The Complete Compilation of Gary Payton's Greatest Stories Told By NBA Players & Legends

  • Published on: 07 March 2021
  • The Complete Compilation of Gary Payton's Greatest Stories Told By NBA Players & Legends


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  • Runtime : 20:12
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  • Anton Ransome
    Anton Ransome   8 months ago

    The round mound of rebound, Sir Charles Barkley. Loved every episode so far. Larry Legend is in the lead so far. Big ticket second!!

  • Don Utley
    Don Utley   4 days ago

    I really like your content and appreciate your effort. But I find it hard to hit the like button after so, so, so, so many “pester-mercials.”

  • Thomas Didymus
    Thomas Didymus   1 weeks ago

    I cannot thank you enough for this video. Easily a top ten moment in my heart fr

  • Trent Ufford
    Trent Ufford   1 months ago

    The three galley inversely love because pillow moberly impress pro a cut low. sedate, fast cereal

  • Trent Ufford
    Trent Ufford   1 months ago

    The quick wood congruently whine because step-daughter phenotypically shave despite a marvelous society. new, kindhearted cauliflower

  • JinJin Wins
    JinJin Wins   1 months ago

    He talked about people's mammas. Well dang

  • Shiyeka Vaughn
    Shiyeka Vaughn   2 months ago

    Glove!!!!! Glove!!!!!🤣🤣 oh u got the wrong number🤣😂😂

  • J Ab
    J Ab   2 months ago

    GP was my favorite player growing up. I’m a Lakers Stan. Of course Jordan was that guy but I loved watching GP play.

  • Keegan3005
    Keegan3005   2 months ago

    would LOVE to see Jason williams! Also - dude this is by far my favourite NBA channel on YT, in fact probably my favourite channel on YT full stop. The work you put in to create content like this, I just wanted to say thank you so much. You are the man from a fellow Aussie!

  • Nick Yfa
    Nick Yfa   3 months ago

    Gary Payton is one of the Nba greats!! What a charachter amd unique charisma. Prooves we are all just different in our way but as long as we follow our heart, salvation is there...

  • Cristian Chavez
    Cristian Chavez   3 months ago

    If all black Air Force 1’s were an NBA player, they would be Gary Payton

  • King Voorheez
    King Voorheez   3 months ago

    The Nike "Son of Glove" (97-98) shoes were one of the best zip-up designs ever created. I loved those shoes. GP was always a MONSTER!!

  • Q
    Q   3 months ago

    Ya I was a child basically all his time there. One time I got close enough in the game to hear all the talk. I was mesmerized and impressed that this is what it is, par for the course, when you play basketball. Later I saw him at Greenlake and same shit- So by the time I'm 16 I've already sent 2 others to the hospital during pickup games with broken bones in their face- both- cuz that's what it is when they don't wanna leave it to game and talking.

  • Q
    Q   3 months ago

    Is Seattle shit normally on a lot on this channel?

  • Lucas Bennett
    Lucas Bennett   3 months ago

    New rule should be any compilation vids that start with a minute of a video editor begging for subs and likes gets an instant dislike, nobody clicking on these videos for you bro, just play the damn clips

  • RGTitan901
    RGTitan901   3 months ago

    Can you please do one on Penny Hardaway

  • Marques Burman
    Marques Burman   3 months ago

    Whole video about trash talking and nothing about lock down d and driving the lane

  • Marc Touss
    Marc Touss   3 months ago

    payton is my favorite player ever...and the thing is.. i was never a fan of any of the teams he played for..

  • KingLeo Bates
    KingLeo Bates   3 months ago

    You have to do Shawn Kemp no one ever talks about him

  • Jiezhang Jzmobee
    Jiezhang Jzmobee   3 months ago

    Messing up Jordan's shot then take it in for a dunk.Jordan: I take that personally.Peyton: I do things personally.