SIREN HEAD Imposter in Among Us

  • Published on: 25 February 2021
  • We give the IMPOSTER a SIREN Ability in Among Us

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    Mod by: Cybershared

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  • Runtime : 15:47


  • Malcolm Jones
    Malcolm Jones   7 hours ago

    Do a looney toons mod in among us or a space jam mod

  • Peter Liu
    Peter Liu   16 hours ago

    can you do a fly or die one again

  • Unkilled
    Unkilled   1 days ago

    I can always do card swipe first try

  • Emafex
    Emafex   1 days ago

    Is anyone gonna tell him that my liked button tones white

  • Emafex
    Emafex   1 days ago

    Is anyone gonna tell him that the like button got mine holes Is white every time

  • Ruzgar
    Ruzgar   3 days ago

    Me realized that ssundees shirt is blue

  • PikaKing
    PikaKing   3 days ago

    i can do card first try in phone =)

  • Atinuke Ismail
    Atinuke Ismail   4 days ago

    However he is not alone as he is in charge and has been scared to be the traitor

  • Kairi Avant
    Kairi Avant   4 days ago

    Why all ways he is the Imposter every 2 round?

  • Lainey Burns
    Lainey Burns   4 days ago

    the batman role-can grapple -can go invisible-can throw bat rings

  • Iris
    Iris   5 days ago


  • Whitty
    Whitty   5 days ago

    Green m not scerd of siren head