• Published on: 29 April 2021
  • We bring GODZILLA vs Kong Imposter Mod in Among us

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  • Runtime : 15:1


  • Hua Huang
    Hua Huang   5 hours ago

    How about King Kong is the bad guy and Godzilla is the good guy

  • Diane Donnelly
    Diane Donnelly   12 hours ago

    Mod idea -the bed mod!The imposter can turn into a bed and put everyone to sleep, they can put a cover over there head and blind them and after 10 seconds they die.They can do a pillow fight and controll over crewmates.They can also do a sleeping compition and how THAT works is - Everyone gets given a bed, they have to make the bed and then sleep in it after. The last person to go to sleep has to die by the bed. The imposter cant get voted out and only the skip vote is alowed, they cant report bodies at all. Please like this so SSundee can see this 😁

  • Wael Abderrahim
    Wael Abderrahim   1 days ago

    King Kong or godzilla 😱😱😎😈😈

  • Jay Jumper
    Jay Jumper   2 days ago

    The axe u a question never gets old

  • Jay Jumper
    Jay Jumper   2 days ago

    Yah they make these like the movies exactly like them it's amazing

  • Dylan Mikaelsson
    Dylan Mikaelsson   3 days ago

    The craven minister repressingly move because pheasant indisputably choke except a helpless fifth. bashful, lean soprano

  • kkxxk kdkfkka
    kkxxk kdkfkka   3 days ago

    can u troll as a king kong like id u see acid pool throw them in there