Dark Phoenix Bombs: What Happened? | Charting with Dan!

  • Published on: 11 June 2019
  • Dan Murrell & Lon Harris talk all things box office from the last weekend including everything that led to X-Men: Dark Phoenix bombing during it's opening weekend it's Charting with Dan!
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    Dark Phoenix Bombs: What Happened? | Charting with Dan!
    Written and Produced by Dan Murrell
    Featuring: Lon Harris
    Tech Director: Josh "JTE" Tapia
    Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand
  • Runtime : 41:30
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  • Michael Grey
    Michael Grey   1 years ago

    Im looking at this at nighttime and they have a background like a morning show

  • gLeeksFF
    gLeeksFF   2 years ago

    I think word of mouth did Dark Phoenix dirty but the biggest reason was people simply weren't interested in another X-Men movie

  • GrobanWorld News
    GrobanWorld News   2 years ago

    I've been reading the script online for X-Men: Fear The Beast and it's so much better than either Apocalypse or Dark Phoenix. It would have had Beast and Wolverine fighting Wendigo and we would have gotten a glimpse of Mr. Sinister.

  • Ronald Harrison
    Ronald Harrison   2 years ago

    I was willing to give fox's X-men my money for some time, but their lack of following continuity has made it increasingly hard to embrace their films. The films are too safe banking on keeping audiences with Mystique, Magneto, Prof X, and of course Wolverine. I'm done with this version of the X-men. Never bothered to see Dark Phoenix.

  • obikes
    obikes   2 years ago

    I prefer a week without Charting than somebody else trying (and failing) to do the show.

  • Brad Alkire
    Brad Alkire   2 years ago

    I feel like the narrative around Dumbo has been negative... but 350 mil worldwide is pretty good for a more obscure cartoon to live action adaptation

  • Digital Bean
    Digital Bean   2 years ago

    I had to check the opening weekend for the first Secret Life of Pets because I thought for sure Dan was on something. How in GOD'S name did it make that much money?!?

  • Tom Hahnl
    Tom Hahnl   2 years ago

    Love you guys, looking forward to next monday (actually tuesday here)!

  • Emily Lyon
    Emily Lyon   2 years ago

    I really want MIB to do well but im scared it wont

  • Adrian
    Adrian   2 years ago

    Loved Lon's input on this!

  • paragon
    paragon   2 years ago

    All of the FoX-men films have been stand-alone as far as a shared universe. They very seldom refer to each other in consistent ways...

  • Ashley Avellaneda
    Ashley Avellaneda   2 years ago

    Lon wasn't kidding bout the boomer going to rocketman. Me and my GF went and it looked like senior night.

  • Chris
    Chris   2 years ago

    The MiB International actually sold me to see it during the NBA playoff commercial tie in. Think it may become a bigger hit because of that.

  • Jessica Garcia
    Jessica Garcia   2 years ago

    I was disappointed with x men apocalypse and plus i wasn’t sold with sophie turner as jean gray, and when they pushed the movie back last year i got a feeling this movie was gunna be trash

  • williestyle35
    williestyle35   2 years ago

    @DanMurrell , some of us where here on this platform, before 2000. lol Great show and discussion with Lon. Good points about the un cared for end of the X - Men franchise. Lon Harris calling out Star Trek: Generations amd the following movies.. my gosh that was harsh to the Star Trek: The Next Generations cast in the other movies.. ( Star Trek: First Contact was good, but could never live up to the Original Series novel of the same name ).

  • Trevor Rotan
    Trevor Rotan   2 years ago

    The studio should have gotten the drift after apocalypse fell flat. X-men has been going on for twenty years, and there was no real restart or separation from the initial efforts. The franchise just kind of limped along with some decent showings scattered amongst the wreckage. Think, out of all the X-men movies, how many were even decent let alone good? I’m going with two and a half:Logan(brilliant), X-men-days future past(cool), X-men-first class(pretty good), The rest were mostly shit: the Wolverine, Wolverine-Origins, and the first three X-men. Unfortunately for a very talented cast, the movies suffered from the beginning to capture the magic of such a storied avenue within Marvel lore. In my opinion, the timing screwed the effort. In the time period of the first X-men efforts, there wasn’t any possibility, or desire, from individual studios to create a universe. Thus disregarding the ability to truly capture the complete vision of any of the individual characters the studios purchased. Think about it. Spider-Man is awesome now because Marvel began imprinting it’s VISION when they launched their own studio to make Iron Man. Instantly, all the movies from marvel became decent to amazing. The first Spider-man movies were decent(2, by far, being the best effort), though 3 was horrible, but think of all the storylines they couldn’t explore because of the lack of a universe. The timing also caused a frivolous attitude towards comic movies. They were seen as merely summer fun, and the quality of stories were always so formulaic and pedestrian, only to be saved by cast performance and special effects. If I want to see that I’ll just watch a fast and furious movie-I won’t, I said IF! The early efforts at comic book movies got my money mainly because of my love for the characters as a kid, and hope. Exception: Dark knight series was a triumph, but only because Nolan was allowed to approach the Dark Knight series as something more than just a formulaic blockbuster, and could make a good series of movies. The upside of the two decade X-men effort is that Logan was made, and you couldn’t have made Logan without the early trash. I’ll gladly drink lemonade sweet, despite how many lemons I was forced to eat.

