The Rise & Fall Of Fantastic Daily - Inside A Mind

  • Published on: 02 July 2020
  • Fantastic Daily was a top 10 YouTube channel giving a daily dose of paranormal videos found online. The problem though... Everything mentioned within his videos were completely fabricated by himself.

    To make matters worse, he decided to tell a story of monsters haunting his family. But once the community watching found out what he was doing... It went downhill fast!

    Today I share an interview I had with Fantastic Daily telling us how he got into the YouTube space and how it all collapsed rather quickly.

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    Written & Edited By Jamie C. Foster
    Art Designed by @TheFloorIsArt on Twitter
  • Runtime : 25:59
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  • sandra g
    sandra g   5 days ago

    There was a hint right in the name: Fantastic. As in fantasy. I wish I'd known about this channel when it was running... would have been good for a laugh.

  • Littlemonster
    Littlemonster   1 weeks ago

    Fun fact: hyper realistic was use incorrectly in this

  • jack sand
    jack sand   3 weeks ago

    After seeing his story i respect the hell out of this guy he really is a great storyteller reminds me of the show lost tapes on animal planet if they make a 4th season of it he should be a writer

  • Will
    Will   1 months ago

    Use to watch him, never bought the black-eyed kids story, was intrigued about the cloak like creatures in the Forrest, and liked the Sun Vanished arg

  • Nicholas Pilafas
    Nicholas Pilafas   1 months ago

    I wish Fantastic Daily was still on Youtube. Fake or not, I enjoy his vids

  • Godwinsname
    Godwinsname   1 months ago

    I found him after it all blew up the first time, and I really enjoyed the channel for exactly what it was: fictional content. By then it was clearly said in the intro. Tbh I think it worked.. in my personal (DEFINITELY not perfect) most comments by then were positive. I would kind of like for him to return with clearly stated fictional stuff. Just mention it in the intro and description and then make it as if it's real for the rest.

  • Greg Nina
    Greg Nina   2 months ago

    Nice video. I was an AVID watcher/contributor the FD. For my own good reasons. I was the guy suggesting the UV pixie dust and a few other bits. In retrospect something of a roller coaster ride and even fun. When the wife losing a twin occurred that was where it went too far. The doxing could have been much better handled. Very amateur. The guy should have just DMed FD and said, GOOD SHOW!

  • Wonder in Art
    Wonder in Art   2 months ago

    It's not just that the paranormal community believes it's real, it's that they believe it's real despite being told by many that it's not... So what FD did, was like making fun of them for what they believed in. Which, to be fair, wasn't the goal. But, obviously, they felt made fun of for what they believe in.

  • Wonder in Art
    Wonder in Art   2 months ago

    I wasn't around for the black eyed kids saga. But, I liked his list channel, and paranormal discord calls. I miss those days.

  • Robbie Milsom
    Robbie Milsom   3 months ago

    People believed this because some people have had real experiences and were looking for others like them. Sad to find out this is just some lying douchbag who took advantage of others with his lies.

  • Muzzo
    Muzzo   3 months ago

    i am ashamed and impressed that i recognised the burger king foot lettuce at 0:16 T-T

  • Sweaty Lads
    Sweaty Lads   3 months ago

    10:55 who on the editing team put a foofi video on the side XD“Top 10 Furry Characters Of All Time”

  • Marcelo Volcato
    Marcelo Volcato   3 months ago

    One can't be as naive to not understand how much these people believe in that BS. Of course they hated him. He betrayed them in their eyes. And that betrayal is unforgivable.

  • Oddball 99
    Oddball 99   4 months ago

    23:59 I know I'm not the only one who saw that

  • TeaV
    TeaV   4 months ago

    The figurative language this guy uses is just mind blowing.

  • Soulsilvertano
    Soulsilvertano   4 months ago

    This is a lesson in understanding the internet and being out of touch with communities.I do not like the way he talks, like I believe in the paranormal (not religiously), and for him to just flat out say it’s wrong is one of the worst things you could do as a creator, as Inside A Mind said himself, you need to know who you’re promoting it to.This guy was naive, and I’m not being mean here he genuinely was naive, throughout this video it shows from the way he speaks to the mindset he has on the topics he’s talking about, and he genuinely should have gone to the ARG community, they’re more dedicated and invested than he thought.I dunno…it’s sad and I feel bad for him, but these things happen, and it disgusts me how badly people treated him, he brought it upon himself yeah but both sides just went too far.

  • Donovan Delaney
    Donovan Delaney   4 months ago

    Everything you just said is Conspiracy Theory. You should go join the Flat Earthers or the Solid Earthers.

  • Thug Lincoln
    Thug Lincoln   5 months ago

    i think more people should follow the FD type playbook here - it's SUPER entertaining when you don't know it's real or not. People Doxxing them is terrible

  • Benjamin Pattison
    Benjamin Pattison   5 months ago

    So film maker gets upset someone called him out using PUBLICLY AVAILABLE information, deletes his channel. Always be careful if you’re going to defraud a community.

