Benioff & Weiss Drop Out of SDCC 2019 Game of Thrones panel (San Diego Comic Con)

  • Published on: 19 July 2019
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    Showrunners Benioff & Weiss have dropped out at the last minute from their own San Diego Comic Con panel, wrapping up Game of Thrones after the series finale.

    Ideas of Ice & Fire's reaction video:
  • Runtime : 45:12
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  • Carl Ramos
    Carl Ramos   2 years ago

    That burn against Sue Miller and Watchers on the Wall was sick. The Dragon title is not for show, it seems.

  • Nobilior32
    Nobilior32   4 months ago

    Don’t throw things at people! Let them throw their career away

  • Gabriel the Griffin
    Gabriel the Griffin   9 months ago

    I kinda think George wanted to distance himself from the show and D&D. He probably didn't want to take the blame for crap that was loosely tied to his works - then the panel needed someone from GoT to come, so they asked D&D. They said yes and then realized that they'd get dumped they too said no. That's my guess on why that whole thing happened. The deeper we go, the grosser it gets. I didn't say last video - but Kit was absolutely crushed by that table reading. You could see just how awful a time they were having. I feel so, so bad for the whole production team working under D&D. It's so sad =(

  • Clay Mccarver
    Clay Mccarver   10 months ago

    I’ve noticed to when Dan and Dave do a panel with George they shrivel up because they can’t pretend there the smartest guys in the room lmao

  • Clay Mccarver
    Clay Mccarver   10 months ago

    Bro you sound just like Seth Rogan . I’ve been binge watching all your videos since last night . My new favorite YouTube channel!!

  • Lulu Blolo
    Lulu Blolo   1 years ago

    So basically Annie's speech from documentary flimaking from community

  • DeusAndante
    DeusAndante   1 years ago

    benioffs face looks one of those mini-spaceships from independence day

  • Sabir Badri
    Sabir Badri   1 years ago

    "I've almost finished coding your website Watchers On The Wall, the last thing you need to tell me is what color you'd like your section headers to be.""Here is a list of randomly generated RGB values, please apply these to each letter in that exact order."

  • Felix Cannabi (Lažunologija)

    I watched yours others videos and you do it well, first am grateful for GoT im from Croatia and this show make my country hot spot for filming movies but DOWN WITH D&D YOU MASSACARE THE BEST SHOW EVER WITH SUCH POOR WRITING ! RUSHED ALL SHOW IN 7&8 SEASSON AND THEY DONE THAT SOOOOOO JDJDJDJDBSHSHGFGDKKDHS MY GOD AM ANGRY

  • Troy Mccauley
    Troy Mccauley   2 years ago

    I stopped this video yesterday and watched con of thrones to hear nickoli caster walder sorry if I butchered his name , said and I think he to was just repeating everything else the actors been saying we worked so hard to do the best we could and trying so hard to cast Dan and Dave in a positive light. It just agervates me so much.

  • Kanja From Kenya
    Kanja From Kenya   2 years ago

    The Showrunners couldn't handle the 50 inch Dildo of the deserved criticism coming their way.

  • Donovan
    Donovan   2 years ago

    The entire season 8 story line & script was written at a 20 minute meeting at Starbucks. Then D&D ran out to cash their checks and left us to enjoy their presumed brilliance.

  • First of their Name
    First of their Name   2 years ago

    @The Dragon Demands Watched the SDCC panel it was a watered down version of nothing. The tier A cast already exited stage left. But I knew they would not come. It seemed like the lineup changed every few days. Lots of drama. Then we witnessed the panel fielding softball questions....and oops we ran out of time for fan questions. After 10 loyal years, fans were not important enough to save time (hire someone to watch the clock WTF) and have at least 5 questions from fans. if I paid $ to go to SDCC and was told no questions....I would be PISSED.

  • Hannah Nguyen
    Hannah Nguyen   2 years ago

    Even if D&D did show up, I don’t really think there would be a Q&A or they would give any real answers. But letting the cast face the fans and answer for story lines they didn’t write? Fuck them

  • Raaf
    Raaf   2 years ago

    An emmy nomination for writing, seriously?!?

  • Batman
    Batman   2 years ago

    D&D kinda forgot to show up

  • White Alliance
    White Alliance   2 years ago

    You have a very analytical mind. I wish you would write a short story or give us a remix on the long night or something. Very good insight here. Very serious channel but i would like to see your creative writing and ideas

  • à-bas-le-ciel
    à-bas-le-ciel   2 years ago

    We'll never know what did happen to Stannis; we'll never know what didn't happen to Stannis.

  • Janice Wymore
    Janice Wymore   2 years ago

    I literally laughed my butt off when I heard they dropped out.

  • à-bas-le-ciel
    à-bas-le-ciel   2 years ago

    The special Emmy award for inspiring the most negative critical reception on YouTube goes to...

