What is A QUIET PLACE 2 about

  • Published on: 09 May 2019
  • The sequel to a quiet place, a quiet place 2 (release date May 15th 2020) directed by John Krasinski, will continue the Thriller adventure of the Abbott family or what is left of them

    Thumbnail : https://www.deviantart.com/jeremiahconcept/art/Haunted-Stories-horror-alien-creature-391816046
    Music: Deep Space yt audio library

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  • Runtime : 9:43
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  • jeefberky
    jeefberky   5 months ago

    Judging by the trailers i think you got your wish for scenes of the first encounters

  • E M
    E M   5 months ago

    I wanna see plot holes filled, AQP1 says military cannot kill them and were overrun, but all it takes to kill one is a shotgun blast to the face, when the armor is open, meaning a concussive force from an explosion would totally work as well due to Physics, so how the heck did the military get overrun? Do you kill one and two more grow out of the dead one? that would be the only thing I could think of to fix that fail point.

  • Aiden Farino
    Aiden Farino   8 months ago

    Its 2021, its still not out yet, WHERE IS IT

  • Skull crawler
    Skull crawler   9 months ago

    That Monster on Part 1 is not same as part 2 maybe she killed all Monsters but there was another monsters. Remain.

  • Skralyn
    Skralyn   1 years ago

    This has been out for over a year and yet only has 9 dislikes

  • Drippin' Broom y
    Drippin' Broom y   1 years ago

    I kind of think that this movie is more of a prequel,because everyone is in a panic,and the baby is still there,and no sister

  • Egg
    Egg   1 years ago

    O-O... If they need to be quite then why did the new guy in Qp 2 spoke LOUD.... Ish

  • Lore GOD!!!
    Lore GOD!!!   1 years ago

    What if something like in your POV was in the monster a parasite or a ‘song’ (an egg) and the ‘song’ hatched and someone finds the baby with and it has a weak exoskeleton (cuz it’s a baby) and there is the dad or a bigger death angel thats older like this I’m going to write a paragraph about it since I’m practicing my writing career(Henry was scavenging the old house that was half destroyed he sent a hand signal to his son “be careful there might be another monster here” His son nodded in agreement. They found an old half used can of aspirin and not much else. Henry went down into the basement the family that used to live here soundproofed their home. What Henry saw horrified him one of the monsters was laying on the ground dead it’s outer shell ripped open with a small oval rock it had a few cracks in it too; Henry nearly gasped in surprise but caught himself. Melding out of the shadows was one of the creatures it had a black stony exoskeleton and was 10 feet tall. The creature started clicking for and opened up its ‘face’ revealing ugly pink flesh beneath, Henry stepped back his bare calloused foot slipping and some paper making him fall and dislocate his hip that’s when the creature came for him) This is what I am hoping for in the second movie

  • Sorcerer Beroll
    Sorcerer Beroll   1 years ago

    Thing is that the monsters are going to starve if they charge at anything that is fleshy and makes noise they’re going to run out of food very quickly

  • Shayne Giuliano
    Shayne Giuliano   2 years ago

    I love your videos can I have a shoutout keep up the good work

  • The Pilgrim
    The Pilgrim   2 years ago

    Why? The first one was good! Leave it alone!

  • vevans0009
    vevans0009   2 years ago

    They were not THAT easy to kill. You need special high frequency sounds to screw up their head organs so they their heads can be exposed for a clean shot. PLUS, these things can ZERG RUSH if they hear something. Yeah, not enough time to get a focused shot to a exposed brain cavity. x>

  • isis am i right
    isis am i right   2 years ago

    What if the predetors started hunting the monsters. And yes im a little stoned

  • The Immortal Super Being

    They could explain and show how they started destroying there own world by what their doing to this one.Plus I think they eat their own kind that explains why their not all over with destroying most off Humanity their would be more but we hardly see a lot of them.They figured out how to beat them but it dose not mean they have with how LETHAL they are.

  • BrontoSmilodon1
    BrontoSmilodon1   2 years ago

    "I would like see them reproduce".......Ooooooh MY.:)P

  • DrawCIix
    DrawCIix   2 years ago

    How did they survive with no food???

  • Mata Nui
    Mata Nui   2 years ago

    So what's the title gonna be? A loud place? Look we all know they barely number sequels anymore.

  • oranji
    oranji   2 years ago

    Lol, I lost this channel a LONG time ago, it’s awkward

  • Maurio Coles
    Maurio Coles   2 years ago

    The Quiet Place 2! "This time, it's war!"

  • DinoNuggetDealer
    DinoNuggetDealer   2 years ago

    would be boring,they are probably going to blast darude sandstorm

  • trinkets 89
    trinkets 89   2 years ago

    What if the monsters in the movie are just pets to the real aliens

  • Dujal
    Dujal   2 years ago

    How would the monsters find the corpse of something they killed? I mean a corpse doesn't exactely make a lot of noise.

  • Mister Space
    Mister Space   2 years ago

    Alteori you deserve a lot more subs let’s be honest you deserve millions

  • Dontuween
    Dontuween   2 years ago

    I don't think a sequel was really necessary, but here we are. And I hope that they don't eventually tie this to the Cloverfield universe as was originally intended with the first movie. Stick to making this its own thing.

  • Name Less
    Name Less   2 years ago

    nevermind healing yourselve for us, do it for your own good first .)