Courtship of the Mermaid - NSP

  • Published on: 24 June 2019
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    Mermaid - DAMNjacquie
    Angels - Matt Shanks, Corey Stryker, Sam Potter
    Fairies - Adam Kovic & Lawrence Sonntag
    Merman - Trevor Cross

    Directed by Sean Barrett
    Edited by Kelly Brickner Lyon
    Additional editing by Sean Barrett
    Director of Photography: Gordon Yould
    Producer: Dana Kurth, Guise Creative
    Camera Utility: Brooks Ludwick
    Hair & Makeup: Jan Rooney
    Production Assistant: Urks Kurth

    Written by Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht
    Produced and Engineered by Jim Arsenault and Dave Dominguez
    Recorded at Buffalo Recording in Los Angeles, CA
    Mixed by Jay Ruston at TRS West, assisted by John Douglass
    Mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, NYC

    Music & video produced with absolutely no help at all from Brent Lilley, [email protected]

    Dan Avidan - Vocals
    Brian Wecht - Keys & Synths
    Havve Hogan - Drums
    Lord Phobos - Guitar
    Doctor Sung - Synths & Keys
    Commander Meouch - Bass

    Choir: Stephanie Aston, Kate Bass, Sarah Reynolds, Chloe Agnew, Jonathan Gordon, Nick Wuthrich, Jay Stephenson, Billy Malone


    Once upon a morning dawn
    Ninja Brian and I happened upon a gold pond
    In a forest enchanted where we
    Both gazed upon a bold sight so fair, see there!

    Beneath the blue waterfall
    A mermaid was swimming, and my heart, enthralled
    Became lost in the beautiful lines of her face
    Her every lithe movement was exquisite grace

    I trembled in silence
    At the love of my life
    Such a delicate moment
    I must play this just right

    “Hey, do you want pizza?" I screamed loud as shit
    Then I grabbed a whole pizza, threw the fuck out of it!
    It soared through the air like some pizza-ass doves
    Now marvel, and witness the glory of love!

    The mermaid looked off with her hair in the breeze
    For she'd noticed not my love letter of cheese, I don't see
    How I may get her soul to listen
    Like sunlight she shines, like crystals she glistens

    I need to dream an ingenious new scheme
    So this angel shall open her heart up to me

    More pizza, Brian! With onions and ham too!
    Now coat me in pizza and throw me, goddamn you!
    As choirs of angels sing out to the sky
    In a cheese crust of passion my true love shall fly
  • Runtime : 3:2
  • damnjacquie mermaid nsp pizza danny ninja brian ninja party


  • Thomas Burlingame
    Thomas Burlingame   1 weeks ago

    he protecche attacbut most importantly...he didn't get his pizza bacc

  • Kire Ai
    Kire Ai   1 weeks ago

    i lost it when the faries got slapped off screen xD

  • spinorama29
    spinorama29   1 months ago

    Yo are we just gonna ignore the notes Danny hits just in the background alone of this song?

  • Khyra Ares
    Khyra Ares   1 months ago

    Great video, awesome to see mark and ross and all the others having fun. i did have a question. the animation, is it just me or did it look alot like the art folks who did the last unicorn?

  • Lobo2019
    Lobo2019   1 months ago

    0:55When your Charisma stat is 20 but you roll a Nat 1.

  • evilhopscotch
    evilhopscotch   1 months ago

    oh hey dannequin came back! he looks good for a decade.

  • Alexs32 Astley
    Alexs32 Astley   1 months ago

    I was playing d and d with my friends and the dm said you see a mermaid so me and my friends recreate this song

  • Agirisan
    Agirisan   1 months ago

    Dan looks pretty hot with a beard

  • slymatty
    slymatty   2 months ago

    i love that adam and lawrence are fairies in this lol.

  • Adam Kaufman
    Adam Kaufman   2 months ago

    I'm not saying that I heard this song and went to make a pizza but yes I did do that

  • Carrie Ganote
    Carrie Ganote   2 months ago

    They say that to this day the top GPU systems at ORNL, Argonne and NERSC are still struggling to model and render Danny's hair at 1:01

  • Leonard Molling
    Leonard Molling   3 months ago

    that pizza no longer has any fucks, for they were all thrown out

  • Bone Daddy
    Bone Daddy   3 months ago

    Everyone: "HEY DO YOU WANT PIZZA?!"Me: "Pizza-ass doves."

  • Tyloric
    Tyloric   3 months ago

    Petition to reupload with a black bar over Adam Kovic's face? Just me?

  • Aging Aeroplanes
    Aging Aeroplanes   3 months ago

    Brian's eyes at 'onions and ham, too' are the absolute best.

  • Theodore Roosevelt
    Theodore Roosevelt   4 months ago

    "It soared through the air like some pizza-ass dove, now marvel and witness the glory of love" This, boys... This is art so touching, not even Shakespeare could ever have produced it.

  • Humbug
    Humbug   4 months ago

    When you have 20 agility but negative 3 charisma

  • Bailey Darling
    Bailey Darling   4 months ago

    Wait a minute, is that the same girl from the Peppermint Creams music video?

  • Gareth Teggin
    Gareth Teggin   4 months ago

    Ok let's get this straight,BRIAN HAS LAZER EYESok

  • Bagoof agoof
    Bagoof agoof   5 months ago

    Its impressive that the song that has the lyric "like sunlight she glows like crystals she glistens" also has "i took a whole pizza and threw the fuck out of it"

  • Gem Star
    Gem Star   5 months ago

    2:26 No other face could have depicted the emotion of “ they’re boning.” as perfectly as this

  • Persephones Charm
    Persephones Charm   5 months ago

    Throwing pizza in the pond... does she eat food like a fish?

  • InsaneTacoz
    InsaneTacoz   5 months ago

    Only Danny would tell a girl he loves her while she has another dude inside of her