I Almost Got SMOKED At The Park! 5v5 Basketball

  • Published on: 24 November 2021
  • I cant believe this happened at the park....

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  • Runtime : 22:45
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  • CvM
    CvM   2 hours ago

    If y’all not gonna actually fight stop the arguments and the invitations to ..as soon as someone step up the whole squad holding them back 🥱

  • CvM
    CvM   2 hours ago

    Nick stop screaming you sound like you crying

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown   7 hours ago

    I see nick still doing fake content

  • Riley Coldiron
    Riley Coldiron   9 hours ago

    If your one of the PRETTY BOYS who show up just to watch and run your mouth please for the love of god just stop😂 you are embarrassing your entire family by tryna fight nick and chancy like really? They are grown ass men and have already shown they can throwdown, I dont think a lil ass boy is gonna be an issue😂 it's just so annoying seeing it every video like go home kid you have school tomorrow!

  • Steven
    Steven   10 hours ago

    Carlos was in the wrong several times in the first 5 minutes. Dude legit deserved an assbeating for some of those antics.

  • DevilDior
    DevilDior   13 hours ago

    i feel like they only win by getting in the others teams head by trash talking nothing they do is actually impressive

  • Dylsquire
    Dylsquire   14 hours ago

    this shit is fake as fuck bruh these kids that you paid to act like they were gonna fight you are like 14

  • Censordat
    Censordat   16 hours ago

    That kid was paid to do what he did, stop the cap! If, he really wanted to sneak you...He could of sucker punched you, why would he try to drop you instead??? LOL. #WeDontBelieveYouNick

  • Kris
    Kris   16 hours ago

    You dont step over someone like that. Hella disrespectful 😑Then you got 13yr olds on the sidelines callin Carlos "Ass"......Yea ok go home and hop back on 2K where you feel important.

  • MCE Varis
    MCE Varis   16 hours ago


  • wanted MODZ
    wanted MODZ   22 hours ago

    🤓”ay I’ll try that bih”🤓🤓

  • Donald Saunders
    Donald Saunders   1 days ago

    Carlos missed 2 Layups and made one 3 why the hell he so happy

    TRAVIS MARSH   1 days ago

    Carlos looking like he is sponsored by McDonalds

  • Meddicate
    Meddicate   1 days ago

    yeah that last shit was fake af lmaoooo who tries to sneak someone bigger than them by picking them up?

  • Shadoka
    Shadoka   1 days ago

    Carlos is the Pat Bev of this squad

  • Shadoka
    Shadoka   1 days ago

    Carlos trying too hard lmao

  • Wanya Nettles
    Wanya Nettles   1 days ago

    that nigga chaunvey must be selling bricks he stay calling niggas broke

    YIKEZ 87ENT   1 days ago

    Shooter Video https://youtu.be/yTGyrMKoVgs 🔫🤬🤬

  • melonAJ bm
    melonAJ bm   1 days ago

    that boy had no business trying anything nick is twice his size

  • melonAJ bm
    melonAJ bm   1 days ago

    i love how everyone is using chriss slogan

  • Anthany
    Anthany   2 days ago

    Bruh they should’ve let u beat the fuck out that lil boi at the end

  • Steve Heil
    Steve Heil   2 days ago

    Come back bro the internet needs you 😂😂😂😭🐐

  • Brad Thomas
    Brad Thomas   2 days ago

    Lol this is perfect example of grown men yelling at kids hahah

  • Eric O'Connor
    Eric O'Connor   2 days ago

    whole lotta talkers on this court. lol. not a whole lotta talent, at all lol.

  • Havana Push
    Havana Push   2 days ago

    Carlos can’t play any d at all all he do is hack then y’all always gotta fight cuz he can’t lock up

  • Official USApeezy
    Official USApeezy   2 days ago

    Stop going to the parks, gotta go somewhere else. It's the same thing as a rapper that doesn't want to leave his neighborhood. I want to see you hoop against more REAL hoopers

  • MAthew Sousa
    MAthew Sousa   2 days ago

    These videos used to be good but this one was too much. Just seemed forced.

  • Muhamad Judeh
    Muhamad Judeh   2 days ago

    If you don’t think this was staged either y’all stupid. If Carlos every really did that shit in a game against real people he wouldn’t be taking another step, don’t matter if it’s just basketball can’t be doing that shit