The Season That Killed American Horror Story

  • Published on: 05 December 2019
  • American Horror Story bad

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  • Runtime : 36:41
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  • DaMara Mc Elrath-Fatherree

    YOU SUCK!!! I liked Apocalypse. I hated Cult & Roanoke. That was the major bs. Which is why I did not watch neither of those pieces of crap shows. As for your comments on the 1% and bomb shelters. There are multiple extremely secured shelter, but if you had actually truly paid attention. You would hear that those people were only able to reach that far, and no further.

  • Christina Illas
    Christina Illas   1 days ago

    I honestly enjoyed the concept of the Apocalypse season because it’s an collection of the previous ones, but execution was poor, truly predictable, and tropes of characters were too generic it felt like I was watching a 50 cent mean girls. And I didn’t even watch mean girls LMFAOAO

  • Carlos Caro
    Carlos Caro   1 days ago

    Point about the airplane in episode 1: that is a small private jet, not a large airliner. Such jets are frequently serviced, owned, and maintained out of small, country airports that are much less busy, much less known, and have far lower profile than the large airports you are clearly thinking of. I'd have to watch the jet again, but it's about the size of Citation, not an airliner.

  • Aquarian Dawn
    Aquarian Dawn   1 days ago

    I feel about 90-95% behind your assessment this time.

  • Ivy Magaña
    Ivy Magaña   1 days ago

    Wait how did his grandma get a dick??

  • Ivy Magaña
    Ivy Magaña   1 days ago

    I think the worst season is Cult. Like "oh no! Politics are scary"

  • Wester Storm
    Wester Storm   1 days ago


  • c
    c   1 days ago

    Waiting for your view on the new worst AHS season: Double Take

  • Sneakey Kayle GG
    Sneakey Kayle GG   1 days ago

    Yeah, I was very excited for Apocalypse but the moment I saw the first episode my head was like : the f is this.. Even the final ending was.. idk.. lame?

  • Taylor Ruiz
    Taylor Ruiz   1 days ago

    this season was actually better to me it was definitely peculiar and meme filled though

  • ellie field
    ellie field   1 days ago

    finally, someone else agrees that apocalypse was a steaming pile of shit. everyone always hypes it up so much but i was so disappointed, considering it was mashing up two incredible seasons. it felt so goofy, like a caricature of what american horror story was. the only high point was jessica lange who owns the show every time she appears on it. thank god she was in it or i wouldnt have watched it at all.

  • VictoriaJewel
    VictoriaJewel   1 days ago

    Someone tell him Satanist don't worship Satan.

  • HotelCortez
    HotelCortez   1 days ago

    Personally Hotel and Asylum are the best in my opinion

  • zeph
    zeph   1 days ago

    I just finished the season and uh wow...that ending was incredibly disappointing..

  • LexiJG
    LexiJG   1 days ago

    Omg the random clip of Nandi made me so happy!!

  • Rae B.
    Rae B.   2 days ago

    THANK YOU for some Freak Show praise! It's underappreciated.

  • juju T
    juju T   2 days ago

    Out of any show I’ve seen apocalypse ending was the worse conclusion to a story ever. As a big fan of the other seasons I was so let down and was just not content with this season. I can’t believe that my dad watched it with me and loved it. When that was the only season he watched. I tried o make him watch asylum and he did not like it like how you like apocalypse and not asylum🤣🤣🤧

  • Audrey
    Audrey   2 days ago

    Leslie Grossman made the series watchable tbh. However, I agree. Awful season next to roanoke.

  • Adoreible s
    Adoreible s   2 days ago

    Asylum was the only good one. It literally scared the hell out of me.

  • TheMasterSword16
    TheMasterSword16   2 days ago

    I gave up after Hotel. That season, Freak Show, and Coven all had so much promise but were weighed down by two problems: too many subplots that were rushed or went nowhere and constantly changing character motivations. It was almost impossible to get invested or care about the characters.

  • ja crispy
    ja crispy   2 days ago

    for me cult was awful and so stupid

  • Alem Hasić
    Alem Hasić   3 days ago

    ahs dosent feel like ahs after hotel...

  • Puto Cracker
    Puto Cracker   3 days ago

    I always thought the show was hit or miss. The first two seasons were great. "Coven" and "Freak Show" sucked, "Hotel" was good. "Cult" sucked. "1984" was disastrous. I liked "Apocalypse". It tied everything together. Obviously this is an old video because there's no mention of "Red Tide" and the fuckin alien impregnation seasons which are, if possible even worse than anything done previously

  • Ovium the Sheep
    Ovium the Sheep   3 days ago

    Thank god I wasn't the only one who hated this season, I thought it would've been better of they just went with the apocalypse and stayed with that.

  • Ja’Kell Dixon
    Ja’Kell Dixon   3 days ago

    Why is Sam Winchester talking to me about American Horror Story ???

  • Blink Space Studio
    Blink Space Studio   3 days ago

    I love all the actors in these seasons but when Jessica left I just couldnt help but be far less interested. The show is still great but she really was so amazing and exciting to watch especially when she broke out in song omg it killed me every time.

  • Collin Causley
    Collin Causley   3 days ago

    Really gotta have ur dumb face all up in the screen

  • Tiago Gómez
    Tiago Gómez   3 days ago

    Dios mío cállate pfv pq sos tan criticon q pesado

  • Bass Face
    Bass Face   3 days ago

    putting snake venom on apples and thinking it will kill someone is so dumb it hurts. that is not how venom works.

  • Kristian Tumber
    Kristian Tumber   4 days ago

    Gay Fieri's grandma hates his guts because she wanted to be IN his guts... ew...

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah   4 days ago

    Personally I enjoyed American horror story up until hotel, like don’t get me wrong the acting in hotel was consistently good, and seeing some characters return from previous seasons was cool but the story didn’t grab me like previous seasons.I couldn’t finish Roanoke because it legitimately bored me to tearsCult I enjoyed because they took a more plausible and realistic angle, like all the evil acts were committed by regular everyday people, I liked that angle.But everything from apocalypse till now has been straight up trash

  • Kevin Ceniceros
    Kevin Ceniceros   4 days ago

    Stopped watching it during the Hotel season. Didn't give a shit after that because I realized that the show was becoming dull fast.

  • Daniel Nansel
    Daniel Nansel   4 days ago

    Stopping you 45 seconds in: This show has always been a stupid show, they just decided to let the mask drop. And apocalypse was better for that reason, lolBut yeah it’s terrible obvs