Larry Bird (Who's Really The G.O.A.T) NBA Legends

  • Published on: 15 August 2017
  • Larry Bird the best all around player in NBA history...Could really be the Greatest of all time it's atleast a debate...Bird was just a cold blooded killer on the court top 5 players of all time and best wingman ever (LeBron 2nd) Bird my favorite of all time i felt i owed you guys and Larry a remake video...better edited took more time on this one : ) Thanks alot for the support share like and subscribe tell a friend and i hope you BasketBall junkies enjoy
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  • Face PC Gaming
    Face PC Gaming   4 weeks ago

    Kevin McHale (The Greatest Post Player in NBA History)

  • Jurassic
    Jurassic   2 days ago

    Top five for me from Uk - started watching early 80’s and witnessed the two best decades in NBA history Jordan, Magic, Bird, Kareem, and either Lebron or Wilt Tho - I would say if Bird didn’t have his injuries - he may well now be the GOAT. He nearly won 6 MVP on the trot - against arguably the greatest Lakers team ever

  • Joseph Italiano
    Joseph Italiano   4 days ago

    The fouls, falls, and slams Bird went through is sometimes hard to watch.. The pain he endured in the latter part of his career is awe inspiring..Bird was and is one bad dude

  • Linjica Konikon
    Linjica Konikon   4 days ago

    Your picking sides for a neighborhood basketball game and MJ and Bird walk onto the court. I'm picking Bird.

  • Linjica Konikon
    Linjica Konikon   4 days ago

    Stop using goat as an adjective. A barnyard animal is a poor metaphor for the Best Ever.

  • Jonah Marquis
    Jonah Marquis   1 weeks ago

    Larry Bird is to basketball as Tom Brady is to the NFL. Crazy what I.Q. brings to the sport.

  • Greekpapi
    Greekpapi   2 weeks ago

    If you go back and watch Larry Bird play you will notice that he was always at the right place at the right time on that court. No other player ever had this unique ability, the man was a B-ball prodigy......

  • Mendoza Jovy
    Mendoza Jovy   2 weeks ago

    Every Generation have its GOAT. In the 1980s it is Magic and Bird. These two players helped their team to win the championships.

  • Joe Clayton
    Joe Clayton   3 weeks ago

    Larry had a mullet? who knew? lol lol

  • Jonathan echevarria
    Jonathan echevarria   3 weeks ago

    What made Larry Bird so great. Was work ethics. You don't see in today's NBA

  • Todd and Raqui Forrest

    Bird took a last place team to first in one year, and to a Championship in the second year. Jordan took 4 years just get to a winning season, and he came into a Bulls team with more talent than what was at Boston when Bird arrived. Bird makes his team better. If he isn't on the all-time team, then I'll take the second team with Bird, and beat the 1st team 60% of the time.

  • Resident_Savage
    Resident_Savage   4 weeks ago

    Hands down Bird is the best ever, MJ claims he is because of all his rings. But if it were not for that Bulls team he had, he could kiss 4 of those ring goodbye! Bird was a much better all around player. Bird is the best Ever!

  • Mike Yates
    Mike Yates   1 months ago

    My Top 3 ALL Time : #1 Larry Bird - #2 Michael Jordan - #3 Kobe Bryant

  • TheCagedLion
    TheCagedLion   1 months ago

    Bill Russel was a fierce fierce defender, no doubt and most successful winning rings. But as great as they were, Bill, Kareem, Wilt, Magic fall short of Bird and MJ in sheer skill, will and killer instinct. Bird was original GOAT and MJ his rightful heir. There has been no one in that same class before or since.

  • Scottie Thomas
    Scottie Thomas   1 months ago

    Fundamentally and team play He no other than the goat he sweep Jordan 3 years

  • JD Winstead
    JD Winstead   1 months ago

    Bird will always be the best because he didn't treat the game as an ethnic or cultural tool. He understood what basketball is about, the fundamentals. Ball in hoop. Period. Teamwork over endorsement, basics over flash.

