Dick Vitale Reacts To 'JUST TREMENDOUS' First NCAA Tournament Title For Baylor Bears | SportsCenter

  • Published on: 06 April 2021
  • Rece Davis, Jay Bilas, Seth Greenberg, LaPhonso Ellis and Dick Vitale react to the Baylor Bears' win vs. the Gonzaga Bulldogs in the 2021 NCAA Tournament national title game.

    #Sports #NCAATournament

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  • Don Wandling
    Don Wandling   1 weeks ago

    Sorry, you could have given GU 5 days rest (or however much you think they needed) after their EPIC takedown of UCLA, and had BU playing them with 0 days rest after they beat UH. Wouldn't have mattered. BU was a better team all season long, but never got the respect they deserved. Pollsters had it backwards all year. They play 10 games, BU wins 9 (at least). When you needed an EPIC shot in an EPIC takedown of a #11 seed (in OT no less), and you all still pick GU to win it....everyone was in the tank for GU because of the "perfect season" story.

  • Texas Two Step
    Texas Two Step   3 weeks ago

    Stop making excuses for Gonzaga. These teams are conditioned to play the game, ot, back to backs and everything else. Especially during tournament time when it's win or go home. They got punched in the mouth and couldn't overcome.

  • gjk t
    gjk t   3 weeks ago

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  • Robert Weiss
    Robert Weiss   3 weeks ago

    Baylor just punched them in the mouth. Still a good season for the Zags. Always tough to lose the last game.

  • Kai West
    Kai West   3 weeks ago

    Oh what a game it was..Congrats! Coaches superb expertise seen via exceptional athletes ...

  • James Mcgraw
    James Mcgraw   3 weeks ago

    Don't think the assistant coach that has been by coach Drews side , for years, didn't have a role in this tremendous culmination of a struggle from a catastrophe with his predecessor. Drew had enough insight to tap a young man as his assistant, that didn't even have a degree. Drew took flack for that.

  • Donald Cassidy
    Donald Cassidy   3 weeks ago

    the regular season) Gonzaga played good but on no level close to 2021 NCAA champs the BAYLOR BEARS

  • Donald Cassidy
    Donald Cassidy   3 weeks ago

    Baylor was awesome and the (I don't play anybody in

  • Ecliqxse
    Ecliqxse   3 weeks ago


  • mario yu
    mario yu   3 weeks ago

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  • John Bear
    John Bear   3 weeks ago

    Baylor is clearly the best team in NCAA basketball ...they proved it

  • LeMan804
    LeMan804   3 weeks ago

    Styles make fights... and this was a bad matchup for Gonzaga! Had they played in the regular season we all would’ve known who was the better team.

  • JesusIsTheSonOfGod
    JesusIsTheSonOfGod   3 weeks ago

    Great game, played with "precision" by Baylor from tip-off to the W & their 1st National Championship. Something tells me Scott Drew and the Baylor "TEAM" will be back and pick up where they left off! Congratulations Baylor University and Gonzaga as well on their 31-1 year!

  • Michael Campbell
    Michael Campbell   4 weeks ago

    The mainstream sports media is looking for an excuse for why Gonzaga lost.

  • Michael Campbell
    Michael Campbell   4 weeks ago

    Majority of mainstream sports media picked Gonzaga and anywhere you see a Gonzaga looking team, the mainstream sports media always picked Gonzaga looking team.

    ULI ULI   4 weeks ago

    Dickie V.!!!!!!Great to see you still in the Game. The Man. The Myth. The Legend!!!!!!

  • Stephen Prescott
    Stephen Prescott   4 weeks ago

    How many bald guys can you get in one segment? Thought this was the era of diversity.

  • Michael Newton
    Michael Newton   4 weeks ago

    Not since UNLV against Duke in 1990 have I seen such a manhandling in an NCAA finals like Baylor gave Gonzaga.

  • More Cowbell
    More Cowbell   4 weeks ago

    No one is talking about the 5-6 bad calls in favor of Gonzaga. I'm guessing that either the refs, or the NCAA was trying to keep the game closer. So I'm thinking point spreads, or perhaps TV ratings so people wouldn't just shut it off because one team was getting whacked for an entire game.

  • Bob Neal
    Bob Neal   4 weeks ago

    So using this logic, should NC State have lost to Marquette after its upset of UCLA back in '74?

  • Vos Landeck
    Vos Landeck   4 weeks ago

    Gonzaga only played 1 game in the preceding 8 days before the championship game and they were "tired"? Get out with that nonsense. You can't get up mentally for the freaking championship game? Please....stop with the BS. Baylor was just a better team and whooped them.... Gonzaga was undefeated but also played a soft schedule.

  • Taylor Corlett
    Taylor Corlett   4 weeks ago

    Baylor was the better team, and played like one!

  • Mark Stockard
    Mark Stockard   4 weeks ago

    Maybe Gonzaga should have done to UCLA what Baylor did to Houston. Then they would not have been tired.

  • Bruce Rivers
    Bruce Rivers   4 weeks ago

    The moment I watched Baylor blitzed Houston then saw how Gonzaga struggled with UCLA I knew Baylor was gone beat them to sleep.

  • Tariq s
    Tariq s   4 weeks ago

    I demand to see the birth certificates of these Baylor players!!!

  • Taju Alim
    Taju Alim   4 weeks ago

    Why couldn't Baylor just be a better team??? Excuses made for Gonzaga, why??? Hmmmph

  • Dwayne Sanders
    Dwayne Sanders   4 weeks ago

    I am so disappointed with this clip. Excuses were thrown all over the conversation. If Gonzaga had won, I don't think it would have been said that Gonzaga won despite playing a physical game on Saturday night.

  • Andrew Lawson
    Andrew Lawson   4 weeks ago

    I think back to Wisconsin beating an undefeated Kentucky, and Duke destroyed Michigan state before going on to win the championship. Duke may have won the championship that year, but they didn’t have to beat Kentucky in the Final Four to win.

  • walterlv01
    walterlv01   4 weeks ago

    This was up there with the championship games of 1990 (UNLV-Duke) and 2009 (UNC-Mich St) in terms of never being competitive at any point. Like those, this one was over 5 minutes into the game.

  • haha lmao
    haha lmao   4 weeks ago

    Jay Bilas keeping it Real!! Ain't no Team coming in Tired for a Championship!

  • Blakmelle
    Blakmelle   4 weeks ago

    Thanx Vitale for calln out the excuse maker. Baylor showed up to complete a mission. Go Bears!

  • Maxbps
    Maxbps   4 weeks ago

    All that talk about "Is Gonzaga the best team ever?" I said it then was WAY too premature (they had to win it all 1st) and ridiculous to begin with given their league, schedule, shortened season w/ covid, huge gap in blue bloods (which is their own fault for choosing to be one-and-done schools which was exposed by the plandemic; and this is from a HUGE KentuckY fan). Given what we just witnessed, can you imagine Gonzaga '21 playing again KentuckY's '96 team? Or KY's '15 team for that matter. Both would have beat Zaga handily like Baylor did. Actually, the '96 team would have run them out of the arena, maybe the city.CONGRATULATIONS BAYLOR!! Great season. GREAT NC WIN.

  • jason harmon
    jason harmon   4 weeks ago

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  • juice man83
    juice man83   4 weeks ago

    Stop, Gonzaga got beat down. Always making up excuses 😒

  • Rolo Jc
    Rolo Jc   4 weeks ago

    Baylor had to waste energy too with Houston, Houston was not a pushover but they handled them and they also handled Gonzaga. Baylor 🔥🔥🔥🔥