SEC Shorts - What if SEC Shorts was around in 1998?

  • Published on: 15 June 2020
  • SEC Shorts hops in the time machine to go back to the year 1998. A year where Mississippi State won the SEC West and Tennessee dominated the competition on a completely different level. You might be surprised which teams were in the dumpster that year too.
  • Runtime : 5:8
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  • RamblinRick
    RamblinRick   2 days ago

    Great job working in the Renansant Bank advert into the video using 1998 tech.

  • Annette Dailey
    Annette Dailey   3 days ago

    The reference to Richt is love the guy but never been so happy when left!

  • BigBunn83
    BigBunn83   4 days ago

    Got me waking up my wife laughing so loud. I remember when you could literally make a sandwich while waiting for the internet to connect. And that Bama skit about former Bryant players was so true and a curse too.

  • aias1996
    aias1996   2 weeks ago

    Ah yes the brad Scott years, my first SECgame was a home loss to the East Carolina

  • XDrang93
    XDrang93   2 weeks ago

    Wouldn't surprise me if they made a joke about Tulane wanting to rejoin the SEC, since they were the only other football team that went undefeated that year.

  • Jay D
    Jay D   2 weeks ago

    Opening old wounds yo.... Woo pig

  • Matthew Reeder
    Matthew Reeder   3 weeks ago

    Lets be honest, those shirt should be XLs in ‘98

  • AJ
    AJ   3 weeks ago

    If only someone else had come up with this idea.

  • The Big Dog of CFB
    The Big Dog of CFB   3 weeks ago

    Man I was 13 when Tennessee won the Natty. Glad we're living in this time and we can never go back to the past lol.

  • Swamp Fox 2.0
    Swamp Fox 2.0   3 weeks ago

    What if SEC shorts were around in 2000’s-2007 Bama goes 0-7 with 6 vacated wins and a loss in independent bowl to Okie state.. in 2006

  • CzBMusic
    CzBMusic   3 weeks ago

    The Stoerner fumble is my first memory as a young Razorback fan. Turn that damn jukebox up.

  • Jason Sadler
    Jason Sadler   1 months ago

    ‘98. SEC football. Count this UT fan in.

  • Stephen Adams
    Stephen Adams   1 months ago

    Need to do a skit with the thousands of UK fans clutching their chests game after game after having to endure all the nail biters and near game give aways.

  • James Goines
    James Goines   1 months ago

    This was just ok until Tennessee came up. Then it became great!

  • The Lemon
    The Lemon   1 months ago

    The florida fan reminds me of this season

  • dudedude949
    dudedude949   1 months ago

    Loved the big 12 reference to AtM and mizzou from back in the day

  • Cam.
    Cam.   1 months ago

    For all the people who forgot Alabama used to suck. Nick Saban is the goat and I hate him :)

  • R S
    R S   1 months ago

    Poor Texas...Arkansas is one of the worst teams from the SEC and they looked like an NFL squad playing a high school team when faced against the Horns. I hear even Vanderbilt is licking their chops!

  • Stone Harper
    Stone Harper   1 months ago

    Man this must have been euphoric for Tennessee fans

  • Lucas Wood
    Lucas Wood   1 months ago

    Michigan is rocking that Alabama logic right now. Hope they keep it up.

  • Garett
    Garett   1 months ago

    As a Kansas State fan, I was happy this was SEC Shorts. You just had to make a B12 shorts segment didnt you. We haven’t done anything to you guys 😭😭😭

  • Bob Baker
    Bob Baker   1 months ago

    SMH...NOT one of your BETTER ones. DIDN'T find it funny at all

  • Brian
    Brian   1 months ago

    The 98 season was my senior year at Bama. I got to see the Tide lose many, many times during my four years at the Capstone. Enjoy the Dynasty while it lasts as all good things eventually come to an end! RTR!