Avengers: Endgame Fallout and the Future of Marvel | SJU

  • Published on: 08 May 2019
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    Avengers: Endgame Fallout and the Future of Marvel | SJU
    Hosted by: Joe Starr
    Featuring: Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert, & Ed Greer
    Produced by Joe Starr & Ryan O'Toole

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    Managing Editor: Eric Goldman
    Senior Producer: Billy Patterson
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    Tech Director: Josh "JTE" Tapia
    Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand
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  • Fandom Entertainment
    Fandom Entertainment   2 years ago

    What's your reaction to the Watchmen trailer? Where do you think the MCU will go after Avengers: Endgame? ScreenJunkies News is now Fandom Entertainment. Same content, same team, just a new name! Don't worry, we are still us with just some new colors and stuff01:16 - HBO's Watchmen Trailer Reaction10:48 - Post-Endgame Release DiscussionPOOL RULESOne: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate.Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated.Three: Don’t go looking for fights.Four: “Be nice.” – Dalton from Roadhouse

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith   2 years ago

    If Thanos gets invited to the cookout he better be getting half a plate.

  • Stephen Coppins
    Stephen Coppins   2 years ago

    I just want a Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends movie. Please?

  • Phil Donaldson
    Phil Donaldson   2 years ago

    With all of the traumatic events in the MCU, the next phase should introduce "Marvel's Trauma Psychologists," where we hear the stories of people finding dead chitauri in their yards, among other things. They could explore scenarios where naked PTSD-afflicted guys with alien weaponry threaten the populace from rooftops.

  • Joshua Lynch
    Joshua Lynch   2 years ago

    They could have easily avoided the whole Captain America problem by just having him come back old on the pad. No one would have questioned it and it would have fit perfectly with the time travel rules they set up in the movie.

  • ShelbyBaby27
    ShelbyBaby27   2 years ago

    HBO is doing a comic book series and this is the reaction? When Ed is the optimist you know you're spoiled 😋

  • Lewis Whitewood
    Lewis Whitewood   2 years ago

    I’d personally say that Steve went back to the mainline MCU and not an alternate timeline because that way he’s back with the Peggy he knew, which makes the ending truer for me.(Plus it says she’s married in winter soldier - we don’t see or name him so that could easily be Steve)

  • Ancient Skull Kid
    Ancient Skull Kid   2 years ago

    Here's the thing tho,I actually cried when Black Widow died.I only almost cried when Iron Man died.If you were unaffected by Nat's death, then you have not been paying attention to the subplots. 🤷🏻‍♂️Cap may have been the moral center of the team, but Nat was the relational center.Her relationships with the individual members of the team changed every single one of them for the better.Nat & Cap reminded each other to consider the humanity of the victims, potential victims, team mates, & even enemies... and their own humanity.Her relationship with Banner showed him that he can still be adored in spite of the Hulk, and even BECAUSE of the Hulk. And he was willing to run away with her even after she revealed her monsters to him. Without her adoring both Bruce & Hulk, would Bruce have ever balanced to become Professor Hulk?Her friendship with Tony was humbling for both of them. They kept each other's heads from getting too big.She was the one during the 5 years who kept the surviving & active heroes communicating with each other and not just doing their own solo thing.And then especially her sibling-like friendship with Hawkeye, mutually saving each other over and over; that was beautiful.

  • Wolf NZ Outdoors
    Wolf NZ Outdoors   2 years ago

    Ten dollars? Seventeen-dollars-fifty plus a dollar-forty online booking fee for an adult here in New Zealand.And yeah, I paid out for a second ticket for myself - before I even saw the TV spot.I fully agree that the movie provided ample explanations of their version of time travel for an intelligent viewer to come up with their own idea of what happened with Captain America and I can't understand all the "but if he was in an alternate timeline, how come he ended up back in this one without using the Quantum Tunnel?" and "why didn't he change the past while he was back in time and prevent Hydra-SHIELD/Thanos/Loki/Ultron/Donald Trump/world hunger/the final season of LOST...?"1) You can't change the past of your own timeline.2) Steve and Tony went back to the '70s using nothing but their Quantum Suits and the Time GPS Tony devised.3) Steve has a Quantum Suit, Time GPS and enough Pym particles to go back and put stones back and a knowledge of where/how to get more Pym particles and who all the important people are.All of this is made quite clear in the movie.My head-canon: After staying with Peggy and thus creating an alternate timeline (the history of which we know absolutely nothing so we have no way of knowing what changes he made to that timeline), Cap can use the suit and "GPS" to take himself and a newly-acquired shield to anywhere in any timeline he wants (just as he and Tony did) - including to the original timeline. He didn't emerge from the Quantum Tunnel because he didn't need to; all he needed to know was how to navigate the Quantum Realm to the timeline of his choice, a suit and a supply of Pym particles. That said, I would pay good money to watch Michael Peña explain what happened in Steve's alternate timeline.