  • Josh T
    Josh T   2 years ago

    Dude secret life of pets is actually funny as fuck. Theres a scene where a dog dressed as a cat catches the red laser dot amd the cats freakout and start worshipping her and calling her queen.

  • Andre Aroyan
    Andre Aroyan   2 years ago

    Hi Dan, I was wondering if you could look into if Dark Phoenix was really a disaster for anybody? For the shareholders at Fox, they just made $71.3 Billion for all their movie/TV properties. They seem pretty happy. For Disney, Dark Phoenix was essentially one small, essentially finished asset in a $71.3 Billion purchase. They just needed to pay for marketing and whatever it made is essentially bonus profit for them. So did this financially hurt either company? Could you make the argument that the $200 million budget of the movie was included in the purchase price of Fox? Would the price have been any different had this movie not existed in the first place? Did Disney and Fox already know about the low prospects of the film and adjust the price into the overall valuation accordingly? The more I think about it, the more complicated it seems.I know this argument ignores the long term prospects and financial viability of the IP. To me, this disaster only hurts the producers/executives that made the film because they now have a huge blemish on their records. This could affect their futures, but due to the timing of the film, that seems like the only huge consequence of the financial failure of the film. Am I missing something?

  • Jc Eliott
    Jc Eliott   2 years ago

    Patton better? I think you got your virtue signalling quota filled for the week

  • smirk Mc flerkin
    smirk Mc flerkin   2 years ago

    They really should have just made the whole franchise a topnotch animated movie's kinda like the original transformers movie. It would've been atleast cool.Plus i know this is a unpopular opinion but the whole dark Phoenix saga wasn't a good story......sorry but it wasn't i prefer the 90s genosha stories and also when they fight the guardians of the Galaxy.

  • Matt Greene
    Matt Greene   2 years ago

    Been a fan of the channel for a long time and all you gals and guys, but I just wanna say how much love that Lon is showing up more often. Love his demeanor, fandom and knowledge.

  • partaymaker
    partaymaker   2 years ago

    I work at a school and we put on Secret Life of Pets for the kids to watch. We had to turn it off like 10 minutes in because they weren't interested in it at all. Now anything with Minions...still hot stuff.

  • Effendi Kwantan
    Effendi Kwantan   2 years ago

    Unfortunately, Fox made Jean Grey as "Captain Marvel", not the REAL Dark Phoenix.

  • Emily W
    Emily W   2 years ago

    "It was a long weekend in China" - that's a cryptic euphemism if ever there was one

  • George Koukouris
    George Koukouris   2 years ago

    What's up with 'Fandom Entertainment'? Are you guys rebranding or branching off on your own thing, away from the Screen Junkies brand? I notice you're doing more with this channel name.

  • Batz130
    Batz130   2 years ago

    The caption reads Dark Phoenix bombs, but the first 5min is spent talkin about secret life of pets 2. LMBO 😂 FOH. Scatter brained opinions are ruining an overall decent movie

    THE16THPHANTOM   2 years ago

    movie hate that keeps getting made "Hotel Transylvania". the first one sucked but they kept making them anyway, so many crappy children's movies that keep getting sequels.

  • lance wilson
    lance wilson   2 years ago

    In regards to more films failing this year, there so many films out at the moment, i have interest in a few but i'm not gonna get to the cinema for all of them, it's just not feasible. John Wick 3, Aladdin, Godzilla, Secret life of Pets 2, Men in Black, Toy Story 4 (real soon), X Men plus i'm sure i'm forgetting some, all films my family and i have interest in.... then get round the corner and we've got Quentin Tarantino back, Hobbs and Shaw looks reall fun from trailer, Spider-Man Far From Home..... Sooooooo many fiiiilms 😂

  • lance wilson
    lance wilson   2 years ago

    Feel bad for Godzilla KOTM, i actually enjoyed it, not perfect but where it works it's great. Shame more people didn't go see it, the big screen is the place to watch it i feel. I'm defo up for Godzilla vs Kong next year and i guess make that the finalé

  • John Ts
    John Ts   2 years ago

    People a few days ago: I'm not seeing Dark Phoenix it will suck and besides the rights are back to MarvelPeople now: gasp wHaT hApPeNeD tO tHiS mOvIe?

  • King EZ
    King EZ   2 years ago

    It wasn't that bad. I thought it was ok.

  • STASHdad Iggy Reyes
    STASHdad Iggy Reyes   2 years ago

    It's not as bad as they say. The surprise mutant at the party was really nice. Alot of camera angles were off like a student film. But that train scene!! Holy the xmen cutting loose was the best. It's more sad than bad

  • drwww87
    drwww87   2 years ago

    Personally I also wonder about the "Game of Thrones effect" on "Dark Phoenix." Did Season 8 of GoT sour fans taste for more Sophie Turner?! 🤔