  • DecimDekimu
    DecimDekimu   5 months ago

    Can't believe the amount of children that throw tantrums that are on the internet.

  • Niki P
    Niki P   5 months ago

    That was a great story, well told. As a fan of "Weekly World News", sadly now only available online, l would have loved Fantastic Daily. Sorry l never got to see it. Also sorry that some people think doxing and threats of violence are OK.

  • Hanna Knot
    Hanna Knot   5 months ago

    When I was younger I was very into the paranormal, hauntedsunshinegirl, etc, especially being hooked on BEK. I remember Fantastic Daily and having watched him, though I can't recall his content, I knew I didn't like it, for whatever reason. I must've been growing out of my list channels phase or something. I'd look for nay type of paranormal story I could to use as proof in my mind, some stories still spooking me to this day because of how their thought just sends me back to younger me who was terrified. I stopped believing in all things paranormal for many years. I just straight up woke up one day and said 'no actually that's stupid lol', and despised all ghost related stories afterward. Myths and legends still had some sort of hook on me, disregarding most but still feeling the chill of some I'd known about for a long time. However, this particular rewatching of this video has completely burst the bubble of the Loch Ness Monster for me. I. I really thought- yeah, so that's the last to go. I feel like a fool lmaooo. If only I'd known about FD at the time and towards the end, I would've loved him man.

  • John Barrett
    John Barrett   5 months ago

    I will always want to know what his theme song is

  • Brandon Porter
    Brandon Porter   6 months ago

    Now if only someone can do this to the MAGA AND Qanon community enough to make Alex Jones and Joe Rogan promote it (and not get killed for trolling that psychopathic community) someone really needs to turn that whole thing into an even greater mockery than flat earth.

  • Projekt Aero
    Projekt Aero   6 months ago

    You know, I never cared if FD was real or fiction.It was entertainment, by someone who clearly loved what they did and enjoyed communicating with the community, which is why I'm glad I found Inside a mind, even if this is more news style than ARG. Idgaf what it's about (for the most part) as long as the creator enjoys it and is a part of the community they create

  • Take Walker
    Take Walker   6 months ago

    It seems like the takeaway is "if you're doing an ARG, don't promote to the paranormal/conspiracy communities because they will try to murder you". This and that more recent video you did about the first internet hoax reinforce that.

  • spacedoohicky
    spacedoohicky   6 months ago

    Oh. I've seen "black eyed kids" show up in the suggestions on the home page. I never watched it because it seemed like tabloid stuff. Turns out it is tabloid stuff. Very weird.

  • Bisexual SmoothTalker
    Bisexual SmoothTalker   6 months ago

    I honestly loved FD. That's where I first heard of The Sun Vanishing! But I tuned out once he went full on ''black-eyed kids are real''!

  • Naterkix
    Naterkix   6 months ago

    Considering there are people out there who believe in stuff like Flat Earth and QAnon, it doesn't surprise me that grown-ass adults thought this was real.

  • The potato mn
    The potato mn   6 months ago

    Is there any way to see fantastic daily’s videos?

  • Toby's Research program

    If I had to recommend a good top 10 channel, TPM Vids is really nice. Its mainly about Disney theme parks and the narrator is really funny and witty.

  • wsog
    wsog   6 months ago

    bro what the heck though who doxes people because theyre obviously making stories for entertainment

  • death-by-ego
    death-by-ego   6 months ago

    I openly laughed at this part"IAM: "Did anyone visit your home?"Muto: "No. I live in Los Angeles. No one here would believe this thing was real."LA is filled with delusional people who barely have a grasp on reality... and thats just the actors and celebrities. Seriously though, LA has plenty of crazies that would buy it. This actually made me question if he really lived in LA. Hell, when I lived in Santa Monica for a while, I met my fair share. Plus it came off a bit assholely since it came across as a "I live in LA. Only people from the boonies in middle America would believe this."

  • SamTUMZ
    SamTUMZ   6 months ago

    I'm going to say it- You don't deserve to be entertained or catered to if you would ever think BLACK EYED KIDS was real. Especially on a channel full of videos with misinformation. Audiences just get more and more entitled. Two kids get arrested for fighting and giving eachother black eyes. Shame he got doxxed; this is almost comical.

  • Chance Patrick
    Chance Patrick   7 months ago

    Wow....the people who should actually be ashamed are the people who attacked this man and his family for putting on a show and NOT lying about it when shit got out of hand BECAUSE the audience >.> just wow...he seriously has a point there was no fraud, he never took money or made them pay, those people are just upset cause they feel like he was making fun of them for believing it (which...seriously?) But just wow...

  • woffy
    woffy   7 months ago

    fantastic daily had such a wonderful premise, its a shame that it had to end how it did.