Imposter FLOOR is LAVA Ability in Among Us

  • Published on: 30 December 2020
  • Today we give IMPOSTORS Floor is LAVA Ability in Modded Among Us

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  • Runtime : 20:35
  • impostor imposter modded mod modded among us


  • Kezion Explore
    Kezion Explore   4 hours ago

    I said it was digits when ssunde went next to him I said it’s sigils because sigils had his 🎤 on I knew he was talking to his camera

  • oscar leung
    oscar leung   5 hours ago

    how about use a machine gun at the among us

  • Fair Tourigny
    Fair Tourigny   8 hours ago

    Cat mode with mini game and crewmates could eat fish spawning around the map to get abilities

  • RistyYT
    RistyYT   8 hours ago

    9:16 THATS SO FUNNY 😂

  • Nicole Porter
    Nicole Porter   1 days ago

    Make a Army role where the imposter can kill people and if the imposter revives them they can be a mini imposter: can't sabtoge

  • rafa g
    rafa g   1 days ago

    You do the avenger mom please do it for me please

  • Haley’s my life channel

    I know this sounds weird but can you do a teeth mod or a mouth mod where the crew mates have mouths and they can lose teeth and then the tooth fairy has to collect them and if they earn enough money they can go through the door to escape the imposter the imposter can do like glue or something to glue the teeth back in if you don’t want to that’s OK it’s just what I think

  • Baby music
    Baby music   1 days ago

    пиветь😓 im no english😢😭😓

  • Moonlight 602
    Moonlight 602   2 days ago

    Ssundee: I am umm imposter Me: bruh your crew mate

  • Janus
    Janus   2 days ago

    Ssundee. You dont play the fnf mod in among us

  • Sam Jamison
    Sam Jamison   2 days ago

    SSundee:”ok WE Just need one more kill”

  • Arjun patil
    Arjun patil   2 days ago

    To kill all crewmate press lava button at onece

  • Arjun patil
    Arjun patil   2 days ago

    Someone who reported the body saved Ssundee life

  • Jordan Golden
    Jordan Golden   3 days ago

    This is actually the first Ssundee among us video a watched

  • Ballora
    Ballora   5 days ago

    me watching this video: wow 20 months laterme: i didn't remember that i was watching this

  • Editha
    Editha   6 days ago

    Lava in the a mong us !? 🤷