Stephen Curry - 2008 March Madness Full NCAA Tournament Highlights

  • Published on: 16 March 2020
  • Full highlights from Stephen Curry’s incredible run in the 2008 NCAA Tournament in which he led the underdog 10-seeded Davidson Wildcats past Gonzaga, Georgetown, and Wisconsin before it finally came to an end in a thriller against the eventual national champs, Kansas, in the Elite 8.

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  • Runtime : 29:52
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  • Sponge Knock
    Sponge Knock   21 hours ago

    This guy should be in NBA...poor boy, somone stole his identity...

  • Cory Lyons Music
    Cory Lyons Music   4 days ago

    Seems like he might be a decent player...could work on his shooting though.

  • Noel Blair
    Noel Blair   6 days ago

    Steph has had the skills for a long time now but you can also she his tremendous growth

  • Anna Joy Delco
    Anna Joy Delco   1 weeks ago

    Look behind the greatest shooter 😁yes he is💕

  • Shiloh Israel
    Shiloh Israel   1 weeks ago

    I would blame the coach but even at that collegiate level, clearly, Steph had the skills and team for him to get a good/great shot off. Either his brain went neutral after the first screen or he threw the game.

  • Dre Garrett
    Dre Garrett   1 weeks ago

    This curry guy is pretty good, I don’t see it translating to the NBA though. He’s too small

  • Ball jr
    Ball jr   1 weeks ago

    Ppl jus didnt wanna believe it but he dominated college too we shouldnt be surprised

  • Keltners
    Keltners   1 weeks ago

    same choker until in the Nba

  • Ben Trotter
    Ben Trotter   2 weeks ago

    Of course this gets recommended while Steph’s going supernova in the league

  • Lamont Billings
    Lamont Billings   2 weeks ago

    Curry should have just shot it from half court but I don't think he had logo range in college.

  • Amp Curry
    Amp Curry   3 weeks ago

    My idol stephen curry 🥰🥰

  • Sports Nation
    Sports Nation   3 weeks ago

    This Curry Kid has a bright future in basketball!

  • gerald allen
    gerald allen   4 weeks ago

    This actually might be the greatest ncaa tournament run by an individual player in history. Steph owned this tournament and it looked so effortless.

  • William Cooper
    William Cooper   1 months ago

    Thirteen Years after I first viewed this incredible, inspirational run, I stumbled on it again. I remember watching the Gonzaga game in 2008 and the initial Curry explosion and saying "Dell's son. Yup. NBA for Sure." and then "This guy's gonna go on a roll.". DAMN, BACK THEN I WAS SPOT ON. When they beat Georgetown I said to my boys "Stephen Curry's gonna scare the living crap out of Kansas in the Elite Eight." I knew they would beat Wisconsin easily (Big Ten. Always too slow defensively, I thought years ago.) and I had my heart in my chest watching the Kansas Highlights as I did that Sunday Afternoon when I was so hopeful for Curry and Davidson. You felt Bill Self's fear when he tried many defensive schemes. Nothing worked. Rush couldn't stop him, nor could Chalmers or the Amoeba Trick D/Box and One. As I watched Davidson go toe-to-toe with the perennial heavyweight I kept thinking years ago, "They need one more player." Sadly, the last shot proved me right. The broadcast team was ridiculous to think that the Jayhawks were gonna let Curry get that shot off; they threw the kitchen sink at the kid. Now I bet CHEF CURRY, the TWO-TIME MVP/THREE TIME CHAMPION WITH UNLIMITED RANGE WOULD HAVE BEATEN THE CRAZY D, but not that guy, that day. And in hindsight, I'm glad, because I bet any amount of money because of that moment, today we see the greatest shooter the game has ever known with a sick ball handle.

  • Steven Carreon
    Steven Carreon   1 months ago

    Man the quality of this video looks like it's shot in the 90's

  • Narose Kaur
    Narose Kaur   1 months ago

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  • Karlos Jeter
    Karlos Jeter   1 months ago

    Give Stephen Curry AkA the madness the credit to carry out Davidson Collage to the Sweet 16een cuz without him ain't do anything 😂

  • Ervin Mitchell
    Ervin Mitchell   1 months ago

    Steph was so fuckin sick! I remember this like yesterday

  • Dawson D
    Dawson D   1 months ago

    This kid was good enough in college to win the championship. Just didn’t quite have enough pieces around him.

  • Z0mbify
    Z0mbify   1 months ago

    Man was playing like Klay Thompson during his college days.

  • Legend Dary
    Legend Dary   1 months ago

    Who would have thought this kid will go down as the greatest shooter of all time and one of the best player the world has seen. Truly inspirational.

  • Milton Ervin
    Milton Ervin   1 months ago

    Remember watching him live at ford field...damn what a performance

  • Jiero Aquino
    Jiero Aquino   1 months ago

    This guy he changed the game on Nba!Stephen Curry is Great!!

  • ChickenBaby -
    ChickenBaby -   1 months ago

    If everyteamate on the floor gave curry a screen he would easily win the game

  • ilario larosa
    ilario larosa   1 months ago

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  • Sara Cullen
    Sara Cullen   1 months ago

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