• Published on: 02 May 2021
  • Snyder's Justice League is underwhelming in my opinion. Try and remain civil in the comments please :)

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  • Runtime : 39:31
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  • Michael Carter
    Michael Carter   2 days ago

    Cyborg isn't even a member of the Justice League in the comic...

  • Zom
    Zom   2 days ago

    I still say the main underlying problem of this film was WB trying to play rapid catchup to the Avengers so they skipped the Aqua, Flash, Cyborg, Lantern solo flicks to get right to the team up movie for which half of said movie is them giving us quick backgrounds of the characters you skipped.Remember Avengers ? We get reintroduced to characters we already know of and even Tony's like "oh, this guy" he knew, we knew. It made their interaction better.Not 2 hrs of this is The Flash he runs fast and likes slapping hot dogs on women's faces or some shit

  • Fluffcake
    Fluffcake   3 days ago

    There was this scene in the movie you didn't mention where the screen turned black and Zack Snyder himself lunged put of the TV and sucked out all the fat and acne out of me, leaving me a heartthrob. Thank you Zack Snyder this movie was amazing and couldn't have been done without you ❤

  • DRes
    DRes   4 days ago

    All of his movies look ugly af

  • Darth Kai
    Darth Kai   5 days ago

    What's up with Ezra Miller these days, he played the Flash in this. Wonder what he is up to nowadays...

  • Thomas Schwarzenbacher

    Was this version better then the original one? Yes. Was it GOOD? No... it was boring and long and there were still origin stories after half the runtime and that's not how things are supposed to go...Also: do fucking 16:9 you "artists"... oh, yes, it was supposed to be in black and white, too... I know people who didn't watch it because it was 4:3...

  • GT Mr.C
    GT Mr.C   6 days ago

    0:39 this comment aged poorly

  • Burritoslayer ._.
    Burritoslayer ._.   1 weeks ago

    I hate this Batman and flash actually I just hate this movie

  • Lordakka
    Lordakka   1 weeks ago

    9:05 who tf cares if cyborg puts money into some random ass women's bank account...that isn't what heroes are supposed to do , you don't give people loads of money for just happening to exist on the planet as a human being.

  • Yeet Boy013
    Yeet Boy013   1 weeks ago


  • tstimbo
    tstimbo   1 weeks ago

    In aquaman’s defence, he cannot control water

  • t40364
    t40364   1 weeks ago

    Idk man the Snyder cut is probably one of the best DC movies in my opinion it's not the best movie every made but it's my favorite Zack Snyder film forsure.Idk if it's an 8 but I'd give it 7.5

  • Jeop
    Jeop   1 weeks ago

    This film feels like a ton of short superhero films at first that then converge and turn into a the last half of the film that is a full length superhero team film

  • Thomas Boscher
    Thomas Boscher   1 weeks ago

    Why do you keep on saying Zach snider changed things this is the original uncut version. Jos wheden added and changed things .

  • Tinotenda Muringami
    Tinotenda Muringami   1 weeks ago

    Zack Snyder's justice league gave the courage to start my own company and helped me go through depression. Thank you Zack

  • Mal0
    Mal0   1 weeks ago

    Why is playing with danger in the background lmao

  • Idiotic Fun
    Idiotic Fun   1 weeks ago

    Batman's superpower is his mind. But no one knows it. Everyone thinks his superpower is his money or his gadgets or his status or his physique lol lol

  • Dwight Stone
    Dwight Stone   1 weeks ago

    I Hated it? It was meh 🫤 and unnecessary

  • Cece Smith
    Cece Smith   2 weeks ago

    Hands down watchmen is one of mine favorite superhero movie

  • 『Mango Tango』
    『Mango Tango』   2 weeks ago

    26:44 "Darkseid is, like, the exact same thing as Thanos."Tbf, Thanos was originally based off of Darkseid in the comics.Not that it excuses the shitty writing, though.

  • Wavid
    Wavid   2 weeks ago

    I grow weary of people saying “well it was better than the original” like it’s some compliment. Justice League 2017 is a nightmare on every level of filmmaking like no shit the Snyder cut is better

  • Matthew Prue
    Matthew Prue   2 weeks ago

    Imagine for the second movie, we just veer into hard injustice plot and Lois dies within the first ten seconds

  • DumpLIN
    DumpLIN   2 weeks ago

    The Snyder cut is the perfect example of less is more. There could've been so much stuff cut out of the movie, to make it at least 2 or 3 hours.

  • Slone Falgout
    Slone Falgout   2 weeks ago

    I'm not even listening to this guy what he is saying he just doesn't understand this movie

  • William Stanley
    William Stanley   2 weeks ago

    I really liked it, but I still don’t understand why he didn’t just split it up into 4 parts.

  • Aros 1997
    Aros 1997   2 weeks ago

    Zack Snyders imo was a massive improvement over the previous iteration but it wasn’t perfect… just really really good

  • KevinSupreme_PH • 36 years ago

    The desaturated/gray color palette actually fits with the film's tone, & Synder chooses the 4:3 aspect ratio because the superheroes & villains look more epic on that aspect ratio similar to comics being vertical instead of horizontal.

  • Khang Mai
    Khang Mai   2 weeks ago

    you skipped the fact that zack said heroes are taller so he wants 1:33:1

  • Manuel Ventura
    Manuel Ventura   3 weeks ago

    The movie is flawed, but it seems like a decent film.By the way, Darkseid was actually created before Thanos

    R. SRIRAM RAM   3 weeks ago

    Zach Snyder justice league made for adults not for kids

    R. SRIRAM RAM   3 weeks ago

    Zach Snyder justice league is better than avengers endgame

  • Mauish
    Mauish   3 weeks ago

    Is it a good movie?Yes, at least that’s what I thought before watching Morbius. Now, I can clearly see that every other movie that isn’t Morbius is hot garbage. Morbius is life I will now be rewatching Morbius for the 53 time today.