: yeah. still karl TRUUUUEEE. more karl: dose he smell bad. drista: yeah. even more karl or is it just even he's at my house? even drista no its here to. KARL:okay its here to okay sweet! DRISTA:its just all the time. epic karl: thats what i thought x2

  • Michelle Ruiz
    Michelle Ruiz   2 days ago

    I love drista haha she has a famous minecraft brother and she knows nothing

  • Mila So
    Mila So   2 days ago

    wow imagine drista joining kinoko kingdom before asking quackity

    MNF GDNF   2 days ago

    Drista is like nice but also she's a savagee she was yelling at somebody that's 11 years older😂😂😂😂

  • Nana :3
    Nana :3   2 days ago

    Hey can someone tell me why everyone dislike the funny video??

  • Carter Dadich
    Carter Dadich   2 days ago

    Hey sapnap congratulations on winning the mrbeast tag video

  • YourBoiKen
    YourBoiKen   4 days ago

    Sapnap literally knows what Drista looks like Irl

  • Rhyshm
    Rhyshm   4 days ago

    Why did i read '' teaches '' in the title as '' touches ''-

  • Snuggle Puppy
    Snuggle Puppy   5 days ago

    Wait, so Drista and Sapnap were sitting next to eachother?

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu   5 days ago

    Is no one gonna talk about how sapnap said "oh he's the one that tortured your brother"*shows clip" dream:SAM!!

  • Leia WM
    Leia WM   5 days ago

    🙃🙂🙂🙃🙃🙂🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙂🙂🙃🙃🙂🙂🙃😊😊😊 ._.

  • Meow Cles
    Meow Cles   5 days ago

    This stream was so fun calling sapnap cave nap smelly nap etc

  • Why
    Why   5 days ago

    They should’ve gotten technoblade for this video

  • Galaxy
    Galaxy   5 days ago


  • Wasureta
    Wasureta   6 days ago

    Sapsta= sap nap and drista

  • Tonya Mejia
    Tonya Mejia   6 days ago

    I have a quiz for you snap nap If you have 6 eggs you built 2 you ate 2 How many your left

  • Majda SIANA
    Majda SIANA   6 days ago

    Petition to make Drista actually join the dsmp

  • Ultimate Wr3d
    Ultimate Wr3d   6 days ago


  • Astral_
    Astral_   6 days ago

    I love how Drista screams

  • Jillian Lim
    Jillian Lim   6 days ago

    did anybody heard taty sapnap said i still love karl?

  • Ben Frank
    Ben Frank   1 weeks ago

    Fun Fact about Bedwars:It's all about the Hypotunese.