The Season That Killed American Horror Story

  • Published on: 05 December 2019
  • American Horror Story bad

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  • Runtime : 36:41
  • American Horror Story AHS american horror story season 8 american horror story apocalypse elvis the alien elvisthealien ahs ahs 1984


  • John Smith
    John Smith   10 minuts ago

    Literally those first 3 season were gold. Roanoke was ass. This season was the best culmination of things. One time I will disagree with you

  • Valkyrie
    Valkyrie   1 days ago

    I just can't tolerate when tv shows bring in politics. IDC whether I agree with the views or not. It's patronizing. Like Falcon and the Winter Soldier, "Do better". Ffs. We watch these shows to escape reality, not have the writers shove their personal opinions down our throats.

  • Kiley Hardin
    Kiley Hardin   1 days ago

    Personally I also think I would ALSO do the shit Michael did for fun cause I could. I mean what else would the antichrist do for fun during the apocalypse.


    I was up to the carnival season and I was so sad to see the amount of characters that had left already and I was able to was ahs on a streaming app I payed for and then afew days after when I was almost done and onto the hotel season it said it wasn’t available in my country and I got so mad now I probably have to buy the disks which I don’t mind but annoying as

    HZDM YXWY   3 days ago

    You’re surprised that a horror movie is about Satan isn’t what all horror movies are about DUH

  • Lylah Fitzgerald
    Lylah Fitzgerald   3 days ago

    Well all the seasons are made to be blended together , that’s why apocalypse is like that

  • Jared Garcia
    Jared Garcia   3 days ago

    I honestly thought this was good. The one that ruined it was Roanoke

  • dini bfj
    dini bfj   4 days ago

    This season was bad but this video to me just seems like him picking at every little thing and juts passing it off as humor

  • Michayah J Walker
    Michayah J Walker   5 days ago

    I'm sorry guys but I can't stop thinking that gay fieri is Gerard Way in this show

  • pokemonmanic3595
    pokemonmanic3595   5 days ago

    I will never forgive them for retconning Moira and then RETCONNING THE RETCON.

  • Sakura Kirigiri
    Sakura Kirigiri   5 days ago

    He's so close to my screen and it's so uncomfortable but man he's still so funny

  • sirpicksalot_
    sirpicksalot_   6 days ago

    We're talking 30 minutes or less before incoming nukes strike. Not sure how these people had all the time they had in this first ep.

  • Shannon Sweeney
    Shannon Sweeney   6 days ago

    Knew the video would be about this season. I never finished it, I got so bored.

  • מילחמא אש
    מילחמא אש   6 days ago

    Venable was one of Englands most infamous killers who as a child kidnapped and killed a toddler with his mate in Liverpool.

  • John K. Blanchard
    John K. Blanchard   1 weeks ago

    Some day we will discover that AHS was written by an AI software.

  • Poknberry
    Poknberry   1 weeks ago

    I adore the season so I just wanted to come and see what people have to say negatively about it and I don't feel like he's making real points, just being over critical.

  • The Dark Side Boomer Mellissa

    Hotel is my favorite, then Asylum, Murder House, Coven, Freak Show (slow burn but got nuts), Apocalypse (started great, then nope), Cult NO! (I modded a true crime forum for 15 years), 1984 (dude, I'm a stalk and slash fan who graduated in that year so NO!) Roanoke I stopped watching after the second episode.

  • KERP08
    KERP08   1 weeks ago

    The ending of Apocalypse is also dumb because the explanation given for why Michael Langdon was created was because a ghost and a human fucked in a haunted house. THAT was why Satan was able to make a spawn or whatever. So Jess and Jeff just randomly having a satan baby literally doesn’t make sense because it breaks the very rule the show made THAT SAME SEASON to try and make it not be Tate’s fault that the baby was evil.

  • Spike-420
    Spike-420   1 weeks ago

    Like CNN, the downfall began with Trump being elected, oddly enough. After that season, just crap, crap everywhere.

  • Marry Jane
    Marry Jane   1 weeks ago

    It is terrible 😞 1984 was ok but 10 I can’t even get threw the trailer 😞

  • Sara Garcia
    Sara Garcia   1 weeks ago

    in my opinion cult and the recent season suck azz js

  • Steve Hansen
    Steve Hansen   1 weeks ago

    U look a bit greasy, very distracting, good vid btw tho

  • Kenna Means
    Kenna Means   1 weeks ago

    nah people who don’t understand that apocalypse is one of the best seasons don’t deserve to watch the show. let’s talk about roanoke when it comes to bad seasons

  • Aniara
    Aniara   2 weeks ago

    American Horror Story and the incredibly whiny devil

  • 3ddie mobil3
    3ddie mobil3   2 weeks ago

    Literally the only characters I actually cared about were "Jen" and "Jess"

  • Sloth 86
    Sloth 86   2 weeks ago

    I’m up to season 5, Coven didn’t really hold my attention but I’ve enjoyed the rest.

  • Links Between Drinks
    Links Between Drinks   2 weeks ago

    American Horror Story's biggest problem, to me, is that it would have been so much better of the seasons were half as long.

  • 2MuchCorn
    2MuchCorn   2 weeks ago

    You can’t expect me to like ham….when I like ham….playing ham. My recipe for ham depends on your ham shenanigans being shit. I don’t have a recipe for ham. My ham recipe has a GPS.Please tell me my ham’s recipe.

  • Zayd Qazi
    Zayd Qazi   2 weeks ago

    I would say it's less they tried to piece together the older characters and more they tried to forcefully jam them all into 1 collective story

  • Joseph Garcia
    Joseph Garcia   2 weeks ago

    I feel like each season they have a good few episodes and then fall off a cliff and I’m begging for the season to end.

  • JumpyDragon
    JumpyDragon   2 weeks ago

    From what I saw in this video, Willamina doesn't have scoliosis, but rather kyphosis, in which the afflicted persons upper spine protrudes in a hump sort of way

  • Lilith Rey
    Lilith Rey   2 weeks ago

    Coven, asylum, freak show and hotel where my favorites. Didn’t see Roanoke, hated cult, just made me bored. Murder house was a classic. Apocalypse was not good except for the sexy satan Antichrist dude, he was sexy.

  • Mage
    Mage   2 weeks ago

    This season had the same problem of interesting idea that runs out of gas partway through and then limps along. It's just that with the concept of this season that was much more of a problem. How can the capital A Apocalypse be this boring?

  • Damned Dandelion
    Damned Dandelion   2 weeks ago

    I mean if you don’t understand Christianity and what it is about, you probably won’t understand this season and consider it absurd LOL