Wisconsin vs. Baylor - Second Round NCAA tournament extended highlights

  • Published on: 21 March 2021
  • The Big 12 regular season champions punched their ticket to the Sweet 16 with a win over Wisconsin. Matthew Mayer's 17 points off the bench led Baylor in scoring. See the extended highlights here.

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  • Runtime : 9:39
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    Who announced this game?

  • Ocean
    Ocean   3 months ago

    Is it just me or does Mitchell from Baylor play just like Donovan Mitchell 🤣 that’s crazy. Same jumper and all.

  • panda mein
    panda mein   3 months ago

    Im really wanting to see baylor vs gonzage in the finals. Unlike football were you have the same power schools in the playoffs.

  • Cedric R
    Cedric R   3 months ago

    4:16 man he screams like 2000 Vince Carter

  • Cedric R
    Cedric R   3 months ago

    Your 2021 NCAA champions

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  • AKsprayDay
    AKsprayDay   3 months ago

    The big12 champ just beat the 6th best squad in the B1G and everyone says B1G is overrated?... Illinois and OSU deserved to lose, I hate them both, but top to bottom, the B1G was the most competitive conference this year. Yea there are better teams out there individually, but as an entire conference... be real with yourselves.

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  • Qua 5
    Qua 5   3 months ago

    baylor all the way

  • Big Ruby
    Big Ruby   3 months ago

    Baylor got sum shooters fr

  • Jimmy Weathersby
    Jimmy Weathersby   3 months ago

    Damien Mitchell wanna b donovan Mitchell so bad🤦🏽‍♂️😂do your thang kid lol

  • dog man
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    Baylor really good.

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  • K Hen
    K Hen   3 months ago

    Can y’all stop putting who won in the thumbnail makes me wanna not watch at all. It takes the suspense away cus Ik who’s winning

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  • Destroygary Funky
    Destroygary Funky   3 months ago

    Wisconsin was the epitome of underachievers this season,.....horrid shooting and their inability to defend the rim was perplexing. I hope none of the seniors opt to return next year .