The *RANDOM* Toona Fish Challenge!

  • Published on: 14 September 2021
  • Today we attempt the Random Toona Fish Challenge!
    Be sure to Use Code: Lachy if you're picking up the Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass! #EpicPartner

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  • Runtime : 12:4
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  • Lylah Papageorgiou
    Lylah Papageorgiou   1 weeks ago

    At 1:50 he says "I thought this thing was good" and then at 1:53 he says "OoOoO" because he got a 64 headshot. LOL

  • I'ma loser
    I'ma loser   1 weeks ago

    the spaz is the best weapon in my opinion tho

  • AREC
    AREC   3 weeks ago

    Your a god of fortnite 😮

  • yousef Ashraf
    yousef Ashraf   3 weeks ago

    I got the battle pass today from my drift quest and got the toons fish from the battle pass just 1 minute ago

  • Toad Simpson
    Toad Simpson   4 weeks ago

    I did my own random skin challenge because of this. The random food skin challenge. It's not a video or anything, I just did it for fun.

  • ProXVibez
    ProXVibez   1 months ago

    It’s my other skin man!!!!! thank you so much

  • Lombotnic
    Lombotnic   1 months ago

    lil mush was found again today in the patch, he's comin soon!

  • Laura McLean
    Laura McLean   1 months ago

    anybody think lachy and loserfruit would be a good couple

  • James Meehan
    James Meehan   1 months ago

    And this is why this game is shit now and people only play cod and apex

  • Vineyard Road
    Vineyard Road   1 months ago

    i've been tying to find this type of video since i played s7

  • sic boyz
    sic boyz   1 months ago

    Lachy: why is it so laggy Sitting on 9 ping

  • Anthony Cintron
    Anthony Cintron   1 months ago

    I think he will win with Mythic weapons or gold weapons

  • PremiumCapS
    PremiumCapS   1 months ago

    The fake toona fish video cover😂

  • Daniel Estrada
    Daniel Estrada   1 months ago

    how did he see me says lachy there is something called visual sound effects thats how he saw you

    GÃSTÊR   1 months ago

    I think he's going to win with mythic! The minigun is OP!!!!!

  • Joshua Sides
    Joshua Sides   1 months ago

    I think he is going to win with the minigun

  • Hollow Knights
    Hollow Knights   1 months ago

    OK, I download back Fortnite and start to watch some gamers again, and lacky has a BEAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDD!aint no way

  • Fartberry
    Fartberry   1 months ago

    Who remembers in 2018 when lachy had no beard

  • olivia montes
    olivia montes   1 months ago

    the respect i have for this guy is so damn high. i used to watch him when i was 10 i’m 12 now and he still be playing fortnite, respect for you man keep grinding my guy