Reaction to Baylor DOMINATING Gonzaga in the 2021 NCAA Tournament title game | SportsCenter

  • Published on: 06 April 2021
  • SportsCenter breaks down the Baylor Bears dominating the Gonzaga Bulldogs in the 2021 NCAA Tournament championship game.

    #Sports #NCAATournament

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  • Woody Allen
    Woody Allen   1 months ago

    It’s about time my Baylor team won the NAACP Championship. Now I can celebrate baby!!!!!!!

  • Racer Fast
    Racer Fast   1 months ago

    Proud to be a Baylor Bear> Sic em!!!

  • Kent Milbrandt
    Kent Milbrandt   2 months ago

    Not surprising they got most of their wins against lesser conference opponents.

  • Tom Clay
    Tom Clay   2 months ago

    Good morning, well I think it was a good game Baylor just jumped on them from the start. But I have a question if you guys will reply I see ESPN have replayed the women championship game over and over again starting the next day. Why haven’t the men’s championship game haven’t been played? Someone answer that for me. I love you guys show but something don’t add up to me. Thanks 🙏

  • Elizabeth Freeman
    Elizabeth Freeman   2 months ago

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  • Squint 20/20/20
    Squint 20/20/20   2 months ago

    Ok. So Eye knew something was up with this guy number 45 for Baylor. His name is Davion Mitchel he looks exactly like "Donovan" Mitchel of the Utah Jazz, one of the first things eye noticed when eye first saw him. Both he and Donovan wear number 45, stand about 6ft 2ish, play point guard and pretty much have the same game, same name and their birthdays are 2 days and 2 years apart👇🏿Davion Mitchel Sept 5, 1998 22 years old. Donovan Mitchell Sept 7, 1996 24 years old👇🏿Elgin "BAYLOR" coached the Utah Jazz with Donovan playing for Utah and Davion playing for BAYLOR who just won the ship with 86 points, and it's obvious that they tried not to score anymore points after they reached 86. Elgin Baylor has 86 career wins as coach of the Jazz coaching a total of 221 games. He passed away at age 86 on March 22/21, a total of 186 days between his birthday and death. Elgin wore number 22.He began coaching Utah 45 years ago. He was born September 16 making all 3 of these guys Virgos born in September.

  • JesusIsTheSonOfGod
    JesusIsTheSonOfGod   2 months ago

    Great game, played with "precision" by Baylor from tip-off to the W & their 1st National Championship. Something tells me Scott Drew and the Baylor "TEAM" will be back! Congratulations Baylor University and Gonzaga on a 31-1 year!

  • Stormy Weather
    Stormy Weather   2 months ago

    Credit to Baylor, but the Women's Championship game was super-exciting! This was a snoozer after the 1st qtr.

  • Clay
    Clay   2 months ago

    It was the first five minutes. Gonzaga played well against top teams earlier in the year, as well as in the tournament, but they came out tight and couldn't seem to shake the jitters. Baylor took advantage and never looked back.

  • Russell Gilbert
    Russell Gilbert   2 months ago

    Saw this coming, Baylor was a better athletic and skilled team on both sides of the ball.

  • Courtney Kile
    Courtney Kile   2 months ago

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  • Arturo Marquez
    Arturo Marquez   2 months ago

    Gonzaga over rated ! They play no body in regular season.

  • Mike Lee
    Mike Lee   2 months ago

    They got it down to 10 because Baylor took their foot off of the gas! Let’s be clear!!!!

  • D L L
    D L L   2 months ago

    That thumbnail expresses My concern in this manner

  • domicco sutton
    domicco sutton   2 months ago

    When I look at Gonzaga I see the great white hype by the media

  • Jade James
    Jade James   2 months ago

    Couldn’t be prouder to be a Baylor Bear! SIC ‘EM!!!

  • Thomas Jarrett
    Thomas Jarrett   2 months ago

    Baylor just have stronger,better players than Gonzaga plain and simple,the better team won.

  • Mai Tan Khang
    Mai Tan Khang   2 months ago

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  • Tariq s
    Tariq s   2 months ago

    I demand to see the birth certificates of these Baylor players!!!

  • Linda Tibbles
    Linda Tibbles   2 months ago

    Bayler was awesome, but the refs were horrible😤

  • Lowanda Randolph
    Lowanda Randolph   2 months ago

    Baylor was just outstanding across the board. Their coach, coached them well and they executed. Every Baylor players including the beach was a star and Gonzaga didn't have an answer. With that said Baylor showed up and showed out and someone like myself have not seen Baylor took me by a surprise. The media sure know how to under estimate good talent because Baylor was not in their cards to win. Now they eating crow.🤔

  • A Love
    A Love   2 months ago

    Baylor's defense was insane.

  • Matt Watters
    Matt Watters   2 months ago

    So tired of Gonzaga. Overrated because of a weak conference. They get 5 star recruits every year because they know they are automatically going to the tournament because of their weak conference. Put them in a real conference and its a whole other story.

  • Young Sta
    Young Sta   2 months ago

    My bracket was perfect. I got paid

  • RedP1llPopper
    RedP1llPopper   2 months ago

    Gonzaga couldn’t overcome the SAS curse lmao

  • Low H
    Low H   2 months ago


  • Low H
    Low H   2 months ago

    If you ever wanted to witness a premier coached team. It was Baylor on both sides of the ball, everything was crisp and fluent, with little to none indecisiveness. Each player knew what to do, and how to read and react individually and collectively each play was executed with precision. Nothing was forced, nobody tried to do too much, and they knew how to get it too hot hand. At no point did confusion or what to do from Baylor in its entirety

    THEKID6   2 months ago

    Shout out to Laphonso and Seth who actually picked Baylor before the game!!

  • Linh Nho
    Linh Nho   2 months ago

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  • Jeff W
    Jeff W   2 months ago

    A Big 12 vs a WCC, what else did you expect.

  • Gus Guerra
    Gus Guerra   2 months ago

    congrats Baylor, truly the best 👌

  • edwardtone
    edwardtone   2 months ago

    How about that national anthem ❤️