Jennifer Lawrence - Hanging Tree (Lyrics)

  • Published on: 22 November 2014
  • Hanging Tree by Jennifer Lawrence for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. (Original Motion Picture Score). James Newton Howard. All rights go to UMG.
  • Runtime : 3:34
  • Mockingjay (Book) Jennifer Lawrence (Celebrity) Film (Media Genre) Hanging Tree The Hunger Games Catching Fire Movie James Newton Howard (Composer) The Hunger Games (Award-Winning Work) Song


  • Noah Deleon
    Noah Deleon   1 days ago

    im here listening to this 7 years later

  • TheLead18
    TheLead18   1 days ago

    Just before war just like native americans fighting

  • J Bear
    J Bear   1 days ago

    Damn I just saw all these movies, She's only 10 days older than me. I have a huge crush on you miss Catness

  • Nemanja Živojinović

    Kads sabio u Smederevu izgubio sam telefon. Na brdu koje gleda u helikoptere. Neko mi je dao cigaretu. U skobalju sam priznao da ih nema

  • VantablackSpectralon

    I didnt know this was an actual song. I just imagined a tune when reading it lolWoah... ominous, yet beautiful

  • Projectsupreme 3
    Projectsupreme 3   4 days ago

    So are you going to the tree or following the capitol???True question specially thoses days

  • Wolffe Drawws
    Wolffe Drawws   5 days ago

    My friend sang this song on the last day of school before she went to a new school and I found it! I knew it sounded familiar!

  • 24Solar24
    24Solar24   5 days ago

    my sister, my mom, and me used to sing this all the time in out apartment and we had no clue what this song meant. now... i will never hear this osng the same again. The Hungr Games is a beautiful series of movies and it leaves you wanting more each movie. best. song. ever.

  • BlubbaGaming
    BlubbaGaming   5 days ago

    I swore I’ve never heard this song but I thought about it as I was falling asleep and I looked it up and here it is I’m so confused

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez   6 days ago

    Completely forgot about this song until I restarted the movies and books

  • TheBadassNinja
    TheBadassNinja   6 days ago

    She is the split of Banana Split on The Masked Singer

    BEANZ   1 weeks ago

    I’m learning about hunger games in English class how pog

  • Wolf's Westerns
    Wolf's Westerns   1 weeks ago

    I love that girl, uh correction, I love the character. The cool thing is, Ms. Lawrence has been frozen in time. I hope that they do not ruin that franchise by doing remakes of the same.

  • Jonathan Haas
    Jonathan Haas   1 weeks ago

    "Coming to" the tree is very different than "meeting in" the tree... There is only one way to meet in a tree, and that is to be hung.

    T0ASTYGH0ST   1 weeks ago

    This song terrified me as a lil kid XD

  • Sky Tunes
    Sky Tunes   2 weeks ago

    This is a good song ✨ today in music class we sang this song 😌

  • actionsammy1
    actionsammy1   2 weeks ago

    Had to look this song up immediately after watching the movie. Such an amazing song!

  • M Tux
    M Tux   2 weeks ago

    Love this song 😁

  • Kat Just Kat
    Kat Just Kat   2 weeks ago

    Darned Capitol keeps disliking this video…

  • Aurora Stella Carreon

    this song is good for halloweenbut I'm scared when I listen to this song it gives me nightmares everynight

  • Nitro_Ultima
    Nitro_Ultima   2 weeks ago

    Imagine being President Snow hearing that song and realizing that it must be passed down by Lucy grey bears family which means Katniss's related to Lucy grey bear

  • It’s Camille
    It’s Camille   2 weeks ago

    This songs reminds me of the man that hung himself in the wizard of oz in the background…

  • Violina
    Violina   3 weeks ago

    I hate the Hunger Games. But this song is good.

  • LitMetro
    LitMetro   3 weeks ago

    WHITE And. Have clean soft and not burned body like Jenna Bullen #IAMWHITE