The Complete Compilation of Wilt Chamberlain's Greatest Stories Told By NBA Players & Legends

  • Published on: 27 June 2021
  • The Complete Compilation of Wilt Chamberlain's Greatest Stories Told By NBA Players & Legends

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  • Runtime : 28:36
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  • Plague Doc
    Plague Doc   5 months ago

    I love these, some of my favorite NBA content ever. I know they must take a lot of time b ut we appreciate it.

  • Isles44
    Isles44   2 days ago

    "Wren we talk about the greatest players ever we never talk about Wilt". What the hell is he talking about? Anytime I see a discussion he's always one of the nominees.

  • Robinson Aguilera
    Robinson Aguilera   5 days ago

    great content dude. you might have already done it but would love a comp about the 90's bulls. crazy stories and what not

  • William Klock
    William Klock   1 weeks ago

    That's awesome didn't know they made that rule about free throws. Cause Wilt would just dunk it from there if allowed. 🤣🤣 Wish they had video of that that's not just length that's athleticism! And was wondering if Jordan would've kept going into the lane after Chamberlain knocked him out. No toss you out of the game back then apparently.I think he would still attack but even if he didn't he'd still kill the teams in any era same for Chamberlain too though. They had the multi faceted game that would dominate any time. Someday a real looking simulation can show you all that kind of greatness!

  • arthur frazier
    arthur frazier   1 weeks ago

    If you played Wilt you better get out of the way

  • 1MaineTV
    1MaineTV   1 weeks ago

    Robert horry has 7 championship let that sink in..

  • Young Savage lll
    Young Savage lll   2 weeks ago

    Wilt is literally like when ur playing a video game and u beat the final boss, like jordan or kareem or lebron but u kept seeing pictures of a even more legendary figure but never actually got to see it. im sorry but if were talking basketball player not team success not how good am i in 5v5 wilt is absolutely the best all time. Man to see him if he played now, like with every rumor but then the people who played with him say well its not a myth its real

  • zam iel
    zam iel   2 weeks ago

    It takes you a long time to search for other people's content....copy it...then stitch it together? Stop it.....

  • greg_chasin'69
    greg_chasin'69   2 weeks ago

    You guys don't get it. He was so tall and anyone who was that tall and athletic could do what he done. I only give props to shorter players.

  • art caz
    art caz   2 weeks ago

    55 rebounds against Bill Russell.....let that sink in for a moment.....

  • Douglas Lett
    Douglas Lett   3 weeks ago

    To these young people today I remember watching chamberlain play on tv as a kid and teenager, believe me this guy was scary ! If he was a boxer compared to basketball he would be Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Mike Tyson and Ali all combined he was that damn good ! Jerry west said it best, he would embarrass centers today !

  • anthony sales
    anthony sales   3 weeks ago

    Don't forget there was a guy that scored over 100 over 4 times in a basketball game. The dipper still the goat.

  • Matt Trosien
    Matt Trosien   1 months ago

    Ben wallace and Rodman both need episodes

  • Ricky Tisa
    Ricky Tisa   1 months ago

    That jackie johnson story sound fufu sus

  • log140
    log140   1 months ago

    From what I hear... Wilt was the most dominant human on the planet!! They talk about 50 points 25 Rebounds, but forgett to mention they didn`t keep stats on blocked shots those days... I heard he had about 20 blocks per game!!! So I only guess now.. that he probably had some Quadruple-double games..

  • Rizqi Rahmad
    Rizqi Rahmad   1 months ago

    You can argue mj or lebron or kareem is the g.o.a.t, bcs wilt chilling sit in his own category

  • Keedy Master
    Keedy Master   1 months ago

    This…was an unbelievable video. Quite informative and a story well told. Thank you.

  • Derek S
    Derek S   1 months ago

    The only fair way to evaluate players of different eras is to compare how dominant they were over their peers. By that metric Wilt stands alone.

    LCF FLC   1 months ago

    I don't think Michael could actually do much against this dude from the 60's, too tall too strong, speed and good precision shots, Michael is a complete basketball player from a different time back in the 60's against this guy it would be very difficult to even score half of his average with the bulls in the 90's.

  • Andrew Rechichi
    Andrew Rechichi   1 months ago

    I'd invest in Wilt Chamberlain cards and memorabilia and I'll type a blurb as to why.It's not for his value short-term. His prices are stagnant as all hell...but it's what his legacy represents long-term.We see the records he set now more than 50 years on and that's still all that most of us see...but I don't. I see much much more.I see a man who will become the reference point for helping to raise the vibration and frequency of humanity as we know it.This is a man who helped build the game by absorbing all hate and disrespect (that he continues to receive 20+ years since his passing)Then he changed the rules.I believe Wilt Chamberlain knew the answers to the mystery of life without necessarily knowing what the mystery of life was. He gave himself the necessary self love by believing in the strength of his light within - the resilience of his soul.Bill Russell also had this resilience in his soul but the love he prioritised was different. Russell prioritised selfless love...and there's nothing wrong with this either.I believe that both prevailed over darkness within their own minds but Wilt had more to overcome because people considered him a loser. Wilt had to beat every ounce of negative mental health out of his system through the resilience of his soul.The same resilience that would eventually be past to others.His legacy goes beyond the numbers. His legacy is his existence.He absorbed all hate and changed the rules.The man. The myth. The legend.Wilt Chamberlain is Greatness.The link between sport and spirituality is very real.

  • Liam M
    Liam M   2 months ago

    Wilt is a top 3 player of All Time behind Jordan and Kareem and yes to me Wilt > LeFlop lol

  • juanio
    juanio   2 months ago

    Chucks’ the man was playing in chucks

  • SpeakOmind
    SpeakOmind   2 months ago

    Make sure yiu don't come back in the paint again. Ans: I won't be back, lol.

  • Lawrence J
    Lawrence J   2 months ago

    He is/was in the same category as Bill Cosby.......Cssandra Petersen (ELVIRA) will attest to that!