CENSOR (2021) Ending Explained

  • Published on: 12 July 2021
  • #censor #endingexplained

    In the trippy horror film CENSOR, a British film censor links a disturbing horror movie to her sister's mysterious disappearance. She is led on a journey into the past that begins the blur the line between fiction and reality. What's real and what really happened to her sis? Find out all about it as we break down the reality breaking story and explain the ending.

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  • Runtime : 22:39
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  • Patricia Torres
    Patricia Torres   1 days ago

    Wow did you CARE what ads did you get to advertise and your content get attach too? You should.

  • Shane Joseph Linnie
    Shane Joseph Linnie   1 days ago

    Great movie for the comments section to throw shade at today's FB censors! Always no ads, and usual great vid man keep it up

  • Nurul Fitriah 𓆉
    Nurul Fitriah 𓆉   6 days ago

    Hshssh where to watch this movie ??! I've downloaded it on telegram but i hardly to understand it without subtitles and the sound was so fucking low even at max volume 🙂😭

  • Jacky Vara
    Jacky Vara   1 weeks ago

    I was not entertained, very bored and saw through the story way too early. This is a bad movie that brings absolutely nothing new to the table. And I have this opinion especially because this movie is number 1 on many lists of best horror movies in 2021.

  • Lei Keylosh
    Lei Keylosh   2 weeks ago

    Red Letter Media praised this movie but honestly it's not very good. This type of story where there's a constrast between reality and what's happening inside the protagonist's mind was already done better in other movies. Also, the plot is weak and leaves a lot of things unexplained, not to mention some scenes that were supposed to be in "real life" are absurd and cheesy just like the movies the protagonist watches, completely breaking that contrast. Overall not a good movie in my opinion.

  • Robert R
    Robert R   2 weeks ago

    Agreed about the film itself. Artfully done, certainly intriguing, but too simple in the end.

  • Sneaky Shart
    Sneaky Shart   2 weeks ago

    This movie is bs, they don't use real axes in movie kill scenes...😂

  • Ryu
    Ryu   4 weeks ago

    Signed by Frederick North? It's the note she made earlier when she watched the movie

  • whizkidliz
    whizkidliz   1 months ago

    I think I really like this channel because I can use it as a filter for which movies I will watch and which ones I deem a waste or time 🤣.

  • Mosotti
    Mosotti   1 months ago

    She didn't kill her sister as a child... She was overcome with guilt because she disappeared. She refused to believe she's dead and her parents declaring her dead fucked her brain into looking into ""solving" the mystery by saving her "sister" from the "evil filmmakers". As a censor she was already brainwashed and started thinking those people making horror movies might even kill the people on screen for real.

  • Ana Trindade
    Ana Trindade   1 months ago

    I interpreted the ending as her having kidnapped the actress and brought her home to her parents, not killing her. Liked the movie tho

  • Mythpat_-
    Mythpat_-   1 months ago

    I love how much you appreciate and take care of your internet family Thankyou 💖

  • Navigator Mother
    Navigator Mother   1 months ago

    "And what if something like this got into the hands of the children- OH WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE KIDDIES!"Loving it lol.

    TOEQIEM   1 months ago

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  • diazepamx
    diazepamx   1 months ago

    The aesthetic of this movie really reminded me of Drive with Ryan Gosling. The idea reminded me of Saint Maud and I think this movie was better executed. Loved it.

  • cutefairykiller
    cutefairykiller   1 months ago

    The ending reminds me a little of that of Brazil, in its dark flamboyance.

  • biron d
    biron d   1 months ago

    Just finished watching your EE for High Tension; then I watched this one. Story line seems oddly similar imo.

  • Tom Wright
    Tom Wright   2 months ago

    I live by the Chorley Forrest like 3 minutes away, never going again 😭

  • Daniel Lamblin
    Daniel Lamblin   2 months ago

    Maybe there's more than one cut of this film.Was the long form, often times incorrect, summary really necessary to "explain" the ending? The producer did not ask her to view Don't Go Into the Church. He asked if she could maybe view one of his films and if so rate it kindly in exchange for a chance at acting in a role. Both she and her boss turn that down. Her boss mentions films are randomly assigned and Enid may end up viewing one. The note in her hand with hair during her new flashback is not signed by the director. It is in her own handwriting entirely because it is the same note she wrote while censoring the film. She didn't note more than the title and the director's name before running out. Though it's true that the producer says the director specifically wanted her to view that film, it seems intentionally done not to line up with her recollection of events. I'm not sure the dead producer is the person on the other end of the 3rd such phone call Enid received. You didn't touch on the point that while driving to the film shoot, she had a note with her of three film titles of Fredrick North, one of which was incorrectly not "Asunder" which seems to be another intentional detail noting she's not recollecting things well any longer. Enid most likely did not kill her sister. She wouldn't be missing and require a decades late death certificate if it were the case. A 7 to 11 year old is unlikely to be able to render someone unfindable.

  • Chanda
    Chanda   2 months ago

    If she killed her sister as a child why? And how did they not find the body or her covered in blood? It doesn't make sense.

  • Zaianh Baroom
    Zaianh Baroom   2 months ago

    why did she kill her sister in the first place?

  • Ed Loki
    Ed Loki   2 months ago

    So, its like the Democrat aligned media?

  • Big Grape Ape
    Big Grape Ape   2 months ago

    At 9:25 she's holder the notes she started while watching the movie. That wasn't North signing his name.

  • GorgieClarissa
    GorgieClarissa   2 months ago

    I don't understand how the film she watched - don't go into the church - is her own childhood memories. Who would know that except Enid and Nina. I'm so confused...

  • King of Death
    King of Death   2 months ago

    sooooo she just kills her sister because she's insane? And then tries to hide she did it. And then ends up just becoming insane again? I'm kind of surprised that at the very end she didn't end up with a bullet in her head from her parents.

  • Darwinsom
    Darwinsom   3 months ago

    "Err on the side of" but Error was hilarious 😂

  • ringluvr
    ringluvr   3 months ago

    LOL! I just saw that this movie is on HULU but I told my husband we watched it already. He said he didn't remember watching. Then I checked my watch history here on Youtube and...nope! I didn't watch the movie, I watched your "Ending Explained". It's so good that I thought I watched the movie.

  • Sarah S.
    Sarah S.   3 months ago

    I'm gonna say it until I'm blue in the face.If a couple of horror movies are enough to make a person start acting violent, either they had some fundamental root issue that blurs fiction and reality, or someone in their real world constantly protected them from the consequences of their own actions no matter how much the rest of the world was hurt, so the person kept pushing the envelope. Mentally and emotionally functional humans do not turn into fully detached killers from a little bullying and some violence on screen.

  • BlackCroft666LP
    BlackCroft666LP   3 months ago

    Nothing changed though only the targets. Many censors seem to be as fanatic, too.

  • Mark Stevens
    Mark Stevens   3 months ago

    I am suspicious of anyone who has a burn barrel next to their truck, and it being freshly painted in the same color of the primer paint on his truck.

  • DukeOnkled
    DukeOnkled   3 months ago

    And of course, let's not forget the entire point of censors: To enforce one's will upon the very thoughts of the people.

  • FaZe_Buendia
    FaZe_Buendia   3 months ago

    I'd LOVE to hear you review a 2006 movie called Bug; starring Michael Shannon, Ashley Judd, Harry Connick Jr. It's a psychological thriller directed by William Friedkin and written by Tracy Letts. I don't know the director or writer, but it's what wiki says so it must be 100% correct right? :) I remember watching the movie almost 15 yrs ago and thinking it was so weird, but a good kind of weird. Also, I really like the actors in this one.