What Happened To @TheSunVanished Twitter Account? - Inside A Mind

  • Published on: 31 May 2019
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    It's almost been a year since I uploaded a video sharing the strange case of @TheSunVanished Twitter account. Since in a few days we'll be having this year anniversary I decided to give a final update on what happened since I made my video.

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  • Gunal R
    Gunal R   3 weeks ago

    Lol imaging getting hunted by aliens and tweetying it

  • Fish
    Fish   1 months ago

    I sometimes have dreams of TheSunVanished

  • Lewis Carbutt
    Lewis Carbutt   2 months ago

    Me:petition for tsv 3Dan: you better say sike

  • Hannah
    Hannah   2 months ago

    Are there any new updates?!

  • Steakfilly
    Steakfilly   4 months ago

    0:16 when you become so angry you transform into Galadriel

    DOIASNLJEOTEM   5 months ago


  • Inkbit
    Inkbit   5 months ago

    w h e r e s p a r t 3(just joking lol, if you don't want to continue thats fine man, I know how it feels to have burnout)

  • cesar arroyo
    cesar arroyo   6 months ago

    He got on a car and drove off to find his friend to save him from a cruel fate….DO YOU WANT TO BE SAFE ON THE INTERN-

  • Garrett's Corner
    Garrett's Corner   6 months ago

    I noticed the quote unquote “Lightning” couldn’t be realIf you are confused then here is my explanation. So the sun causes water to evaporate and then condensation which I bet you already know the water cycle. BUT with the sun blocked out then there wouldn’t be evaporation hence no storm could happen since we need the sun to keep the water cycle going.

  • Unbannable Banjo
    Unbannable Banjo   6 months ago

    Honestly really depressing what happened to this story. It's bene nearly 3 YEARS since it started, and it's had almost nothing for the past year and a half. And now that the author has officially stated it's a story, it's not even an ARG. Seriously, how can you call something an ARG where it says, itself, that it is an ARG?Idk if the author ran out of ideas, got caught up in the fame, or is greedy, but it's pretty much just a yearly "Hope is lost, stay tuned"

  • McFlurry
    McFlurry   6 months ago

    “The story comes to a-“This car has been following me for the past 10 minutes

  • Red Wall Kitchen
    Red Wall Kitchen   7 months ago

    Youtuber trys to kill a person:"Before starting the murder, i would like to thank our sponser."

  • Mayhem Media
    Mayhem Media   7 months ago

    Aidan Elliot was making a short film called strobe and made the TSV page as a marketing strategy.

  • Mango
    Mango   7 months ago

    DO paArT 333333!!!!!

  • Plantix and Fig!1!
    Plantix and Fig!1!   7 months ago

    To tell you, when they ( Daniel and TSV, ) are driving you can see clouds, so if you didn’t know. there isn’t clouds covering the sun

  • Kira Yoshikage
    Kira Yoshikage   7 months ago

    theres a lot more to cover now, you should totally revisit the account and cover a new video!

  • AnxiaTheNyanbinaryUwU
    AnxiaTheNyanbinaryUwU   8 months ago

    Something to point out: all the other people that are associated, have normal account names. While this account here, the main “protagonist” have named their account based on the situation, and haven’t ever shared a name.

  • Joyfulspoon
    Joyfulspoon   8 months ago

    Me whose not allowed Twitter: awh man

  • Liam Martin
    Liam Martin   8 months ago

    And there are entities and some sort of creature that is hunting him

  • Liam Martin
    Liam Martin   8 months ago

    There is a tic tok account that that is kinda like the but the sun disappeared and humans disappeared too

  • Missingtextures
    Missingtextures   8 months ago

    I think I found a way to not get strobed,wear some sort of VR headset with a camera feature,it's shown strobes can't get through from cameras so you could probably get some body armor,a headset that's secured to your headset and then break some alien drones