  • Ladyhawk's Lair
    Ladyhawk's Lair   2 years ago

    Why are we fixating on the abortion that was season 8? I, too, am asking this question. I clicked on this video--or rather, audio--and I plan to listen to the whole thing. What the hell is wrong with me? Yes, I was disappointed by Game of Thrones season 8. At one point during GoT's run, I became very ill and, pathetically, my final wish--never articulated--was to make it to the end of Game of Thrones . Had I continued in that vein, I'd be churning out scathing season 8 reviews every single day.But at some point, I "kind of forgot" about GoT because my health and life improved to the point that a mere TV show became unimportant. Should we really care this much about movies, TV shows, etc.? I used to be a huge geek, but now that I'm getting older, it seems lame to put so much time and energy into these things. Surely, there are things that warrant our attention much more. I'm sitting here, wondering why I'm putting off my bedtime for yet another irate rant about season 8. Is it because I want to feel self-satisfied and smug about my intellect? the fact I didn't blindly follow D&D off a cliff? If so, what does that make me? My creative endeavors are varied and as a result of my failing healthy, I can't spend time developing any one talent. Am I arrogant enough to think I could do a better job of writing season 8?What do you think? Why are you here? Do you feel you might be wasting your time? Seriously.

  • Tatiana Ferreira
    Tatiana Ferreira   2 years ago

    The reason they married Sansa to Ramsay in the show, was because they didn't developed Jeyne Poole's character in the show and they needed the raping and the abuse to happen because of Theon's redemption. Cause you see, in the books Jeyne Poole marries Ramsay as Arya Stark to solidify the Bolton's position in the North, and she is abused by Ramsay multiple times in various ways. Theon eventually helps her escape beginning his redemption path.Unfortunately, in the show Jeyne's character only appears once (I think) on the first episode. They failed to develop her character and when they realised they fucked up, they stupidly used Sansa in her place. This was one of the "Butterfly effect" GRRM warned them about since the beginning of the show. They didn't listen...This actually is proof that they don't really understand what is really going on in the books, cause if they did they wouldn't ignore things like things that despite being insignificant in the beginning, have big repercussions in the future. Basically destroying the plot.

  • Tarvoc
    Tarvoc   2 years ago

    The most hated people in the US? Nah, I think even Trump still scores higher on that list than them.

  • Sant G
    Sant G   2 years ago

    I fucks with miguel sapochnik. Hardhomme was one of, if not the only, bright spot in an otherwise shitty season 5.

  • Wiseguy 36
    Wiseguy 36   2 years ago

    I don't think they are afraid of a few boos. It's likely a matter of personal security. San Diego Comic Con is the biggest sci fi/fantasy convention on earth. Considering there are a few million pissed off GOT fans, its possible that at least a few nutcases would get stupid ideas.

  • Hugo Pinho
    Hugo Pinho   2 years ago

    Dumb and Dumber, I think you should hide in a Star Wars spaceship. You don´t know what you have done to all the fans. We will never forget what you have done. THE WORLD REMEMBERS!Your current work on Star Wars will be a failure, due to all the fans who will NOT open an eye to even watch it. You should receive the same you have given to us. And that is a bucket full of shit. Shame on you...

  • Ash of Titans
    Ash of Titans   2 years ago

    I actually think the excuse that D and D Are not showing up because of scheduling conflicts with Star Wars could sum up the entire eight season not just comicon

  • Jaden Korr
    Jaden Korr   2 years ago

    The Benihoff con question playbooks sounds exactly like the one Lucasfilm uses to deflect criticisms. All they are lacking is declaring fans as toxic, manbabies, racist, mysoginist, etc... They are going to fit in just fine at Lucasfilm.

  • Bishop White
    Bishop White   2 years ago

    Dear Disney, if you put these Ass Clowns in a project it will loose you money. Like Solo x10

  • coo3disk1
    coo3disk1   2 years ago

    You have an amazing channel, thanks for the hard work and saying that about the episode 6 inside the episode. I had no clue that HBO yanked the last Game of Thrones Inside the Episode, wow that's crazy, this informs me that HBO did know how bad everything was and did not want the reception to get worse.

  • Van A. Johnson
    Van A. Johnson   2 years ago

    I'm still reeling from the fact that the show even received Emmy awards nominations for anything other than costume design.Writing, Directing by Dumb & Dumber 🤨🤔🤷🏽‍♂️ are Hollywood Voters even looking or Viewing the Same Images and Dialogues (Lena Headey drinking Wine by a Window for eight episodes GREAT!?)

  • 2004mojo
    2004mojo   2 years ago

    This is not rocket science. People like being fawned over & adored. They backed out of CC because If possible they would have been tarred & feathered then drawn & quartered. Then things would have got real ugly. You gonna blame them for passing on that? The final season proved they're greedy cowards who didn't give a damn about the author, the book, network, the show, the cast and last but not least , the fans.

  • Shambles M.D.
    Shambles M.D.   2 years ago

    You know they only answer prearranged questions asked by shills. The only thing that fans can do is boo the hell out of them.

  • Ian Levinson
    Ian Levinson   2 years ago

    I can;t believe Waldau actually compared the response to ned and the red wedding with the response to season 8

  • San Amar
    San Amar   2 years ago

    I hate these two because they made me stop caring and lose interest, for something I once thought was brilliant, and loved.

  • Ivrish con-Abarth
    Ivrish con-Abarth   2 years ago

    My question: "You screwed one of the best shows (BOOKS) ever, very quickly and brutally. Why?"

  • Be Kazzled
    Be Kazzled   2 years ago

    Fuck off D&D. Who wants them around?