SMILEY - A Terrible Shane Dawson Horror That Didn't Age Well

  • Published on: 03 September 2020
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  • Runtime : 25:55
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    MADWRLD   21 hours ago

    14:15 Straight up felt like it was about to turn into a porno

  • D Cell
    D Cell   1 weeks ago

    I’m sorry but seeing Shane get shot was the best part of this movie

  • Vaphi
    Vaphi   1 weeks ago

    Next horror movie idea:If someone points a camera at you and shouts "Do it for the vine" and you don't do anything, you get killed

  • Aiden Scholz
    Aiden Scholz   2 weeks ago

    Meanwhile Johnny depp in “into the woods”: hellooo little girl…. Look at that FLESH, pink and plump! Oh yes! Not one lump. Hellooo little girl…

  • J Fressh xs
    J Fressh xs   2 weeks ago

    Shane was good for the first time I ever saw his videos that he did in his kitchens and after that he sucked

  • The KingsMan98
    The KingsMan98   2 weeks ago

    “I think I’m high on your marijuana 😹😹” NO 🏃🏽‍♂️

  • A
    A   2 weeks ago

    Ngl smiley still looks scary.(Or at least his face)

  • Tony Pham
    Tony Pham   2 weeks ago

    15:25 was that sgt foley from mw2 lmao

  • Christopher Foley
    Christopher Foley   2 weeks ago

    Can we banish Shane Dawson from this world? Because lets face it, he has zero talent, and worst of all, he has even less talent than zero talent

  • MemeXD
    MemeXD   2 weeks ago

    Shane dowson🤢🤢😨👍2.4K 👎

  • Ricardo Alucard
    Ricardo Alucard   2 weeks ago the classroom the professor says something about "bla bla bla when a collect of people start to believe in something this thing becames real"so i think the ideia was : the Main carachter believed so much in tha smiley is real that it became real at the end sceneAlso, the group as manipulating those thing so she commits suicide by jumping, that was the role plan. why tho? cause as the professor said ( you see? he spills the plot, he is """""""""""important"""""""""""") people are evil :D

  • Tod Doughty
    Tod Doughty   3 weeks ago

    Love the vids!! PLEASE PLEASE do Don Knotts Is The Love God, yes thats its real name!!!

  • Yo man
    Yo man   3 weeks ago

    This is a weird chomo movie

  • J • A
    J • A   4 weeks ago

    When Elvis kept showing the shane dawson clips, I was cringing out of my body

  • Fallout117654
    Fallout117654   1 months ago

    I think the humour was very cringe worthy, however ret*rd, "offensive" humour, and the cringy emo shit was just common in 2012I still use some of these types of memes because they still do what they were always designed to do, and that is get a reaction.Sadly twitter honestly sucks the fun out of it, because twitter is where a large amount of people try to be professionally "triggered", offended or have meltdowns for attentions, its like playing on easy.Also the worst thing about twitter are the people who get offended on behave of other people who have no issue with it.

  • Walts
    Walts   1 months ago

    this is my fave video dud

  • XfnBlazeLOL
    XfnBlazeLOL   1 months ago

    I did it for the lulz I did it for the lulz I did it for the lulz

  • Shoked kiggy
    Shoked kiggy   1 months ago

    Well, candy man did last a long time and it was 4-5 times, so props to candy

  • Anthony
    Anthony   1 months ago

    Whats the point of wearing that Mask if you're also gonna wear tights to cover your face... this shit is so cringe lolAlso I am pretty sure "Tesimal" isn't a word. I think its "infinitesimal" lol

  • Lord Death Fetus
    Lord Death Fetus   1 months ago

    Are we not gonna talk about how they somehow got Keith David in this movie? Like what kind of blackmail did they have?!

  • MalwareDud3
    MalwareDud3   1 months ago

    I did it for the lulzI did it for the lulzI did it for the lulz

  • Scott K
    Scott K   1 months ago

    That intro had dying 💀💀💀

  • Zarvanis
    Zarvanis   1 months ago

    How could you NOT mention that Keith David was in this movie? He's an actual actor with credible roles. Requiem for a Dream, Mass Effect, Platoon, The Thing, and a lot of other stuff. How the hell did he end up in Smiley of all movies?

  • Scruffy
    Scruffy   1 months ago

    Keith David was the only thing that got me through this.

  • Dr Woolsworth Fuck Train McDougalton

    "I think I'm high on your marijuana" How did that make it through ANY passes? This script is high on its own stupidity. Definitely a Shane Dawson project

  • Odie Mega
    Odie Mega   1 months ago

    Keith David makes everything better... Except this... there is nothing you can do to make this better.

  • Zeke
    Zeke   1 months ago

    Wtf is that Keith David.

  • Garret Loe
    Garret Loe   1 months ago

    They fucking roped Richard Ryan into this movie, what the fuck. I don’t get how they got a dude who did firearms videos like FPSrussia into this