Chris Broussard on Brooklyn's injury bug, the Lakers' success, Steph Curry & Knicks | NBA | THE HERD

  • Published on: 19 April 2021
  • Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd to discuss the Brooklyn Nets' injury concerns, the Los Angeles Lakers' success without Anthony Davis and LeBron James, Steph Curry's recent scoring surge, and whether the New York Knicks are a playoff contender.

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    Chris Broussard on Brooklyn's injury bug, the Lakers' success, Steph Curry & Knicks | NBA | THE HERD

    The Herd with Colin Cowherd
  • Runtime : 10:37
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  • Bill Cheung
    Bill Cheung   1 months ago

    These so-called journalists have to stop putting pressure on athletes for what to do. Perhaps I’ve to start a project on consequences of journalism

  • Isabella Flournoy
    Isabella Flournoy   1 months ago

    9:57 yeah totally wanna see lebron and Steph or Giannis and Steph like real original 🙄 what about Miami? With Jimmy who needs shooting or OKC like a cp3 again who just needs another dominant star leader? Heck maybe even Chicago with Zach Lavine and Vucevic? Make sense rather than just putting stars with stars

  • Isabella Flournoy
    Isabella Flournoy   1 months ago

    6:57 okay I’m tired of this narrative that just because you’re a lower seed means your star can’t win mvp? Like mvp does not mean most valuable scorer or the person that puts up the biggest numbers. The mvp in mvp means most valuable player. Player. Well let’s see who’s the most valuable PLAYER to their team? Well I mean curry is definitely top 3 along with Jokic and Lebron. Lebron probably in that one spot which is one of the popular opinions but come on mannnnn. Curry at least deserves a look doesn’t he? I mean where would the warriors be without him? Probably the timberwolves or the rockets as a floor and okc or the kings as a ceiling. I mean klay is out for the season AGAIN, the best secondary option the man has is Draymond or even Andrew Wiggins or Kelly Oubre like huh lmao? The man has a rookie at center to, no depth really and yet somehow Steph mf Curry has the warriors in the play in conversation! Heck even Lebron has AD like come on man. What are we talking about here

  • T M
    T M   1 months ago

    Colin ... when do you talk about Lebrons Tweets when all the news is about that ???? YOU COWARD!

  • Hector Rosado
    Hector Rosado   2 months ago

    Lakers have been lucky ??????????How about the team that vs the Lakers without Lebron and AD 👀👀

  • f00lish1
    f00lish1   2 months ago

    The team up league, making the NBA as bad as college football. Lets just cancel the season and watch the 4 best go at it.

  • Chuck Carter
    Chuck Carter   2 months ago

    Dubs fan here .... Steph goes nowhere !.

  • J D S
    J D S   2 months ago

    Pacers big three was PG Hibert and David west. Put some respek on David’s name

  • Josh Fincham
    Josh Fincham   2 months ago

    Chris has a North based Southern drawl lmao. LEBRAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN

  • Donna Ible-White
    Donna Ible-White   2 months ago

    ATTENTION! It's time that the NBA changes the way they choose both the regular season MVP and the Finals MVP. Read on: Why punish someone who is having a great season because their team isn't in the top 5? If team A has 3 or 4 top players, it's almost automatic that they'll finish in the top 5. But if Team B only has 1 or 2 top players who are playing their hearts out, why deny them the MVP because their team can't make it to the top because they don't have as much help as Team A? If you should place someone from Team A on a team with only 1 other top player, would they have still been the MVP, even though their numbers are similar? No. That is terrible. We are awarding teams/ players for stacking up high calibre players on one team rather than playing as they should, with or without help. It's time to change that NBA! Finals MVP: How they award the finals MVP also needs changing. Here is my reasoning: I believe that that Finals MVP should be renamed the Playoffs MVP. Of course, the winning person has to come from the winning team, but how they played throughout the entire playoff would be taken into consideration, rather than just the 4-7 games alone in the finals. I have seen players sit out on games during the playoffs because of injury, while the other players carry the team, or players who didn't play as well during the playoffs. But that player balls out during the Finals and wins the Finals MVP. Shouldn't consideration be given to the man who balled out and took the team to the finals too? Come on now, you cannot just dismiss 12 - 21 games, then only consider the last 4 - 7 games only. That is just wrong on every level! Seriously, reevaluate!

