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  • Published on: 13 February 2020
  • It takes courage to step up and lead the pack. Check out this new clip from #CalloftheWild, in theaters February 21. Get tickets now:

    Adapted from the beloved literary classic, THE CALL OF THE WILD vividly brings to the screen the story of Buck, a big-hearted dog whose blissful domestic life is turned upside down when he is suddenly uprooted from his California home and transplanted to the exotic wilds of the Yukon during the Gold Rush of the 1890s. As the newest rookie on a mail delivery dog sled team--and later its leader--Buck experiences the adventure of a lifetime, ultimately finding his true place in the world and becoming his own master.

    As a live-action/animation hybrid, THE CALL OF THE WILD employs cutting edge visual effects and animation technology in order to render the animals in the film as fully photorealistic--and emotionally authentic--characters.

    Directed by: Chris Sanders

    Based on the novel by Jack London

    Screenplay: Michael Green

    Produced by: Erwin Stoff

    Executive Producer: Diana Pokorny

    Co-Producer/Visual Effects Producer: Ryan Stafford

    Cast: Harrison Ford, Dan Stevens, Omar Sy, Karen Gillan, Bradley Whitford, Colin Woodell

    In Theaters February 21 2020

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  • Runtime : 1:19
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  • the hamster
    the hamster   10 months ago

    I Love This Movie since I saw it In theatres it’s such a great story

  • JBakerVlogs
    JBakerVlogs   11 months ago

    This movie was the greatest thing I saw 5 times saw it at Regal

  • Justin Perry
    Justin Perry   1 years ago

    Buck is so expressive he has more facial expressions than the 2019 remake of The Lion King.

  • CocoDraws
    CocoDraws   1 years ago

    In real life when the dogs are about to mush, they dont crouch and pose like that, they are all jumping around and barking like crazy til they get the signal to go! 😂

  • Daveofthejungle
    Daveofthejungle   1 years ago

    You know how to create an actually realistic CGI animal in real time? Digital puppetry. Either use physical puppets with mocap markers on them or digital models operated with animatronic controls like the Jim Henson Company does.

  • Бек Бек
    Бек Бек   1 years ago

    Как называется эта фильм

  • 上田純代
    上田純代   1 years ago


  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley   1 years ago

    A great family film to take your kids, parents, and grandparents too. Easy going, laid-back fun. ☕

  • Anie Love
    Anie Love   1 years ago

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  • Edgardo Valentino D. Olaes

    Whenever there is animal cgi, we can see their complete and perfect emotion: at play, at work, skirmish, agony, and joy. (Yet, and yes, he is not natural.)

  • melly melly
    melly melly   1 years ago

    Udh nonton brusan ada lucu nya ada sdih nya

  • Jmp417
    Jmp417   1 years ago

    Thank goodness for cgi. Finally after all these years we can now watch a movie about animals...

  • Megan
    Megan   1 years ago

    Just saw it. It was incredible. Especially Buck

  • Texocracy
    Texocracy   1 years ago

    Lol. Black sled driver. Standard pc bullshit.

    ZILLA ADOTE   1 years ago

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  • L S
    L S   1 years ago

    This looks horrible lmao

  • MrD 2001
    MrD 2001   1 years ago

    My God is the CGI terrible.

  • SCG
    SCG   1 years ago

    If you look very closely under the movie rating, you can see the copyright say "(c) 2020 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation"

  • SCG
    SCG   1 years ago

    The CGI looks great!

  • Samcraft_10
    Samcraft_10   1 years ago


  • eduardo torres
    eduardo torres   1 years ago

    I don't like the new Studio name, it feel naked without 🦊 😢

  • Susifae Lemarr
    Susifae Lemarr   1 years ago

    Gorgeous!!! ~~***<3Great! ☆Happy☆ Wonderful! Inspiring! In magic Story A Loyal friend to his master, to all, in Great Movie!💖Thru thick & thin... dear pet, pets staying by the side drumming up help for beloved friend Always All Along! <3 Love Y'all! Cheers! A Great ☆Happy☆ Surviving! Tale Of life & Beautiful! Love! Lovely ♡Best Mates! ♡🌹💙💖💚⭐FoREVer!!!⭐💖💚💙⭐🌹🌹wonderful performances! of lite love caring<3 blessings!<3 Cheers! God Bless!😇 man's All best friend in life! <3 xox happy viewing!!! Lovely Cinematography! enjoy remembering gorgeous pets too for All! <3

  • CheekiBreeki
    CheekiBreeki   1 years ago

    I don't like 20th century studio, I prefer fox better.😡Am I'm not blaming the call of the wild is very good in cgi render. 👍

  • You Matter
    You Matter   1 years ago

    Should remake Where the Red Fern Grows.

  • Paul
    Paul   1 years ago

    This looks so cool!

    RANDY MARSH   1 years ago

    It's 2020 and it looks CGI af. Come on!?!

  • Kody Allday
    Kody Allday   1 years ago

    can’t wait, i want to see this movie 🍿