The State of Halo Infinite

  • Published on: 14 September 2021
  • Halo Infinite has gone through some turmoil with the recent announcement that the game would not launch with Campaign Co-Op or Forge. The fanbase is understandably upset, but what else is there to be worried about? And is there anything to get excited for?

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  • The Act Man
    The Act Man   1 days ago

    This game's development has been a fucking roller coaster of highs and lows. But what do you think?

  • elliott b
    elliott b   2 minuts ago

    i just hope they don't drip feed us all these " in game features" and call them DLC like they did with halo was so crappy that the dlc was "oddball and flag, 1000 new skins and crap, new boss in warzone which is a reskinned wraith. 1 map" look at all the content! enjoy!

  • Mr.Siilent
    Mr.Siilent   8 minuts ago

    Imagine commenting on a game that isn’t done developing yet. Things are capable of changing, but who am I to be realistic. Campaigns probably done and gone for infinite but mp is still under development. I mean you don’t see news reporters saying someone’s dead when they haven’t been found yet when they vanish. So why cut corners like this I don’t get it🤣🤣

  • Jesse Scruggs
    Jesse Scruggs   8 minuts ago

    You'll probably be able to pre-order the battle pass though.

  • Valsh
    Valsh   9 minuts ago

    But it does sound like the game needs another year of development. Won't be surprised if it turns out 343 had to crunch for a year and there will be ton of problems anyway.I am an optimist. I know.

  • Sean Forbes
    Sean Forbes   13 minuts ago

    This is one of the greatest disparities between how much people care about something and how loud they are about it. Massive Halo fan, the campaign will be 10-15 hours. Most people play it as max 1% of their total time logged on any given halo. Stop crying

  • To Perish Twice
    To Perish Twice   32 minuts ago

    Stop accepting AAA studios releasing unfinished games to meet arbitrarily decided deadlines. There is literally no reason they should be releasing the game unfinished. This is how you get games like Cyberpunk, slowly giving ground and accepting more and more absurd shit until eventually you'll wonder how you got to this point in the first place.

  • SushiJaguar
    SushiJaguar   38 minuts ago

    What's that? Another Halo game released after the dream team's tenure turns out disappointing? Who could've seen that coming.

  • JustRay
    JustRay   45 minuts ago

    The Halo Franchise is my favorite of all time, played the Halo 5 campaign once and never played the game again...

  • Osai1234
    Osai1234   46 minuts ago

    Act Man “bruh” sfx is giving me hope in life

  • Bane
    Bane   50 minuts ago

    I have 0 gamer friends so i dont give a fuck about coop, im sad forge wont be a thing at launch

  • JAM-sandwich
    JAM-sandwich   51 minuts ago

    They told us decently in advance, while unhappy with this, I can accept this as they have a valid reason and have been open with it.

  • Sir Underpants
    Sir Underpants   56 minuts ago

    If you’re in Jersey, I’ll realize this game co-op with ya.I planned on waiting anyway till it’s fully released

  • ram3n no0dle
    ram3n no0dle   1 hours ago

    Kind of unrealated but what are your thoughts on the kotor remake Mr. Acting Male?

  • Hee Choon Yeo
    Hee Choon Yeo   1 hours ago

    Me, who got interested in Halo last year and is excitedly waiting to play an immersive solo campaign experience and tea bag my opponents to submission in my first halo game:

  • whiteandnerdytuba
    whiteandnerdytuba   1 hours ago

    This holiday today is yom kipper. So halo is out today! !!!!

  • Derek Cullum
    Derek Cullum   1 hours ago

    They need that money from the "free" battle Royale mode first.

  • Big Turbo
    Big Turbo   1 hours ago

    They just "had" to make the launch during the holidays. I'd rather wait for everything together in March/April

  • vennthrax
    vennthrax   1 hours ago

    what's the point of even releasing the game. just delay it for fucks sake. literally dead on arrival.

  • Lauri Niskanen
    Lauri Niskanen   1 hours ago

    I just hope they make the 30 seconds of core gameplay cycle good

  • SHAdow98
    SHAdow98   1 hours ago

    I am not a Halo fanboy,i couldn't give a flying fuck about Infinite being delayed or something,hell as far as i care they could delay the whole game not just the multiplayer =)))))))BUT to the Halo fans all i can say is this,and most ppl will agree with me,its better if they deliver a good product or side of a product later,then rush and deliver a trash product or side of a product at the release date.The game will be launched when it was announced,is just that its only SP,so ppl still get what they wanted and paid for,but the MP side of things will be released later on which honestly if it works imo its fine,again is better to get a good product later than a broken product in time XDBUT i also agree that this decision will hurt 343 in the long run ALOT,but again the reason this will hurt them is the fact that they did state the fact that this game WILL have those features at launch,that is the main reason they pretty much shot themselves in the foot,they said it will be at launch,if they'd shut the fuck up back then then this announcement wouldn't have had this much backlash afterall they have all the rights to delay the game many many years,they own the IP so they'd do whatever they want with it,fans only have the right to complain when 343 actually backfires on what they stated before so yeah this will hurt them in the long run and the fans do have the right to be angry

  • Messin
    Messin   1 hours ago

    343 should have never touched Halo

  • Arcturus Reaper
    Arcturus Reaper   1 hours ago

    I seriously don't understand this. If it's not launching with them because it's not ready, good. Let them make sure everything is ready first. Honestly it's like people here don't realize they changed a lot of stuff from the first time they showed their first demo which was only about a year ago. Changing so much can break a lot of stuff.

  • Emile - A239 Halo Reach

    True words and explanations should be shown towards 343 so they can finish the painful punching on my face they've given me since the bad news

  • My Grains
    My Grains   1 hours ago

    I'm 100% okay with the delays of forge and Campaign Coop as long as they don't have as many bugs when they eventually release it. I just hope everyone else stays with the game long enough to experience both <3 I know waiting sucks, but it's gonna be great d:

  • Jorb333
    Jorb333   2 hours ago

    I always thought splitscreen openworld was gonna be awkward for them to figure out as it's never been done before

  • Avi Varma
    Avi Varma   2 hours ago

    The farce that the old games were able to bring a whole game at once and now we have this shit.

  • ZaLewdWarudo
    ZaLewdWarudo   2 hours ago

    God, can they take Halo off 343 already? It's getting tiring to get these half baked fucking launches.This is supposed to be the great revival of Halo, if they fuck this up, they've fucked it. Can a studio that is competent and doesn't have development troubles the entire fucking development cycle get this franchise?

  • Abdullah Ali
    Abdullah Ali   2 hours ago

    Atleast they will have it better than not

  • Harry K
    Harry K   2 hours ago

    im glad they got split screen still

  • Tomas Burian
    Tomas Burian   2 hours ago

    LooolWell, they can just blame it on teh viruz.