I Was Messaged About A Game That Doesn't Exist - Inside A Mind

  • Published on: 25 November 2020
  • I was asked to cover the video game, Catastrophe Crow 64. Problem is, not only did it have a strange development history. It apparently doesn't even exist. Follow me on this journey as we dive down another strange rabbit hole surrounding the YouTube channel, Adam Butcher, and a bizarre game he recently discovered known as Crow 64.

    This story is already pretty huge with a Google Doc exceeding 78 pages. It appears much more is to come from this series. Feel free to take a look at the Google Doc and visit the Discord for any more questions. These guys will know much more about it than I will right now with how much time they have spent digging into Catastrophe Crow.

    I hope more people will be interested in this series after this video.

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    Thank you all for watching!

    Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18UTSshuwH0MG3TYWHNqdyw4PRpqJltG-PivizkXNlgc/edit?usp=sharing
    Discord: https://discord.gg/sfFFQn2Z4r

    Playlist of ALL Crow videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irEb9TS9yEk&list=PLtVj3PkAEtzYxeIlkN7QHpbMrvOkAGZae

    Johnathon Rose Lyon Decode Video: https://youtu.be/mPcVKbuWmPg
  • Runtime : 21:21
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  • Ken Kaniff
    Ken Kaniff   3 days ago

    is this real? is this a made up story about a guy that designed a game and then killed himself? I have no idea what i just watched. can someone explain this to me please?

  • S Boy
    S Boy   1 weeks ago

    Ok, a bit of a stretch, and I’m not saying it would work, but what we respond to that email pretending to be Thea?

  • redpolerpop
    redpolerpop   1 weeks ago

    Oh probably the house with the game in the attic is Manfred Lorenz house.

  • kiki- drawer26
    kiki- drawer26   2 weeks ago

    I'd assume he went to the ocean to "kill" the revival system? Not knowing what to do with it after it was made but very interesting!

  • Akito Herinton
    Akito Herinton   2 weeks ago

    The animation and sounds and graphics are so similar to Toontown.. it's kinda creepy in my opinion. Like, some sounds seem completely identical. And parts of the map seem identical too.

  • 1166_Productions
    1166_Productions   2 weeks ago

    this is actually pretty disturbing- especially if it was real. its also pretty sad

  • Onyx
    Onyx   2 weeks ago

    The music you use is very unsettling, but I guess it would well with your content

  • Jennifer York
    Jennifer York   2 weeks ago

    I talk about this all the time now since I saw your video however long ago - this one has stuck with me & ur video is the best one on it - I've watched a bunch of them now but I always share your video specifically - thank you ✨

  • Bungalow Feuhler
    Bungalow Feuhler   3 weeks ago

    Referencing something is more interesting when there’s more than one thing to reference.

  • Simps for 0
    Simps for 0   3 weeks ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else just love this man's voice?

  • keshav
    keshav   4 weeks ago

    hey! not really a smart guy here, but please do read my thought on this.from the video, we know that the copy mr. adam bought was a copy made for the developers as he called it a "genuine development card". so my theory is that there might have actually been a single developers copy that was left with someone, say- one of the developers of the game and when they were fired (as is has been stated that everyone was fired) they didn't or forgot to return the copy. when the news of ML's death was made public, he person with last copy might have seen it as an opportunity to make the game as his own. since he might have been a worker for ML, he probably knew about his family and the quiet possible death of his daughter and his wife leaving him. he would have also know the contents to ML's suicide letter as he might have been investigated by the authorities to help them find any clues regarding ML. a reminder this is just a theory i came up with. learning about the family and the death of ML, the person with the last copy (let's call him x from now on) might have edited the game to display whatever we are seeing now and the youtube channels with the gameplays (the 4 other than he one adam made) might have been just his doing to make his version of crow64 more scary and mysterious. using the actual story of ML and his family, x might have thought he is going to make a great game and added a few more touches of reality by making a code email from the names of those channels. as for explaining the reason for ML's behavior to his family and co-workers, i would like to assume that it might have been because of his daughter's death and him not being to meet her very often to meet her before her death (from the last scene in adam's video there is a chance that ML's daughter didn't die a sudden death as she was in her room with medical equipment attached to her). he could have blamed the death of his daughter on the game as because of developing the game he was always away from home and probably couldn't be there for his daughter. due to this, he might be undergoing a lot of depression and maybe even labeled the game cursed, therefore firing everyone and not allowing further development to the game ad therefore jumping off the boat with all the equipment he stole.but this leaves me at the question why did x not complete the whole game? or if it was completed, why didn't he sell it?on conclusion i arrived at is that there might have been some messages left for ML's son that x wanted to know. maybe it wasn't the death of ML's daughter that cause him to go mad but it was the company or even both of them, and he might have wanted nill to know what had actually been going at that time but couldn't face nill for some reason?can't really draw a clear conclusion to my theory, so it's off to anybody reading this if they want to continue this theory.if anyone wants to discuss anything with me, my instagram [email protected] is a chicken katsu post in this account that can act as a reference.my email [email protected] everyone who actually read this, thank you for your time.

  • theduke ofweasels
    theduke ofweasels   4 weeks ago

    Search a unique and entertaining way to present a retelling of the classic lost media creepypasta trope

  • Shard
    Shard   1 months ago

    do you see the stuff on the ground 10:59. It seems like a text or a brain mri

  • Frank Erz
    Frank Erz   1 months ago

    This just screams SM64 ROMhack.

  • rengetsu08
    rengetsu08   1 months ago

    What people doesn’t realize is that there are a lot of people hiding in order to avoid paying their debts.

  • Eric Lewis
    Eric Lewis   1 months ago

    so this is another ARG? because half of this is not true.

  • Reluctant Socialist
    Reluctant Socialist   1 months ago

    It’s so blatant this is all the Adam butcher dude, the Wikipedia page doesn’t exist anymore which shows that’s fake, it’s the only reason they’d remove a page, and you said it yourself, how channel is a film makers channel, this is his latest effort and an entire community of gullible people have fallen for it. Like, that email when he apparently realises it’s not his son who got the cartridge, why would he reply given the secrecy he apparently needs? He knows it’s not his son and whoever he’s supposed to be hiding from is going to know it manfred the moment he confirms about his son etc. So eye rolling. All these other channels just happen to upload footage of the game in the weeks building up to Butchers documentary, which itself would have taken weeks to complete, blatant ground work.

  • Jason H
    Jason H   1 months ago

    Pretty sure this is just yet another ARG rather than any actually true story

  • Jessica Anne
    Jessica Anne   1 months ago

    Are there any updates available for this?

  • Johnny Apfelseed
    Johnny Apfelseed   1 months ago

    Nils Lorenz sadly died in a Motorcycle accident on the 15th of June this year

  • Jadon Walker
    Jadon Walker   1 months ago

    The first time I plays crow 64 when I booted up the game (on my PC) it said Made with unity then I said Unity? an n64 game made with unity... That's Hard

  • TheIncredible ElementBoard

    Ngl. I think they should've decided to try find Nil first. And make him play the last cartridge. Since it WAS made for him.

  • Ateef
    Ateef   1 months ago

    MATPAT talked about it.

  • Random soup
    Random soup   1 months ago

    The decapitated crow part gave me my nightmares again, thanks😭

  • Xczar0DSK
    Xczar0DSK   1 months ago

    Dates of creation of Gmail, death and YouTube uploqdsu don't match, sport