LISA - 'LALISA' Live Performance Stage | OUTNOW Unlimited 210914

  • Published on: 14 September 2021
  • #아웃나우언리미티드 #리사 #LISA #BLACKPINK #LALISA

    [아웃나우 언리미티드] 리사 - 라리사
    [OUTNOW Unlimited] LISA - LALISA

    지금 아티스트와 함께 떠나는 케이팝 컴백 페스티벌 [OUTNOW Unlimited]
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  • Runtime : 4:18
  • MUPLY 네이버나우 OUTNOWUnlimited 리사 뮤플리 네이버NOW 아웃나우언리미티드 LISA Blackpink 블랙핑크 컴백쇼 KPOP 케이팝 블링크 BLINK Performance Stage live


  • MUPLY 뮤플리
    MUPLY 뮤플리   1 days ago

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  • LL M
    LL M   4 minuts ago

    Cameramen nya mabok

  • LL M
    LL M   5 minuts ago


  • LL M
    LL M   5 minuts ago


  • N nnn
    N nnn   8 minuts ago

    100% on point as always!!!!

  • furrha
    furrha   10 minuts ago

    the starting was literally hisoka

  • jnt exentic
    jnt exentic   12 minuts ago

    What's wrong with the cameramen 🥲

  • black pink
    black pink   35 minuts ago

    LISA creates a sales record, but she didn't get fair treatment. Please pay attention to her solo, and actively conduct [email protected]_official @BLACKPINK

  • Edith B
    Edith B   50 minuts ago

    Hope she can sing live

  • Wang Birdy
    Wang Birdy   52 minuts ago

  • Yuna
    Yuna   1 hours ago

    나와 내 친구는 계속 이 멋진 후렴구를 부르고 있어 완벽했어 너무 좋아

  • Kirane -
    Kirane -   1 hours ago

    Gosh this is only lip-sync ?

  • Avika Mishra
    Avika Mishra   1 hours ago

    Lisa promoting blackpink by wearing black pink cloths is everything--!!

  • M _sdi
    M _sdi   1 hours ago

    It reminds me a lot of Itzy's dances.

  • Arsha Degya
    Arsha Degya   1 hours ago

    for me lisa is like the ladygaga on gen z era

  • kitcab
    kitcab   2 hours ago

    Her voice is not live. Nice dance, though. i'd like to hear her singing live.

  • Chra P
    Chra P   2 hours ago

    You’re really good-looking.

  • Chra P
    Chra P   2 hours ago

    I can't take my eyes off you.

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  • Mahy
    Mahy   4 hours ago

    Love Lisa

  • Pimpun Neamyoo
    Pimpun Neamyoo   4 hours ago