Three Minutes of Ecstasy - NSP

  • Published on: 07 March 2012
  • Ninja Sex Party counts romance!

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    Ninja Sex Party (Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian)

    Guest Starring Sarah Kauffman as "Sara Kaufmann"

    Directed/Edited/Specially Effected by Jim Turner
    Assistant Director: Annie Quick
    Production Assistant: Ray Pagnucco

    Written by Ninja Sex Party


    You've been counting all the days off
    Of your calendar for weeks now
    You can't wait for Saturday cause
    That's the night that it all goes down
    From 7:45 to 7:48 PM in particular
    Cause that is when I'll give you what you need

    Three minutes of ecstasy several nights a month
    You just tell me baby if that is too much
    When my stuff is in your stuff
    Our souls become entwined
    For 180 seconds
    My sex has blown your mind

    (Oh my god you're so welcome.)

    Go ahead and call all your girlfriends
    And give them the details of how it went down
    I know you can't wait, to brag to all of them
    About how I took your ass to Wangtown
    I'll get my captain's hat, put on my floaties
    And we'll set for sexy seas, for at least...

    Three minutes of ecstasy
    Any more and this house would burn
    That's why I don't last longer
    Your safety is my main concern
    If you haven't finished
    Well baby that's just fine

    You know that I'm here for you
    Oh shit, look at the time

    (I have to go to the pudding store, for pudding. Adieu....)

    1 one thousand, 2 one thousand
    3 one thousand, 4 one thousand
    5 one thousand, 6 one thousand
    7 one thousand, 8 one thousand
    9 one thousand, 10 one thousand
    11 one thousand, 12 one thousand
    13 one thousand, 14 one thousand
    15 one thousand, 16 one thousand

    Maybe it's starting to sink in, just how long three minutes really is. Let's skip to the end...
    179 one thousand, 180 one thousand HU-AAAH!!!


    Three minutes of ecstasy
    Several nights a month
    But not more than four times a month
    That would be ridiculous

    I'm sure I left you happy
    But in case that's not enough
    Here's a copy of my headshot
    And a drawing of my nuts
    A drawing of my nuts
    A drawing of my nuts
  • Runtime : 4:44
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  • Peach King
    Peach King   2 weeks ago

    Lounge singer Danny always makes me laugh, especially when he takes a sip while he's supposed to be lip syncing

  • Manigeitora
    Manigeitora   3 weeks ago

    Listening to this in 2021, it is absolutely insane how much their sound has improved over the last 9 years. Don't get me wrong, this is one of my favorite early NSP songs, but listen to "Do Math With U" and this back to back and you'll know exactly what I mean.

  • Jack Doran
    Jack Doran   1 months ago

    Yea sorry only into this girl the rest of this shit is very awkward.

  • Erd Nuzz
    Erd Nuzz   1 months ago

    I just adore this ninja a way too much XD

  • Brovid-19
    Brovid-19   2 months ago

    I can't believe it's taken me nearly a decade to finally see the "Watching Dogs Bone Jar"

  • Mrbuttcheeks
    Mrbuttcheeks   2 months ago

    0:52Omgsh there’s a cat playing the piano. This is the greatest video ever.

  • Jade Taylor
    Jade Taylor   2 months ago

    really upsetting that it isn't a jar jar jar

  • Kapitain von Hass
    Kapitain von Hass   2 months ago

    I wonder who the chick is that plays the girl in this, I have an odd feeling it's Dan's sister.... Her name is Dana btw. I know that from Game Grumps.

  • Chiron Chandler
    Chiron Chandler   2 months ago

    It breaks my heart that this song isn't 3 minutes long.

    HERE'S JONNY   3 months ago

    A man of lesser awesome would perish attempting such stunts of amazing awesomeness.

  • Lorelei Marivaine
    Lorelei Marivaine   3 months ago

    I’m going to say it, Sarah Kauffman is hotter than Danny Sexbang.

  • Dansmok •
    Dansmok •   3 months ago

    this has an undeniable amount of charm

  • Cory
    Cory   3 months ago

    (Ft. Piano cat)

  • Kevin Ray
    Kevin Ray   3 months ago

    Damn I sure do miss the old 'youtube endings'. Being threatened by Brian to watch another video or suffer irreparable ninja-based attack damage was always a good time. This one is special tho, the way he just chucks change n shit. Wholesome.

  • chill and game
    chill and game   3 months ago

    me flirting: *throws rose through window aggressively

  • AJ Frais
    AJ Frais   3 months ago

    This song lasts longer than Danny in bed... I feel they made a mistake not making this his sex playlist

  • Kalvus
    Kalvus   4 months ago

    Did the thumbnail change or is it just me

  • PatrickSpongeMan
    PatrickSpongeMan   4 months ago

    To be fair there are probably not many people who can actually handle Three minutes of nonstop ecstasy.

  • Coco puff
    Coco puff   5 months ago

    Missed opportunity for cocktober

  • RoboRyan
    RoboRyan   5 months ago

    1:53 Well at least we know how Ninja Brian feels about the Danny x Brian ship

  • Taylor Malone
    Taylor Malone   6 months ago

    I just realized, when Dan says "it's starting to sink in on 180 seconds really is," that hits right at the 3 minute mark

  • Saifuu Suri
    Saifuu Suri   7 months ago

    Well, at least he's concerned about safety.

  • Elise Neeltje
    Elise Neeltje   7 months ago

    its 2021 and my bf introduced me to this band and said he is in love with danny and would go gay for him... i see now. it has become obvious. i love him now too

  • Weeby Musician
    Weeby Musician   7 months ago

    Haha I am snowflake "this song hasn't aged well lololololol" hahahahahahahahahahaha fuck you Twitter

  • C Minion
    C Minion   7 months ago

    Him saying “My stuff in your stuff”might be the best thing ever

  • boonski
    boonski   8 months ago

    "I guess it's starting to sink in just how long 3 minutes really is."

  • Aaron F
    Aaron F   9 months ago

    I never realized the talking heads reference in this video until today

  • Robert Borland
    Robert Borland   9 months ago

    I was not much for the last minute and 43 seconds.But before that was.......Three minutes of ecstasy.

  • Phantom Asriel
    Phantom Asriel   9 months ago

    00:26 is so funny, this fucken dude shows up and she visible recoils its so fucken funny

  • Willie Woodward
    Willie Woodward   9 months ago

    this is one of my favorite NSP songs of all time, also the lady in the video is hot AF, but that’s just me.