• Published on: 14 March 2021
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    Our first attempt at acapella style My Mother Told Me with our own extended lyrics! Thank you for watching!

    ► WHO WE ARE
    We are FILMBARD from Slovakia, a group of young people with love for music and movies that want to bring you the best of our work. We make traditional and original covers of instrumental songs from your favorite movies or tv shows, mainly with our original/edited lyrics. We hope to re-create a deep emotional connection back to these movies or tv shows and hopefully bring you many joyful, tearful and intense moments!

    Cover composition and vocals: Daniela Hudiková
    Extended lyrics and editing: Nikola Čabáková

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    ► LYRICS

    #Vikings #MyMotherToldMe #KingHaraldSong
  • Runtime : 2:44
  • Vikings My Mother Told Me Vikings Song My Mother Told Me Acapella King Harald Song My Mother Told Me Female Version Ragnar Lothbrock Lagertha


  • Filmbard
    Filmbard   8 months ago

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  • Jakub Michalec
    Jakub Michalec   4 days ago

    Wou.. krásne zaspievané a geniálny text! Úžasná práca, ďakujem za tento cover ✊... Skål 🍻

  • Branson Vaz
    Branson Vaz   3 weeks ago

    A request to make a version of Wellerman

  • rikTa
    rikTa   3 weeks ago

    Anyone has the spotify link to this song?

  • Davey Cook
    Davey Cook   3 weeks ago

    Do you know what a final war is, you will. Beautiful voice. Keep it snug

  • Aerothick
    Aerothick   4 weeks ago

    This is amazing. Also good characterization.

  • RozixDxD
    RozixDxD   4 weeks ago

    Nice voice and beatifule song👌

  • Daniel Kullick
    Daniel Kullick   1 months ago

    I will look for better covers, but it seems impossible ;) - it's perfect

  • Lyric Hurns
    Lyric Hurns   1 months ago

    She legit looks kinda like my mom 👁👄👁

  • Grunge Bass
    Grunge Bass   1 months ago

    I love your work!You have the most beautiful voice ever... pleasure for the ears! ♥

  • lala lala
    lala lala   2 months ago

    Quite lovely . However , I have noticed , especially in the female renditions , they try to make it sound like " angels " or something . Old Norse , and the lyrics themselves state that this man [ yep I said it , man] Is going to someday captain a ship to go Viking . The very definition of Viking is Scandinavian pirates who raided the coasts of northern and western Europe . At times these raids were full of violence , murder and rape . My favorite rendition of all is King Harold [ every time and he has ever sang it in the show Vikings ] with his Brother Haftan . It's RAW with an undertone of power and wonderment , albeit it doesn't match the Old Norse translation perfectly , it however translated to the show and viewers perfectly . Again , lovely .

  • Shadowarez
    Shadowarez   2 months ago

    YT brought me as well I seen 1 as a friend said check this out you'll love it then who knew there was so many great singers singing the songs of the country on both English and Norse great work ❤️

  • Dave Warrillow
    Dave Warrillow   2 months ago

    Is there any way to download this version of the song and anything else you are singing?

  • Jereme Olson
    Jereme Olson   2 months ago

    you have music playing .... not acapella

  • Lord Azryell
    Lord Azryell   2 months ago

    This is the first singer's channel who take my subscribe.Hope there is more song soon

  • Darwin Campos
    Darwin Campos   2 months ago

    el algoritmo un día me reunirá con mis hermanos. acá los espero

  • SmithArrangements0601
    SmithArrangements0601   2 months ago

    Your voice sounds like it would go great with Tomi P. He also did a cover of this.

  • Erik Šolc
    Erik Šolc   2 months ago

    I was listening covers of my mother told me and I listened maybe 15 songs, full, because I love it, but this one came to my No. 1 bookmark. BEAUTIFUL! THANK YOU!

  • Seth Bones
    Seth Bones   3 months ago

    this needs to be a spotify thing.. like yesterday.. please.

  • Marco Ferreira
    Marco Ferreira   3 months ago

    You might be on the other side of the world from me but wow let me love you please. =o) Great cover.

  • I AtTaXx I
    I AtTaXx I   3 months ago

    Im from Germany, what a beautiful voice :)

  • dave the tech preist
    dave the tech preist   3 months ago

    POV: your the last space wolf defending the evacuation of a entire planet and the last transport leaves as your overpowered by the orks, knowing that the empeoer smiles down upon you as your breath leaves you’re body

  • Marty L
    Marty L   3 months ago

    Netušil som že zrovna Slováci dokážu spraviť najlepšiu verziu tejto úžasnej piesne. Dobrá práca, klobúk dole. <3