10 Things *ONLY* Found in Fortnite CHINA!

  • Published on: 11 October 2020
  • Fortnite China 10 Things you CAN'T FIND in normal Fortnite!
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  • Runtime : 16:24


  • Ali-A
    Ali-A   1 years ago

    Hit “Like” for more Fortnite China! 👍🏻

  • Austin Tube
    Austin Tube   1 weeks ago

    Mystique's skulls on her belt as well

  • I love football
    I love football   1 weeks ago

    I’m going to Chinese on fn then I’m getting vbux then I switch back

  • Qin Lin
    Qin Lin   1 weeks ago

    I understand the letters but I can’t even play normal Fortnite because my doesn’t let me , and I am just 9 years old.

  • Su Tart
    Su Tart   4 months ago

    7:48 ... don't say that word...

  • CraftyPickles
    CraftyPickles   4 months ago

    Who thinks AliA should do a new one of these!

  • PicklePenguin
    PicklePenguin   5 months ago

    Why did you put the outdated UK flag in the thumbnail? It doesn’t have the Northern Ireland Flag and also Fortnite is American.

  • Radiation
    Radiation   5 months ago

    In season 7 there will be aliens and a Ferrari

  • Natalie Arneson
    Natalie Arneson   5 months ago

    Maybe if the government finds out that mystique has skulls kids might get banned (mystique has a skull belt

  • Jeedee
    Jeedee   5 months ago

    WHat is normal fortnite?

  • Stephen Scheiner
    Stephen Scheiner   6 months ago

    Can you get someone from China server and you in American or UK server to gift you the China Fortnite stuff

  • bomber001
    bomber001   6 months ago

    According to the thumbnail, if you live in China, you cannot wear glasses.

  • Lucas Hay
    Lucas Hay   7 months ago

    when he said the renagade raider is back its actually it recon

  • YoanGaming
    YoanGaming   8 months ago

    You clickbaited me with the thumbnail

  • Dark Vortex
    Dark Vortex   8 months ago

    Alia! Pls can you gift me , your my favourite youtuber and I used your code ,liked your video and subscribed, my username is dark_defender8!!!

  • BombUpBlue
    BombUpBlue   8 months ago

    I want drift so much.... that is really the only way I can get him, well maybe I’ll get him one day

  • Jennifer Clark
    Jennifer Clark   9 months ago

    Lets take a moment to look at the fact that on the thumbnail he has the 1700-1800 British flag which the the X is just white where on the modern one the X has red in it

  • Mathias Montoya
    Mathias Montoya   9 months ago

    Ali-A I work for epic games and I need your fortnite account

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix   9 months ago

    Ali A: yes China has the marvel theme tooMe: well of course

  • Boundenclaw263
    Boundenclaw263   9 months ago

    Me wen alia says rengad raider to reson expert🤥

  • NeonLegend
    NeonLegend   9 months ago

    What happens to fusions face since his face is a skeleton

  • Silverplayz
    Silverplayz   9 months ago

    Chinese Ali A be like: it's so weird USA version has skulls

  • Raneplayz
    Raneplayz   9 months ago

    How do i get chinese fortnite on switch