  • Shayn Nicolaysen
    Shayn Nicolaysen   1 months ago

    You know what I'll give LeBron James his physical attributes or great but his mind is nowhere near the drive that Jordan has the complete mental strategy that bird had complete drive magic had and cream El Dil jabbar you couldn't even he is in the top five everyday on anybody's list but LeBron is a prima donna cry baby he cries his coach I need other players that tells me he's a b** I would love to meet him face to face that's smack him like the b** he is I'd give reverence to Kobe to Shaq Jordan to Barkley or LeBron he's just a joke to me I quit walking basketball because of his work idiotness and I like Curry and watch a few games but LeBron is just destroying the name of NBA

  • jw clark
    jw clark   1 months ago

    There is no such thing as the greatest of all time !To say that is to rob the greatness from all great players...

  • Whitney MacDonald
    Whitney MacDonald   2 months ago

    Loved it. Took an hour out of my hectic week to watch this on a Saturday morning and I'm glad I did. Helped me relive some great memories, remember how much of an influence Bird was for me in how I practiced and modeled my game growing up, how much of that I have passed on to players I've coached over the years. I guess what I love best about Bird was how he played the game. It was a beautiful thing and I'm glad I'm old enough to have seen it as it happened. Bird and Magic. They made the game of basketball beautiful. And Magic at the end of that retirement night clip- that's the hope for what sports can bring into the world: respect for a worthy opponent. Bird and Magic couldn't have been more different in a lot of ways but they saw the beauty in each other. I don''t know about the whole GOAT conversation, it's kind of silly really, but I can say this: Jordan may have been the most spectacular individual athlete in the history of the game (Wilt is on a different planet). The stars who have modeled their game after his do remarkable things but the game is not more beautiful because of his influence. I hope before I die I see more stars emerge who love the pass as much as the bucket, who excel in all facets of the game so they can win in multiple ways and who teach a new generation how beautiful the GAME can be. There have been a few- Rondo gave me some hope- and I've seen a few clips of Josh Giddy that make me, well giddy. I don't know if anyone reads this but thanks for the post.

  • Fox On The Run
    Fox On The Run   2 months ago

    When Lebron plays a whole game switching hands then he can brag Bird was the man and still is

  • S Nap
    S Nap   2 months ago

    Prabably the greatest ever if he kept the ball more. He gave the ball to a lot of players. He talked to players in the middle of shots...he was that far ahead of players. He knew he was a step ahead of every pkayer

  • Namath 802
    Namath 802   2 months ago

    That Boston TV announcers is comical. Thought the first time he'd lost his voice then just kept hearing it. 🤣 Can't imagine being paid for your voice with a voice like that. Haha pretty funny to this ole sog

  • layla
    layla   2 months ago

    I loved the magic and bird era

  • tyler schoen
    tyler schoen   3 months ago

    Larry Bird is one of the few players that every generation who can watch him or learned from him will say he was the best. He had everyone’s respect in the end

  • William Gullett
    William Gullett   3 months ago

    "Im gonna go to my car...and get my other gun...and Im gonna come back and shoot everyone"

  • T. boz Mkw
    T. boz Mkw   4 months ago

    I have to agree. Bird is the greatest. Not the most talented but the true toughest competitor. MJ ain't ready.

  • Mr. moneybags
    Mr. moneybags   4 months ago

    Michael Jordan is the greatest. Bird is great. But Jordan is the best.

  • Rob Wagnon
    Rob Wagnon   4 months ago

    It wasn't just about baskets, it was about passing, rebounding, assist and stealing that ONLY Larry Bird could do those all well, and a couple, the best!! So Jordan looked so good at his peak because there was no Bird or Magic or Kobe during that time so Jordan stood out. The All-time dream team: Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Micheal Jordan, and Wilt Chamberlin.

  • Paul Byrne
    Paul Byrne   4 months ago

    The Bird was the man there's no Race card becos WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP 😂😂 Well the bird doesn't Need to Jump When He Can fly 💪💪

  • Jeffrey Cold
    Jeffrey Cold   4 months ago

    That same feeling the Seahawk had losing to the Patriots in the superbowl by Malcom Butler. @4:58