HELL HOUSE II: THE ABBADON HOTEL (2018) Ending Explained

  • Published on: 29 September 2019
  • #hellhouse2 #endingexplained

    In the sequel to HELL HOUSE LLC, a new group of investigative reporters pay a visit to the haunted Abbadon Hotel and peel back more layers to the mysterious evil that pollutes it - learning more about the sinister mastermind behind it, as well as exposing more about the original Hell House crew's story. Learn all about the new details revealed and explaining the ending that shows us even more about how the hotel works.

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  • Runtime : 17:12
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  • kamenballer
    kamenballer   1 weeks ago

    I only watched the first one and I can I enjoy it maybe because of the Horror House setup but when I saw this sequel, I can say now that I like this much better except for the appearance of the spirit of the owner of the Hotel, I still like the first one I just prefers this more.

  • Giorgos Rusinov
    Giorgos Rusinov   1 weeks ago

    When the lights turned off in that room..and the door was open and that creepy woman looking at them.Damn..

  • Bear Place
    Bear Place   2 weeks ago

    I'll never understand why they didnt rush the clown to get out lol. Theres 5 of them.

  • Prince Luffy
    Prince Luffy   2 weeks ago

    Mitchell you didn't learn anything you dumb shit.

  • Frank Francis
    Frank Francis   1 months ago

    2:22 The young Jackson was like 32 years old

  • Ryan Byer
    Ryan Byer   1 months ago

    Seeing someone standing and in a complete deadlock until the phone dies is so unsettling. Just imagine standing there and knowing something inhuman is in front of you.

  • Quân Nguyễn Lê
    Quân Nguyễn Lê   1 months ago

    ahh, when tzeench cultist want to play, we gonna need a few heavy flamer and a pariah null for this hotel

  • JRD
    JRD   2 months ago

    Is Mitchell still alive?

  • Vellai Maliapu
    Vellai Maliapu   2 months ago

    So much for 'forced occupancy!' 2020, 2021- 18 months later - the pandemic is going strong, and people weighing their options on travel!

  • pepay balais-santos
    pepay balais-santos   2 months ago

    Man, if that girl appeared that near in front of me, I’d definitely Leonidas kick the sh*t out of her from surprise 😂😂😂

  • Niki G
    Niki G   2 months ago

    Mitchell was an idiot.

  • Bobdmz
    Bobdmz   3 months ago

    They all dumb as shit. Bring some guns, holy water, crosses, and Liam Neeson.

  • Paradox
    Paradox   3 months ago

    Always handy that ppl thinking/know it is a haunted house. Never have anything to ward off, or destroy ghosts/demons. That's like going to what you expect is a forest with cannibals in it. And not having guns etc with you.

  • Enrique Leyva
    Enrique Leyva   3 months ago

    Abbadon is 40,000 years too early to be invading Terra via hotel.

  • Sour patch kid
    Sour patch kid   3 months ago

    I did not like the main girl.. I liked molly and David. I wish they would’ve made it out. The Alex scenes were too much.

  • AlexBrokeIt
    AlexBrokeIt   4 months ago

    The girl in the back at 11:54 still creeps me out. So subtle that most people apparently miss it, and so good.

  • Mikayla Cross
    Mikayla Cross   4 months ago

    molly is fr a clown, definitely could have lived😭

  • Robbie Braga
    Robbie Braga   4 months ago

    I was just listening the video and got so confused when he speaks in Spanish, cause Portuguese is my first linguage and my brain just bug trying to UNDERSTAND that thing in my on language

  • Justin D
    Justin D   4 months ago

    Has nobody ever watched Scooby Doo? NEVER split up the gang.

  • Islamic School of Meme Studies

    What the fuck does the town's mayor do exactly? The First movie clearly saw massacre in that Hotel...I mean with 100% certainty if this happens irl, they would've sent SWAT team to search the victim. I mean 15 people died ffs. Naturally the 1st reaction of a massacre was definitely SWAT team.I mean this is a Clear sign of a 1st Degree murder/Massacre. There's no such thing as "negligence" when the footage that the tour goers had clearly saw 3 cults-people and a Hooded Figure stabbing people. I blame the mayor for the loss of more people who went to that place. That mayor should be fired. I mean clearly they couldn't stay silent...the Feds would've took notice on this case. 15 people in just a few minutes was something that a small town police department could deal with.

  • Alphasnowbordergirl
    Alphasnowbordergirl   4 months ago

    There is one question not answered. With the planchet, he asked if it was Tully, the cult members, the disappeared people, or hell house crew answering, and none of them were yes. So who was messing with the planchet? Also I feel it was important to say that the hotel convinced Alex to make that bad business deal to make him lose everything and force him into the position of bringing his crew to Hell Housee.

  • Jake Yates
    Jake Yates   4 months ago

    Why don't they just bring guns?

  • majones117
    majones117   4 months ago

    11:55 that girl peeking around the corner is creepy as fuck

  • JamesTheFurst
    JamesTheFurst   4 months ago

    When you see a clown blocking the door, full sprint and knock that bitch out.

  • jchappy 1
    jchappy 1   4 months ago

    11:53 that chick at the door is terrifying

  • tom murphy
    tom murphy   4 months ago

    Also...at 9:27 when the ghoulie blinks... That was a weird choice on the director's part in my opinion. They blink?? Why?

  • tom murphy
    tom murphy   4 months ago

    Binge watching all 3 for the first time and after each one I come here for the recap. Question....Why in the hell (no pun intended) does anyone at any point NOT get a weapon of some sort? If I'm being chased around a house by ghosts and ghoulies, eventually I'm gonna go "F*** it" and try to take a few of them with me. Anyway, on to part 3!

  • Deodat Lawson
    Deodat Lawson   5 months ago

    What if I led a life that was just about a guaranteed ticket to heaven? I end up in hell simply because I went to a Halloween haunted house? Even if I wasn't a saint, I don't think that's how it works.

  • Andrei Geeab
    Andrei Geeab   6 months ago

    I like this movie but something really annoys me, take the whole damn box and search the damn papers OUTSIDE 5 min move

  • Eric Hodosh
    Eric Hodosh   6 months ago

    I really love this trilogy but it definitely has issues. The mere fact that anyone would enter the hotel after seeing the footage from the disaster in part one is hard to rationalize. I mean, there was clear evidence of very, very real and fatal paranormal activity. Within the movies' universe there is recorded proof of hell and demons and whatnot. But still, these movies scared me like I haven't been scared since Blair Witch.

  • kelvin kahn
    kelvin kahn   6 months ago

    I can't believe people think this crap is scary? Boring

  • AnDy c
    AnDy c   6 months ago

    First one is the best one. Second one was okay. Third one was cheesy and a feel good story. Also having tully appear and talking is so cheesy. Should have only known he was there and maybe show him hanging. First one was legit scary. Second one had a few good scares. The girls head turning was the part that freaked me out. Third one sucked. That's just my opinion.

  • paul coy
    paul coy   6 months ago

    Nachos were promised, and the ghosts stopped that from happening??These ghosts don't deserve to live.

  • edenworld
    edenworld   6 months ago

    who named their hotel Abbadon Hotel??Abbadon means Pits of Hell, literally

  • Pears R Tasty
    Pears R Tasty   7 months ago

    My own opinion, I don't think we needed a Hell House II.