  • Trey Brown
    Trey Brown   2 months ago

    Chris won’t tell y’all that the Nets are 21st in defensive rating since the all star break, which is a more important stat.

  • Chris B
    Chris B   2 months ago

    Chris " andigeddit " Broussard

  • CyberGOTH
    CyberGOTH   2 months ago

    I hate the narrative that the Heat “didn’t have chemistry” or “couldn’t get it together quickly” the fact is LeBron averaged 18 in the 2011 finals. They beat the Celtics and Bulls in 5 games. Stop it.

  • Adolfo Rios
    Adolfo Rios   2 months ago

    If harden or westbrook carry a team, they get mvp. If Steph carries a team, it’s not good enough unless he’s the one seed.

  • CaRL DJuSTIceD
    CaRL DJuSTIceD   2 months ago

    Kyrie will be on Personal leave during playoffs

  • Adolfo Rios
    Adolfo Rios   2 months ago

    Nets aren’t injured. They resting for the playoffs but lyin like Kd burner account

  • Alfred Santino
    Alfred Santino   2 months ago

    Bruh why does everyone forget the knicks where good in 2013 with melo Collin over here talking about 20 years

  • Membranous
    Membranous   2 months ago

    Ow Bosh all of a sudden became a first ballot hall of famer/MVP probable player?

  • Cee Bee
    Cee Bee   2 months ago

    Other teams don’t give their players such a Green light.!.

  • Cee Bee
    Cee Bee   2 months ago

    James liked Vogel too.

  • Kratik Solanki
    Kratik Solanki   2 months ago

    Everyone's talking about Steph leaving but why can't a perineal all Star come and join dubs

  • Erick C
    Erick C   2 months ago

    Y’all want this narrative so bad curry is staying in the Bay Area

  • Octavious Lanton
    Octavious Lanton   2 months ago

    No disrespect to bosh but come on he’s not on al level with of kyrie and harden let’s be honest here

  • Goat KD7
    Goat KD7   2 months ago

    Colin is a dangerous propaganda machine

  • Tiago Santos
    Tiago Santos   2 months ago

    Someone explains me why Warriors being on the 9th seed affects an individual award? Steph is putting a team that would erase negative records, that's how bad they would be without him, with no more than 10 wins to the verge of the playoffs! Really can't wrap this around my head, is there some unwritten rule or something? HE IS THE DEFINITION OF MVP! He's giving the Warriors 22-25 more wins that would have by now, no one else is doing this, MVP and it ain't close and it will be a robbery like no other if he doesn't win it.

  • Big Kerv
    Big Kerv   2 months ago

    The media so damn fake. Those same people calling for him to leave GS would crucify him if he went to play in LA.

  • vissysoundkiller
    vissysoundkiller   2 months ago

    Broussard is an Brooklyn apologist AND an absolute prisoner of the moment. He has lost some credibility with me.

  • James Pigott
    James Pigott   2 months ago

    The David West disrespect when talking about Vogel with the Pacers

  • Angel R.
    Angel R.   2 months ago

    So Chris the Lakers caught some Breaks with Kuz ? But when Lebron was beating these weaker teams & teams without there best players he was a MVP Candidate SMH.

  • BenJamIn Durand
    BenJamIn Durand   2 months ago

    This year may really be the clippers. I understand after the collapse last year was, but they are playing so efficient. I know the playoffs is what everyone is wanting for, but I can see them making a run though

  • Brass Taxz
    Brass Taxz   2 months ago

    The way Steph is playing right now if he plays with LeBron and A.D. cancel Christmas for the rest of the league

  • Josh Daye
    Josh Daye   2 months ago

    Don’t forget about Danny Granger he use to be a stud

  • Stephen Shortt
    Stephen Shortt   2 months ago

    League already sucks. Players trying to do backdoor deals to make their own superteams makes the league suck as well. If Steph would ever leave then I lose all respect for him. He put San Francisco back on the NBA map. For him to go to L.A. is downright stupid and reason league sucks so much.

  • Fatima Daniels
    Fatima Daniels   2 months ago

    STEPH is Legend and must go where he can get championships if GSW is not up to par after Klay returns. I agree with Chris.

  • Michael Ptacek
    Michael Ptacek   2 months ago

    Just being a casual NBA fan, I get most of my coverage from Talking Heads like this. Because of their lousy coverage I had no idea that the Phoenix Suns and Utah Jazz were the two best teams in the NBA. How do you not cover the two best teams in the NBA?!