Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Details and More!

  • Published on: 09 June 2021
  • Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer is live now and was crazy! This video has a tonne of gameplay details and information about the game from guns, game modes, specialists, maps and more! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
  • Runtime : 13:12
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  • Joey Bagodohnutz
    Joey Bagodohnutz   1 hours ago

    Thank god that there won't be battle royale. Battle royale is dumb AF

  • Randy Randalman
    Randy Randalman   18 hours ago

    Ugh, specialists. Why do i have to be a certain character model in order to use a certain gadget? Just let me customize my soldier and be the specialist based on the gear I choose. Why do I have to become whatever person they came up with in game in order to use one piece of gear?!

  • Ocer
    Ocer   21 hours ago

    I'm so fucking hyped

  • Daniel Farrington
    Daniel Farrington   1 days ago

    just pointing it out but everytime i hear m13 thats not its real name. the rifle is the Sig mcx

  • LongboardingTurtle
    LongboardingTurtle   1 days ago

    DICE, NOBODY WANTS SPECIALISTS.WE WANNA ALL LOOK THE SAME.But I can deal with changeable uniform/weapon camo.

  • Ryan Lopez
    Ryan Lopez   2 days ago

    It revealed everything about the game.

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu   2 days ago

    Good god. why do devs push the "Operator" type in their games. I'd hate to fight a literal wall of Borises and their freaking turrets replicating Fort Knox

    NEGAN   2 days ago

    Come on guys its 2042 you cant be a "random guy"

  • Metallic Vinyl
    Metallic Vinyl   3 days ago

    “ I just wanna be a generic soliderrrrr” wah wah wah you guys are babies, it’s not a real war it’s a video game just be glad we are getting another battlefield to play

  • Kyle E
    Kyle E   3 days ago

    Xbox, Playstation.. on a bigger map but same 64 players is stupid.

  • Dark Soulja
    Dark Soulja   3 days ago

    Do we have an official hardcore mode? Lots of people are praying for this.

  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke   3 days ago

    Battlefield needs to stop with this specialist crap. Clearly it was one of the failures in bf5. Make the soldiers exactly how it was in 1 and 4

  • Tim Nicholson
    Tim Nicholson   3 days ago

    You guys are complaining about the specialists? Last I heard, MFs were complaining about how some of the specialists in BF5 were worthless because everyone could “revive” people. BF is unique because it’s different than any other fps. I’ve been playing since the first bf came out and it’s way better than COD, by far!!

  • merteger
    merteger   4 days ago

    Yo stop complaining about specialists. You guys just complain for the sake of complaining. God forbid we’re “specialists” for the first time instead of “regular joes”

  • LazyDreamer
    LazyDreamer   4 days ago

    I love how they added the "rendazook" in the trailer

  • Steven Lacy
    Steven Lacy   4 days ago

    Yeah that specialist shit is not the wave, Hardline had the best character customization settings.

  • 劉香腸
    劉香腸   4 days ago

    I start to wait for discount...

  • John Gober
    John Gober   4 days ago

    Rising sea levels? By 2042? "Watch as soldiers run through 2cm of watcher on the edge of islands" Sounds epic.

  • mmpj twod
    mmpj twod   4 days ago

    Why didn't they just keep BFV's customisation system? Letting you customise a generic soldier? And for the battlepass they could've just sold outfit packs?

  • Riggs Murtaugh
    Riggs Murtaugh   5 days ago

    Did anyone notice the female specialist only has one arm, just like the one in BF1. Are they trolling us? Haha

  • aola wili
    aola wili   5 days ago

    the whole specialist thing is straight shit.

  • John M
    John M   5 days ago

    man im kinda bummed about the specialist stuff, like why not just have a blank specialist role instead of a gendered and named role? like why cant i just have a blank specialist i can put myself over instead of having to play as boris maria casper or the other dude. kinda lame imo

  • miko foin
    miko foin   6 days ago

    idk about you but the random no name guys seem way cooler than the specialist

  • XM3
    XM3   6 days ago

    This makes me wanna get a Xbox series x

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman   6 days ago

    The weapon customization during battles just like warface

  • Little Sarge
    Little Sarge   6 days ago

    I REALLY want a custom-ish character creation element.

  • Nathan B
    Nathan B   6 days ago

    I personally think that the specialist roles are a good thing to do, but the characters assigned to each one are not. I believe that the Battlefield fans would enjoy a simple character customization option; choose your gender, how your character looks, and then choose what specialty your character will have. They can have pre-made characters with a backstory to be playable if one just so chooses to play as him or her. That's just my opinion.

  • Douglas Parkinson
    Douglas Parkinson   6 days ago

    its a massive shame about the lack of single player. i need that story.

  • Aimized
    Aimized   6 days ago

    Dice Please don't make a decision that will make or break this game, listen to the feedback and please make the appropriate choice no specialist.

  • marnix
    marnix   6 days ago

    I can't wait for the easter eggs.