Ragnar's Most Memorable Moments Chosen By You | Vikings

  • Published on: 06 September 2021
  • From humble farmer to King, Ragnar's journey was long and filled with so many badass moments. Here are his best moments, as suggested by you, the fans! Watch Vikings on Prime Video. Thank you to everyone who shared their favourite moments!
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    00:00 Intro
    00:09 "Who wants to be king?!" - Season 4 Episode 10
    01:37 Ubbe finds Ragnar - Season 9 Episode 19
    02:25 Athlestan's burial - Season 3 Episode 6
    03:37 Ragnar and Floki - Season 4 Episode 11
    05:39 Ecbert and Ragnar - Season 4 Episode 14
    06:44 Ragnar's death - Season 4 Episode 15

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  • Runtime : 8:49
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  • Chad Stickler
    Chad Stickler   1 days ago

    Outer space aliens infeltration act members aliens alliances armada know your trying

  • Malcolm Curthoys
    Malcolm Curthoys   4 days ago

    When he offered athelstone a 3some with lagertha..GOLD😎😂😂😂😂😂

  • James Parkinson
    James Parkinson   6 days ago

    Powerful show. Some scenes broke my heart. What a show. What a motivational inspiring series. Love this show so much.

  • Sooby
    Sooby   1 weeks ago

    How is Ragnar beating Horik and sitting on top a cliff not here. That was the most legendary scene ever.

  • रक्षित शर्मा

    Ragnar: What does a man do?Bjorn: He fightsRagnar: yeah he fights but what does he exactly do?Bjorn: He looks after his family ❤️❤️

  • Esports Club
    Esports Club   1 weeks ago

    Such an actor.. him and Ivar…. Powerful

  • Estaçoes do Tempo
    Estaçoes do Tempo   2 weeks ago

    Não gostei com o fim que tiveram . Lutavam apenas por ter um lugar pra plantar e viver com suas famílias. Mas tinham crenças ignorantes, n mas no fundo mesmo não gostavam de ser ruins Precisavam lutar pra ter seu lugar . Sobrevivência num mundo hostil...É isso que penso

  • Estaçoes do Tempo
    Estaçoes do Tempo   2 weeks ago

    Todos talentos . Atores reais. Abraços fraterno... Gostei assisti até o fim ...

  • Rocky Hellers
    Rocky Hellers   2 weeks ago

    Man, I was expecting to show up the scene when he supposedly dies after their defeat in Frankia's invasion and his men carry his coffin throughout the kingdom and when they arrive at the church, he comes out of the coffin and kills the priest, and takes the princess. Lmao

  • OsAmADx21
    OsAmADx21   3 weeks ago

    Odin delivering the news to Ragnar's sons was badass af!

  • Jamal Lawrence
    Jamal Lawrence   3 weeks ago

    What if the scene where there saw where Ragnar died he crawled out of the ground

    STARK GAMER YT   3 weeks ago

    After killing King horik and sit on the top of the mountain with king's sword is most liked moment to me ❤️

  • Vivian Morley
    Vivian Morley   3 weeks ago

    Take care of Helga, you don't deserve her. I love you my friend.

  • Anon Anon
    Anon Anon   4 weeks ago

    season 9? but there's only 6 seasons

  • Anon Anon
    Anon Anon   4 weeks ago

    The best character of any TV series in my opinion

  • Juicy ASMR
    Juicy ASMR   4 weeks ago

    odins speech to his sons was epic

  • John Adcock
    John Adcock   4 weeks ago

    love you for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J Kerwin
    J Kerwin   1 months ago

    Great video! Thanks 😊

  • Diehard Eagles fan since '96

    he is one of my favorite characters of all time!! I know alot of people for some reason dislike bjorn but I love his character too!

  • pierre hedelin
    pierre hedelin   1 months ago

    I just couldnt keep watching this show after Ragnar died

  • Nithish Kumar
    Nithish Kumar   1 months ago

    "if I'll see you in valhalla""If anyone deserves to go it's u,don't say that""No I meant you"

  • James Groom
    James Groom   1 months ago

    What a powerhouse of a performance. The scene where he says to rollo “ and this is how you repay my love” is the 🐐

  • Chris Aman
    Chris Aman   1 months ago

    So much great acting all around in this show Seriously