  • BromocPrey
    BromocPrey   2 years ago

    Peggy Carter was the Director of Shield. This allowed her to keep any secrets she wanted. Including being married to Steve Rogers. no multiverse needed.

  • TL;DR
    TL;DR   2 years ago

    I will admit to having questions and wanting to casually discuss the logistical implications of the Unsnapped returning after 5 years, but I didn't know people were losing their minds over it. It was just a fun little poke into the narrative like I wonder what their bank accounts look like and if they can access it after 5 years? I didn't know people were pressing such questions onto the cast and crew.

  • Daily Dose
    Daily Dose   2 years ago

    24:49 I'm sorry, but if I'm a cook at a Mexican restaurant and you order a taco, and I give you a burrito. If you told me that I failed to make a taco, you'd probably be upset if I told you "it's a failure of your imagination" It's not our job to write the movie for them, if it was they might as well just film a Walmart for 3hrs and tell us to use our imagination

  • Corvus 2
    Corvus 2   2 years ago

    I want a hulk and hawkeye (as the last of the 6 og avengers left on earth) going in search of the loki that got away with the mind stone that ties into both loki and hawkeye tv shows and it ends with loki losing the stone and becoming the antihero he was in ragnarok who then sets off to find thor, setting up thor 4

  • E Leslie
    E Leslie   2 years ago

    They can just answer Dan's question with that, Paul Rudd doesn't age at all himself. Whatever fountain of youth he has found .

  • Pozorište mladih Sarajevo

    just an idea for future of Tony Stark in MCU: In trailer Spider-man Far from Home - Peter is amazed by glasses (sam as Tony have in Infinity war), because Tony left him with new suit, and in glasses is not friday or jarvis or karen but Tony Stark!!! What if Tony gave his voice or made some sort of AI based by himself for couching Peter... So, Tony Star will always be part of the MCU. Maybe some kind of new superbot or version of Jocasta....

  • CinemaScenes
    CinemaScenes   2 years ago

    But Dan, if its up to your imagination to fill in the gaps and flaws of the movie, than there are no bad movies. We could make this argument for every movie ever! Lets try this theory with Jurassic World, shall we. I always have this imagination thing on, and i like many critically bad movies, because i filed in the gaps and found a solution. But that's not how critic should work.

  • J-Rod Smith
    J-Rod Smith   2 years ago

    Dan I love you so hard. Them No fun Dan suckers are haters. Thank you for your continuously relevant and insightful perspective.

  • Ginga Nation
    Ginga Nation   2 years ago

    Your enthusiasm for the MCU shows. Geezuz. Well, thankfully I have a ton of other podcasts to follow like Campea, Collider and New Rockstars. Anyways. Get some more sleep and drink some Monsters next time. #MarvelGetsIt

  • tommychong316
    tommychong316   2 years ago

    This sounds like the Star Wars contractors convo in Clerks

  • TheWhallDog
    TheWhallDog   2 years ago

    I am confused to as why everyone thinks Cap went back time and was always part of the time line. It is clear he created an alternate time line where he lives he life with Peggy Carter. People keep bringing up what the Hulk said about time travel, but he is wrong. He doesn't understand and literally tells Cap and others when they first meet him that it is not his field of expertise. Hulk us guessing at what he thinks time travel is and is incorrect.

  • Federico Hernandez
    Federico Hernandez   2 years ago

    I want Damage control. Is weird we only got a cameo in homecoming

  • Benjamin Griffin
    Benjamin Griffin   2 years ago

    I loved the Cap ending too. It reminded me of the Green Mile when Paul finds Mr. Jangles and ask him "How you been boy?" It felt timeless. Plus, when WW2 ended, people danced in celebration. There is no better way to "Cap" of Endgame than to have the Super Soldier dancing with his lady because the war is over. I actually cheered and cried in the theater.

