A Healing Warrior | Make Me a Hero

  • Published on: 09 September 2021
  • In our latest Make Me A Hero with Wounded Warrior Project, we pay tribute to a veteran from New York who was motivated to serve because of the terror attacks 20 years ago. Watch how artist Logan Lubera transforms wounded warrior Antoinette Wallace.

    To learn more about WWP’s veteran services: https://www.inflcr.co/SH8mp

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  • Runtime : 5:54
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  • Mater Tika
    Mater Tika   1 months ago

    its good, but what if some hero that is human that not from mcu, sony, or dc going to crash the universe and making it complicated, what if he is more powerfull like captain america, more clever than doctor strange, more outstanding than superman, more being sneaky like mystique, going to crash the universe because his hoby is destroy the world? the hero likely sylvie appareance but this is man, more with tech like tactical military mask, and some gauntlet tech that can make some portal and change the magic ability (blast magic like fire, some magic that doesnt exist or non sense)using gauntlet to blast enemy, can fight using magic or hand combat. what you can do? if all reality going complicated, when you meet your on difference verse, different era, on one time. what if you meet yourself born in difference gender difference parents, difference condition and at same time meet your daugther and her grand child. so what you gonna do?

  • hfhifi
    hfhifi   1 months ago

    I've donated to Wounded Warriors for at least 10 years. You all should too.

  • The Dark Knight Racist
    The Dark Knight Racist   1 months ago

    listening to these "make me a hero", where most of them wants the hero to "resemble them", yet a lot of people blame marvel because they used to be dominated by white male characters, as most of them were made by white male writers and artist.

  • Shitstirrer
    Shitstirrer   1 months ago

    My first thought at the thumbnail wa Dr. Cecilia Reyes. Then I realised X-Men weren't a thing yet.

  • Nocturne Cie
    Nocturne Cie   1 months ago

    A healing hero is definitely interesting. I've seen a lot of healing heroes from japanese manga. It can be both fatal and saving.

    TOP NICK   1 months ago

    TOW SISTER'S(Queen of sand)they can control the sand....?Abilities(She can make wings from sand like a angel)(She can make weapons from sand)This is a QueenAnd(Queen of fireMake me a hero

    BARON ZEMO   1 months ago

    Love from India 🇮🇳❤️😘

  • Martin Castillo
    Martin Castillo   1 months ago

    This alone would have been a nice comic then the trash ones that are being put out nowadays

  • Frank Ferderer
    Frank Ferderer   1 months ago

    🙋🏼‍♂️🤖🙋🏼‍♂️’The Robots vs The Computers War Of The Planets’ Frank Ferderer YouTube

  • Praise Glow Comedy
    Praise Glow Comedy   1 months ago

    I love it when the notification shows up “someone liked your comment” and “you have a new subscriber” It always make my day better……💖

  • Max Moreira Jeremias
    Max Moreira Jeremias   1 months ago

    Blacks are not a minority, they are equal to the rest of people. Stop saying that, please.Let's be honest when we say which are our favorite superheroes. It should not always represent us, simply liking its enough.Long live Marvel.

  • Kaique Rocha
    Kaique Rocha   1 months ago

    Help me! I'm an artist. I'm in trouble. I discovered a Canibalism Restaurant here in Brazil. Now there is a criminal organization torturing me through telepathy. My parents were kidnapped and replaced by androids. Can anyone turn off this torture by telepathy? Can anyone rescue my parents? Please, I'm suffering.

  • Xavier
    Xavier   1 months ago

    I will never forget the time i was at a party and We are playing truth and dare and someone dared me to go home

  • Xavier
    Xavier   1 months ago

    Fun fact: Youtube is only social media app where every other second person is blessing your parents

  • Mike Francis Jr
    Mike Francis Jr   1 months ago

    Amazing Antoinette, you inspire more than just your other warriors.. but thts wht great leaders do 🙏🏾👸❤

    VEDGER   1 months ago

    Does Antoinette work with radioactive lizards and spiders ?

  • One D Potato
    One D Potato   1 months ago

    For how many years have you been a marvel fan(thor fan)?

  • Aristides Rodriguez
    Aristides Rodriguez   1 months ago

    This was inspiring and dope at the same time. I could really see this character in comics, tv series and if all else is done right, movies. Most of the heros on the big screens are offense, a healing hero like this would be refreahing to see. Kudos on the character design!!!