Heat of the Moment - NSP

  • Published on: 26 October 2017
  • Get the album here: https://www.amazon.com/Under-Covers-Vol-Ninja-Party/dp/B0762QFN1X/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&qid=1603124239&refinements=p_32%3ANinja+Sex+Party&s=music&sr=1-3
    Stream it on Spotify here: http://spoti.fi/2im5nIW
    Check out more TWRP here: https://twrp.bandcamp.com/

    Directed & edited by Sean Barrett: http://instagram.com/mrseanbarrett
    Consulting Producer: Rich Flynn
    Filmed by Audiotree

    Did you know? Only REALLY COOL people read YouTube video descriptions. Welcome to the club!
  • Runtime : 3:39
  • Asia live show NSP danny ninja brian under the covers


  • Doctor Plague
    Doctor Plague   20 hours ago

    I really love all these cover songs. I would love to hear the song "who can it be now?"

  • Generic Excuse
    Generic Excuse   5 days ago

    The original is good, but this one has a much better pace to it

  • Chris Gamertags
    Chris Gamertags   1 months ago

    Him in the croud was so cool. I could feel it in my chest. That's amazing

  • Clarion Clear
    Clarion Clear   1 months ago

    I was at this show and thrilled they did filming for a video. Over a year passed, I think, and I got really sad because I was so excited to see it. I'm three years late today, but this video sent me five(ish) years into the past. As the backstreet boy tour winds to an end, this video and its insurmountable happiness is exactly what I needed. And I didn't even know. 😊

  • LaBarata12
    LaBarata12   2 months ago

    God, the sheer bliss on Danny’s face gets to me every time. You did it, man, you did it.

  • Joey Woodpieces
    Joey Woodpieces   2 months ago

    It's one thing to be in a band....It's absolutely amazing to be in a band you love... I'm so jelly. TWRP/NSP fo life!

  • Nick Carey
    Nick Carey   3 months ago

    The energy in this video is so powerful

  • Dr. Fandom
    Dr. Fandom   3 months ago

    0:07 Hope that guy hold up a DS is having an awesome day

  • Alex B
    Alex B   3 months ago

    What is danny singing in the first few seconds of the video?

  • Patrick Andrews
    Patrick Andrews   3 months ago

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  • An Ineffably Pale Oracle

    I really wish I'd seen this video sooner; it's not just a beautiful cover, but also a delight to see just how happy Dan is living out his dream.

  • liquidmang
    liquidmang   4 months ago

    That was a DAMN fine jam. But one thing I can’t help notice... Donny Sex Bang and Ninjab Bryan live together and wear a lot of weird outfits... are they gay?🤔

  • PiERROT Beatmaker
    PiERROT Beatmaker   4 months ago

    Well, I just discover this cover, and it's simply great !!! Remind me a mix between the heat of the moment and video kills the radio stars

  • Dov
    Dov   5 months ago

    I feel like this video captures Dan achieving something he's always wanted, so despite how I feel about GG at this point, it makes me smile to see him live that dream.

  • Jimmy Bungalo
    Jimmy Bungalo   5 months ago

    danny=cheesebrian=doughtwrp=tomato saucetogether they make a delicious pizza pie (that may or may not have any "bones" in it)

  • aerial 11
    aerial 11   6 months ago

    2:20 triple cowbell, but is it enough cowbell?

  • cneterer
    cneterer   7 months ago

    Gotta say, NSP: I'm almost 47 years old. I was around when the songs you cover first came out. But I've listened to your original material, too, and, yeah, you bring a smile to me sitting here in the dark surfing for crap to make my workday middle-class third-shift stress go away. I've heard Danny thinks his voice is bad, but the heart he brings disproves this. All the best wished to you for all you do.

  • Josh K
    Josh K   7 months ago

    This was great!

  • Garcello
    Garcello   7 months ago

    How could you steal from Cartman?

  • AveragePrankster
    AveragePrankster   8 months ago

    The combo of Danny having so much fun on stage combined with the awesome cover makes me so happy on whole new levels

  • GeekGirl _Luv
    GeekGirl _Luv   8 months ago

    Yesterday was Tuesday, but today is Tuesday too!

  • Rachel Sawyer
    Rachel Sawyer   8 months ago

    Danny, your voice is so mesmerizing and your band is totally captivating. What can't you do? You ROCK!FAN FOR LIFE ALWAYS! I would love to sing a duet with you

  • Nolen Petrosky
    Nolen Petrosky   9 months ago

    This was always one of my favorite songs my dad would play when I was a kid, and my dude somehow this cover captures nostalgia and the beauty of this song in such a special way. Thanks, bros

  • Nicholas Neslusan
    Nicholas Neslusan   9 months ago

    I played this while hooking up with someone. I think Danny would be proud.

  • Luiz Filipe Tavares
    Luiz Filipe Tavares   9 months ago

    What were the things you wanted for yourself? Teenage ambitions you remember well