NCT U 엔시티 유 'Work It' MV

  • Published on: 27 November 2020
  • NCT's 2nd album "NCT - The 2nd Album RESONANCE Pt.2" is out!
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    01 90's Love
    02 Misfit
    03 Raise The Roof
    04 Volcano
    05 백열등 (Light Bulb)
    06 Dancing In The Rain
    07 My Everything
    08 Interlude : Past to Present
    09 Make A Wish (Birthday Song)
    10 무대로 (déjà vu; 舞代路)
    11 月之迷 (Nectar)
    12 Music, Dance
    13 피아노 (Faded In My Last Song)
    14 From Home
    15 From Home (Korean Ver.)
    16 Make A Wish (Birthday Song) (English Ver.)
    17 Interlude: Present to Future
    18 Work It
    19 단잠 (All About You)
    20 I.O.U
    21 Outro: Dream Routin

    NCT Official

    NCT U 엔시티 유 'Work It' MV ℗ SM Entertainment
  • Runtime : 3:8


  • rafm.0122
    rafm.0122   4 hours ago


  • Eboshi Lee
    Eboshi Lee   10 hours ago

    NCT is My Mood making Group ! They're so talented

  • NCTzen
    NCTzen   20 hours ago

    هاد اول مره اجي لهون بهاد الحساب

  • NCTzen
    NCTzen   20 hours ago

    skrrr skrrr yeah

  • NCTzen
    NCTzen   20 hours ago

    شوفو حلاوة جيسونڨ فهاد الاغنية

  • zZz
    zZz   1 days ago

    1:36 jisung 😍😍😍

  • Dai
    Dai   1 days ago

    nct <3

  • Dai
    Dai   1 days ago

    skrr skrr

  • jslajsajls
    jslajsajls   2 days ago

    El día que salío esta canción recuerdo que yo la estaba pasando muy mal pensando si valía la pena seguir intentando y derrepente me llego la notificación del mv de 'Work It', universo no cuestiono tus metodos pero lanzar una canción con todos mis bias de NCT es demasiado xd todavía no sé como agradecerte por tanto SM :'(

  • Justakpopfangirl
    Justakpopfangirl   3 days ago

    -Best Group -Best Visual -Best Songs -Best Dancer -Best Choreography -Best Male Group -Best Boys -Best Rappers -Best Vocals -Best Singer -Best Mv -Best Concept

  • cami vene
    cami vene   4 days ago

    esta alineación de u siempre será de mis favoritas :D

  • NCT ot23
    NCT ot23   6 days ago

    next goals for us czennies :) - 2M likes- 60M views- 300K comments

  • Nadine
    Nadine   6 days ago

    i love jaemins part!!💚

  • F LT
    F LT   1 weeks ago

    Suka banget sama lagunya, plus ini unit yang keren banget

  • daddyissues
    daddyissues   1 weeks ago

    hey naanananna ne eosso with u with u oohh

  • Kennedy
    Kennedy   1 weeks ago

    WEON JOHNNY ¿@;$¿+;$,ס$

  • darkdemonofthemist
    darkdemonofthemist   1 weeks ago

    That "dun dun dundadun" sound is kinda annoying tbh. I am a huge fan of NCT. That doesn't mean I have to absolutely love every single song. This one was pretty all over the place. I would have rather had a Faded In My Last Song MV.