TWRP - Inspector Gadget

  • Published on: 09 April 2021
  • Go go gadget band!

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  • Runtime : 59


  • HermitPurple98
    HermitPurple98   4 months ago

    I want the show to come back, with this version of the song

  • Zoltard The Hungry
    Zoltard The Hungry   5 months ago

    Not me listing to this everytime I get sad and/or panicked <]:D

  • Synthlad
    Synthlad   5 months ago

    You guys are a national treasure!

  • I am Satire
    I am Satire   5 months ago

    Why is a traffic cone, a lion, the third member of daft punk, and a terminator playing the Inspector Gadget theme song

  • Otaco
    Otaco   6 months ago

    thank you :p

  • ZarKus
    ZarKus   6 months ago

    i hate furries. Everytime i see anyone wearing anything resembling an animal i get confused and idk if theyre an furry or not

  • ThisIsLawyerman
    ThisIsLawyerman   6 months ago

    I know the original theme was only a minute long, but this rendition of it is so good, i want twrp to write an extended version with their own interpretation on how it would sound as a longer song.To what we have now, it sounds amazing

  • Angry JayByrd
    Angry JayByrd   6 months ago

    It is just me, or does the lead always look like he's taking hits from a bong?

  • jay WARE
    jay WARE   6 months ago

    OH I'll definitely Inspect her Gadget next time

  • Rumble
    Rumble   6 months ago

    It’s only a matter of time till they cover the Muppet Show theme

  • Sho Ken
    Sho Ken   6 months ago

    Yoo this is fire! Very nice!👍

  • LadyJosie
    LadyJosie   6 months ago

    I feel like the googley eye should be included from here on out but thats just me

  • Freckris
    Freckris   6 months ago

    There is only 1 dislike on this video. Friend... who hurt you?

  • Free Hugs
    Free Hugs   6 months ago

    Inspect her gadget? Well, it's hardly my place to go rifling through the belongings of someone I barely know.

  • Mateusz G
    Mateusz G   6 months ago

    Go Go Gadget my head is now forever a Bone.

  • Cloudrunner5k
    Cloudrunner5k   6 months ago

    I'm loving their commitment to their characters

  • A Creator
    A Creator   6 months ago

    This is way better than those brrrown bricks in Miiïnecraft.

  • Scrawny Clown Snatch
    Scrawny Clown Snatch   6 months ago

    If you ever feel like a prick, remember that someone disliked this video

  • rickxhoshinji
    rickxhoshinji   6 months ago

    I didn't know I needed this combination until now.

  • B Fitz
    B Fitz   6 months ago

    Suddenly I miss Dr. Steel. This was an awesome lil remix.

  • Ivan Skodje
    Ivan Skodje   6 months ago

    Can we get more priceless content with Merchlord Dylan?

  • FullMetalPlatinum
    FullMetalPlatinum   6 months ago

    I always get chills whenever I hear Doctor Sung sing Go Gadget, Go! Also they all have such great talent and you can tell how much they love what they do and how dedicated they are. If I had to pick anyone to take DaftPunk's place, or carry on their legacy, it would be TWRP

  • Vher
    Vher   6 months ago

    brown bricks