In Your Eyes - NSP

  • Published on: 02 May 2019
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    All animation by Imogen Scoppie

    Director & editor: Sean Barrett
    Additional video editing: Kelly Brickner Lyon

    Percussion genius: Jim Roach
    Engineer: Dave Dominguez
  • Runtime : 5:35
  • NSP peter gabriel iscoppie


  • queeneve
    queeneve   1 weeks ago

    Excuse me, sir? II'm very busy, I'm going to have to ask you to stop.

  • Conechiwa7
    Conechiwa7   1 weeks ago

    This is such a beautiful video <3

  • Flavors
    Flavors   1 weeks ago

    This song is beautiful

  • Lq84i
    Lq84i   1 months ago

    To the love of my life. --We're miles and miles apart... I write this with tears welling up in my eyes with retrospect on my life. You truly are my light. The one who keeps my fire from flickering out. I know the position we're in currently is considered a challenge. While it is tiring to work so hard for survival, I'll be working. Working every moment I can, keeping every penny I see and earn. You're the only one who's truly warmed my heart. One day, I'll be there.I love you

  • Red X
    Red X   1 months ago

    Damn I’ve been through a lot these past 2 years. This song is still so damn good🥲

  • Jay
    Jay   1 months ago

    Danny, ur hot as a human or a toon and I drunk right now so it could be the alcohol talking. It you’re so beautiful man 😍

  • The Bait and Switch
    The Bait and Switch   2 months ago

    What happened to Dan's face? He's all swollen around his right temple

  • Provost
    Provost   2 months ago

    I'd never heard the coda to this song before. I didn't even realize that Peter Gabriel had come up with it. Either way, Danny's rendition played directly off my heart strings.

  • D3vilB4sket
    D3vilB4sket   2 months ago

    Amazing that it was two years ago today that this video dropped. Time flies people. Cherish what you have

  • Theresa Burgess
    Theresa Burgess   2 months ago

    I can see the passion and soul in danny when he sings its very captivating

  • Heather Fairbanks
    Heather Fairbanks   2 months ago

    His voice literally gives me chills in this song. Absolutely beautiful.It is a crime that this man's voice isn't more widely known. A voice like his is rare.

  • Antonia
    Antonia   3 months ago

    i do like that at the end of this vid a bi flag is <3

  • SNOWW 37
    SNOWW 37   3 months ago

    Danny I think Youre Fucking awesome i would love to tallk to you one on one your songs have got me throwing my heart. To you you I would be a worker for game grumps or nsp I think you re awesome

  • Bridie Shaw
    Bridie Shaw   3 months ago

    Dan has some serious taste. He loves Peter Gabriel AND Rush. My kinda man 💜

  • Madison Hallman
    Madison Hallman   3 months ago

    No romantic song has ever "gotten" to me, but this rendition really did. I don't know what it is, it's just the way Danny says "the light, the heat" makes me feel something. I just... really want to sing this to a girl and have her believe me.

  • FalconX93
    FalconX93   3 months ago

    Hey, Danny, can you do an interview with Brian? Something on gamegrumps where we find out what he does when not playing the piano? we all know he has the degree, but other that that, we don't really know much.

  • Brandon G
    Brandon G   3 months ago

    Always see dan with a bass but you never see him play it.

  • 687Gaming
    687Gaming   4 months ago

    Scoppie was such a good choice for this video!

  • MrAishoka
    MrAishoka   4 months ago

    I was planning to walk down the aisle to this on Saturday.

  • Allochii
    Allochii   4 months ago

    I know no one involved in this will probably see this, but I hope this finds its way to you regardless. I want you all to know that this wonderful thing you have made has helped pull me out of a bad anxiety episode, and I'm at the point of tears in the best possible way. Thank you for making such a beautiful cover and such a beautiful video, but especially thank you for bringing me back. I love you all.

  • SansTheLzyBones
    SansTheLzyBones   4 months ago

    but danny we got pokemon to keep us awake and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and sharp

  • unknown resistor
    unknown resistor   4 months ago

    Brian is handsome and such a great musician. Danny has such a voice that melts me.

  • Chibby Plays
    Chibby Plays   4 months ago

    I heard the real song in public and had to listen to the cover asap

  • Nico
    Nico   4 months ago

    I would've paid so much money for them to name this "In your Ewes"

  • Isaac Banta
    Isaac Banta   5 months ago

    Peter has such a peculiar intonation in the word "pride" that I love so much, and danny doesn't try to copy it, but other than that this is lovely 🥰

  • unknown resistor
    unknown resistor   5 months ago

    Brian is a musical genius. Danny is a hypnotic singer. This is a great duo

  • Amanda Highmoor
    Amanda Highmoor   5 months ago

    This is so beautiful. Always brings me to tears. I'm going to play this at my wedding. I'm going to come down the aisle to it. Thank you for allowing me that.

  • Jonathan Hancock
    Jonathan Hancock   5 months ago

    This is a breathtaking music video, for a breathtaking cover of my favorite love song ever written.