Trying Celebrity Dress REMAKES!" *can they do it?!*

  • Published on: 17 July 2021
  • We found a website that claims to make celebrity red carpet dress DUPES! Do they compare to the original? Then, watch us guess 1 vs 5 star Amazon sneakers! ►►
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  • Runtime : 13:49
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  • Clevver Style
    Clevver Style   4 months ago

    What celebrity dress would you want remade??

  • Haveagoodday!
    Haveagoodday!   2 weeks ago

    I NEED to see drew in Marylen Monroe’s pink dress. Like RIHGT NOW

  • Spam Sota
    Spam Sota   3 weeks ago

    I wish I could buy one of these dresses online. They don’t carry XS :(

  • Severinsen
    Severinsen   1 months ago

    I'm just gonna say that their reaction to this, compared to when they react to cheap shit like FASHION NOVA (and don't even give the outfits the negative review they deserve) is not it.Making a general custom dress is easier, than making a custom recreation of something you don't have the instructions for. Especially if the dress you're recreating, only from pictures mind you, is 100x more expensive than the one you are paid to make...

  • Ellis DeVille
    Ellis DeVille   1 months ago

    the little videos edited in are so fucking annoying

  • Tara Kennedy
    Tara Kennedy   1 months ago

    The Marilyn dress was from The Seven Year Itch. The pink dress was from Gentleman Prefer Blondes.

  • Senni Kallio
    Senni Kallio   1 months ago

    Tbh these dresses look spot on for the price you got them for.You can't expect the same quality in fabric nor in accessories (sequings, rhinestones) for that price point.

  • Cherry Rose Star
    Cherry Rose Star   1 months ago

    The black come and get it selena gomez dress you can buy pieces for much cheaper on amazon... Maybe try that if u don't like that version

  • Jaidyn Backman
    Jaidyn Backman   1 months ago

    She said Emma Robert's and I swoosh to the comments

  • Tyffanee Lavely
    Tyffanee Lavely   2 months ago

    I think u guys expected a little bit too much of these dresses. U guys were out here acting like you got some WISH type dresses lol. For recreations of dresses that cost not only thousands of dollars to make, but were also tailored to fit the original wearer's body EXACTLY, these dresses were REALLY well done. For those prices, you can't expect to have super high quality like the originals. Of course for a couple hundred dollars, the quality should be decent, but they did have decent quality. I think they could have made the black sheer one look a little more like the original, by making the top part more see thru in the right spots like the original, but I wouldn't complain about the quality of it. For recreating a dress that cost thousands to make for $160 bucks, that was pretty damn good. You can tell what dress each one is a recreation of very easily.I think the green dress that Drew wore at the end would have been better if they would have used the right green color. They did amazing on the recreation though. I thought all of these for being so much cheaper than the originals, and also not being tailored to their bodies, were all very well done. I will say, they def should have given high waisted black brief type bottoms for the black see-thru Selena dress though.

  • Paige F
    Paige F   3 months ago

    Fun idea but poorly executed by all the negativity, you guys sounded snobby. And 13 minutes for only 2 dresses?

  • Nichole Clarke
    Nichole Clarke   3 months ago

    Can I just say. The old navy ads are THE most annoying thing. Thanks for the content Bye😭❤

  • Morghan Bennett
    Morghan Bennett   3 months ago

    Love y’all but do you guys realize that these dresses are recreated from $100,000+ dresses for $200 dollars. Y’all are expecting perfection when the rhinestones are 200 dollars on the OG 100,000+ dress itself.

  • Vanessa Vivaldini
    Vanessa Vivaldini   3 months ago

    you look AMAZING with the Selena Gomez music video dress!!! OMG!!!!

  • Sandra Johnston
    Sandra Johnston   3 months ago

    I don't get why they hated the black dress so much. I thought it was beautiful.

  • alyssa lol
    alyssa lol   3 months ago

    these dresses actually impressed me the negativity is truly off-putting, the original dresses are 5k and up so the fact that you got one almost exactly for 200 and below you should appreciate the hard work.

  • Green Light
    Green Light   4 months ago

    Btw, corsets aren't supposed to be uncomfortable.

  • Marika Kassy
    Marika Kassy   4 months ago

    How come drew doesn’t scream the “style “ in the clever style intro anymore 😢😢😢

  • Cat Can Do
    Cat Can Do   4 months ago

    Sinead dresses sooo similar to me. I love it sooo much.

  • undecided1
    undecided1   4 months ago

    I see where sineads frustration cines from with that second dress. The top part of it is suppose to be see through besides the boobage. And that green is POPPING with Drews complexion. LOOOOOOVE ITTT Dragon tales voice

  • Paty Gutiérrez C.
    Paty Gutiérrez C.   4 months ago

    Oh I really liked the Come and Get it Dress! It looks very cool y and on you it looks even better!!

  • Hannah Altstiel
    Hannah Altstiel   4 months ago

    Sinaed and Drew are straight up goddesses! Oo, video idea. The girls recreate their favorite goddess looks!

  • Candee Michelle Cardwell

    I like the video and I’m glad y’all made it because now I know NOT to buy from these people!! I mean all 4 dresses were close remakes but obviously very cheaply made and when I think cheap I don’t think a $200 dress should be cheaply made!!!! You can tell the effort is NOT spot on, which is such a shame!! Although these would make great Halloween costumes, who is spending $200 on a costume they wear once?!?

  • b
    b   4 months ago

    they chose some ugly dresses though lol

  • Kate H
    Kate H   4 months ago

    I could watch an hour of y’all trying these dresses

  • Presley Kern
    Presley Kern   4 months ago

    Sinéad's "I'm not a real giiirrllll" is literally my entire existence. 😂😂

  • KKay Herrington
    KKay Herrington   4 months ago

    OMG drew in the green is giving me HUGE princess tiana vibes

  • Tehani Soh
    Tehani Soh   4 months ago

    Drew constantly doing the xtina pose 😂 I love her