MARTYRS - The Most Disturbing Movie Ever Made?

  • Published on: 30 October 2020
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  • Runtime : 23:8
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  • MCMLXXXI Pictures
    MCMLXXXI Pictures   6 hours ago

    I can’t even watch the remake of Texas chainsaw massacre without cringing intensely. For sure and definitely I am not watching this movie.

  • დ Crystalized Gloss დ

    got into horror movies when I was like 10, watched martyrs when I was 11 so it was one of my firsts. it disturbed me so much that now while im being 18 and watched thousends of horror movies this is still the one that scared me the most lol I never want to watch it again

  • ritta lisa
    ritta lisa   1 days ago

    Now that you have review Martyrs you can try to review Irreversible (2002) who is as or more violent but it's mostly sexual violence...Yeah French cinema goes crazy when it's question of horror..

  • CêJota
    CêJota   1 days ago

    Only listening to this already makes me sick.

    STEBAN   1 days ago

    its a good move ilke it it looks good

  • Kevin Flanagan
    Kevin Flanagan   2 days ago

    Not so fun fact: The make up effects artist for this film ended up killing himself the year this movie came out.

  • Bearded Roofer
    Bearded Roofer   2 days ago

    In all seriousness, why are such graphic depictions of violence made? I'm not judging, I just want to understand why this incessant need to see the depths of depravity to which humans are capable of.

  • Pseudonym Jones
    Pseudonym Jones   3 days ago

    I watched this movie and nearly threw up multiple times. When he says this shit is intense, he MEANS this shit is INTENSE.

  • Cosmo Ruckaz
    Cosmo Ruckaz   3 days ago

    Definitely a WFT movie. While were on the topic. I hesitate to recommend another film that will boil you brain and peel your eyeballs, but since its Oct....A Serbian film. I found this a few years ago when I was hunting for films that were considered the most disturbing as far as a general agreement went among audiences. Films like Martyrs, High Tension, Human Centipede. A Serbian Film is one of those messed up movies that is making a point about the society we live in. Or something.

  • Finn Tomassen
    Finn Tomassen   3 days ago

    The ad was weirdly relieving after what in the seven seas I had heard the minutes before

  • Gary Perkins
    Gary Perkins   3 days ago

    Elvis' wife sounded legitimately horrified I feel bad

  • ZenyX
    ZenyX   3 days ago

    WifeTheAlien: Clearly disgusted and traumatizedElvis: laughs

  • jess king
    jess king   4 days ago

    oh man. I watched this movie when i was like 16, just chillin. It still sticks with me....

  • STEREO Freq
    STEREO Freq   4 days ago

    I had actually forgotten that I watched this, up until the skinned alive part. It's a dogshit movie, 100%

  • DJ Jack Lantern
    DJ Jack Lantern   4 days ago

    Lol horrors are not for you. Either that or you're overreacting for the camera.

  • Martina
    Martina   4 days ago

    True, Martyrs was literally the opening track for Olivia Rodrigo's debut album:BRUTAL! However, if this film makes Saw look like Sesame Street, then do you wanna know what movie makes Martyrs look like Peppa Pig? The Human Centipede. AND...a film that definitely makes The Human Centipede look like The Backyardigans is The Human Centipede 2. The top 3 most disturbing movies in my opinion are:3.Martyrs, 2.The Human Centipede, and 1.The Human Centipede 2. Though there's probably even more brutal stuff out there that I just haven't watched yet, such as A Serbian Film and Saló.

  • Tyler Veinot
    Tyler Veinot   5 days ago

    I remember the ending, but not the movie; did I block it out?

  • KissMyAspergers
    KissMyAspergers   6 days ago

    I just assumed the lady with the metal blindfold was being tortured like everyone else, and the cult was throwing random shit at the wall to see what stuck, and they would take the blindfold off once she became unresponsive, since that would've meant she was either dead or a martyr, so either way they wouldn't need the headpiece on her anymore.

  • dis murrart
    dis murrart   6 days ago

    I like exploitation and thoughtful horror but I decided long ago to skip martyrs

  • Ajay
    Ajay   1 weeks ago


  • KurtisCobbler
    KurtisCobbler   1 weeks ago

    why did she have to kill the whole family and not just the parents lol wtf

  • Trell Gold
    Trell Gold   1 weeks ago

    This guy's nervous laughter is annoying as hell

  • Spicy Gamer07
    Spicy Gamer07   1 weeks ago

    I'm not too sure why I ate dinner while listening to this. Now I have lost my appetite

  • Caind'a
    Caind'a   1 weeks ago

    Not gonna lie, this review made me sick. Great job!

  • SkullFucker69
    SkullFucker69   1 weeks ago

    this movie puts human centipede on all fours

  • Pablospablo _
    Pablospablo _   1 weeks ago

    Can not thank you enough for making me not watch this

  • michael larsen
    michael larsen   1 weeks ago

    The hillariously flippant confetti felt like a warm hug honestly.

  • Jesse Pinkman
    Jesse Pinkman   1 weeks ago

    honestly all the blurry scenes you put are just making me more curious to watch this movie.Edit: my curiosity got to high I've always assumed shit like that didn't affect me to much...fuck was I wrong.

  • A sinister INTJ
    A sinister INTJ   1 weeks ago

    The movie aside that was the most ... ( I mean I don't know what to say ) sponsor I ever heard in youtube history

  • Masa Popovic
    Masa Popovic   1 weeks ago

    thanks i will now go watch human centipede II to comfort myself after this jesus christi think maybe the only movie more vile and disturbing than this one that i know of is a serbian filmtrust medon't watch ityou will actively be throwing up throughout all of the second half

  • Hlootoo Thunderhammer

    All that sh*t just for the old bag to kill herself... I genuinely hope it was out of disappointment and not in some hurry to get there. Not that she'd ever reach ANY kind of peaceful afterlife after what she did. It's all kind of messed up when cults like this think that they'll reach "heaven" through torturing others. It really is like taking the benefits of someone else's work.

  • RainySkyMLP TM
    RainySkyMLP TM   1 weeks ago

    What im confused about is how do they know that this "Martyrdom" is real? How do they know its not just the person hallucinating because they are LITERALLY tortured psychologically and physically to the max?