  • Ryan Ellis
    Ryan Ellis   2 years ago

    I agree with you guys that the people who get furious that movies don't answer every single question are ridiculous, but I just wanted to point out a former rival of yours (Cracked) made a good living off those kinds of questions. Before they stopped putting out videos by Daniel O'Brien and Jack O'Brien and many people not named O'Brien, they would post a few a week that questioned these very things. Dan's video about Pinocchio is legendary...or it should be. They were intelligent and funny about it, but it was the whole "how does Doc make sure Marty gets back to the correct BTTF timeline...and how many versions of Marty did he kill to make that happen?"If your problem is just the immaturity of saying a movie is stupid for not addressing EVERYTHING it brings up, then I'm with you. But what Cracked used to do and what my wife and I often do in our podcast (Top 100 Project) is to ask fun questions like "how did the rebels get funding in Star Wars?" I think that kind of question is fascinating. So, no, the whole conversation around a wonderful film like Endgame shouldn't be about Cap's alternate timeline or how the world now handles billions of people coming back to life, but it's a mind-bending to at least discuss those things.Plus, Dan, you are one of my favourite people on the planet, but you are absolutely a "push your glasses back on your nose" guy...and that's great! I am too. Let's get our facts straight, something you did with Ed in this very video! If you weren't that guy, I wouldn't love you as much.

  • dancedj2k2
    dancedj2k2   2 years ago

    Spencer is really depressing me with his "review" of Endgame. Did he see the same movie everybody else? roflmao. Maybe Starbucks got his name wrong or something.

  • Sclub 007
    Sclub 007   2 years ago

    I tell people, go on just enjoy the movie, not everything needs an explanation... and some do yeah some do, but not us... not us!

  • Skolney
    Skolney   2 years ago

    It's funny that fans get mad if a movie does not answer literally every single question that they may have, yet these same people hate on prequel type movies that answer lingering questions.

  • Drew Williams
    Drew Williams   2 years ago

    Great Endgame talk guys! Really liked Ed's take on Professor Hulk! Keep up the good work!!

  • xB-DeathKnell
    xB-DeathKnell   2 years ago

    ....but.....if he was in a parallel universe, how is he in theirs now....

  • Zoze13
    Zoze13   2 years ago

    TEAM. UPS. YES. Spider and Hulk to start.

  • Amanda Veldorale-Griffin

    Spencer "you unlock the skill to sleep anywhere when you have a child." Truth. This one kept me from nodding off, but I feel ya.

  • Sage Forsaken
    Sage Forsaken   2 years ago

    If you snapped on a plane did you get snapped back in mid-air

  • Dr. Matthew Hertert
    Dr. Matthew Hertert   2 years ago

    Actually Ed's Michael Pena idea is GENIUS. The Russo brothers should make a short of Pena narrating Cap's ludicrous, sarcastic alternate timeline to mock the nitpickers.

  • iluvdrakeandjosh
    iluvdrakeandjosh   2 years ago

    It's one thing to say that they wanted X to come across but left it vague so everyone can take what they want or even "i don't want to explain it leave it up to the viewer it's how I meant to make the work so anyone could interpret how they want'' which I genuinely wished they'd just done like an inception ending vs saying "yeah me and the other guys who made this work disagree on what we were trying to portray". That's not that same as pedantic losers wanting to know what happened to real estate values and the world economy over an unimportant 5 year span. Or where the stupid rat who freed antman came from. Or the number of flaming hot garbage takes about plot holes I've seen. It fundamentally changes how you can interpret the whole character. Whether he was able to stay on the sidelines for years and let the world move on around him or he did live elsewhere and potentially did great things for that world. Not that the Russo's or Markus and Mcfeely need to know exactly what he did or even care or even explain it! I don't think they need to. But they tried to and that's where the problem started. Like I genuinely do not understand what you're saying because your whole rant was on stuff that didn't actually happen. A writer giving their interpretation of events isn't what happened which is why it's mind boggling.Specifically the writer who was asked didn't do that and said 'this is what happened. This is an actual problem with the explain marathon. It causes people to want answers to ridiculous and unimportant questions and then instead of just saying 'heres my idea but we purposefully left it vague so people could believe what they want that brought them personal meaning', what they actually do is say with their own mouths 'this is what happened definitively' and it conflicting with another guy saying 'actually this is what happened definitively'. And then the million thinkpieces about a superhero movie plot holes start up.

  • ThomasTheSpecter
    ThomasTheSpecter   2 years ago

    First rule of rorschach club: never compromiseSecond rule of rorschach club: never compromise

  • Raising Yoda
    Raising Yoda   2 years ago

    This panel is the personification of the percentage black people in America

  • bcsub
    bcsub   2 years ago

    I agree with you mostly about Hulk, but he did disappear for the entire final battle. I don’t think we saw him once after the Assemble scene.

  • potterpotty01
    potterpotty01   2 years ago

    i also had a problem with the the michelle pfiffer ageing dan, i guess the producers thought hank and his wife would be the same age would make a better ending, i mean it would be really creepy if micheal douglas' wife was like still young and hot and he was some creepy old guy. i mean that wouldn't happen in real li.......oh!