Investigating The Killer At Seventybroad - Inside A Mind

  • Published on: 10 December 2018
  • It's time to investigate the killer at seventybroad! What is Seventybroad? Where is Seventybroad? Today we begin our journey into one of the most bizarre web series to have taken place in recent years. It all begins with a man on the run...

    It begins as though we're watching a man on the run from the police before we eventually start to realise not everything is what it seems. Media outlets such as LadBible and Unilad have covered this believing it to be real. However, it's clear that it's just a guy presenting a web series. Even the character knows this! Thankfully we ended up with YouTube creators like Night Mind to help share this story to the right community. Although, at one point, even the "Right" community were left questioning if it was real or fake.

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  • Runtime : 15:54
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  • seventybroad
    seventybroad   3 years ago

    This is wicked, absolutely nailed exactly what I was going for, thanks for making this.

  • bobby g
    bobby g   1 months ago

    Ew why did u use keemstar of all people

  • Kepesk
    Kepesk   2 months ago

    Normies ruin everything, don't they?

  • error415
    error415   6 months ago

    The dislikes for his videos just shows you how out for blood most normies are.

  • G.reviewz
    G.reviewz   8 months ago

    Shame all the videos have been privated the only way to experience this now is through this video.

  • Cutman3030
    Cutman3030   9 months ago

    My favorite thing about this is he got away with it while doing the anime "I'm a crazy man" hand over one eye visual.

  • Kathryn benson
    Kathryn benson   9 months ago

    Seventy Broadway... It's a street or road... I mean why would he name a account to admit something it's a location... Or a town where he growed up... the Twitter messages say he can't go back... as if he misses his home after a murder

  • Bandu
    Bandu   9 months ago

    i hope he didnt kill his mom, one hell of a b-day present it would be.

  • Your Nameth
    Your Nameth   10 months ago

    "When the video finally drops we get this *baby formula ad plays*"

  • bruhemian
    bruhemian   10 months ago


  • Tallulah Fininen
    Tallulah Fininen   10 months ago

    10:28 small note, Sertraline is also used to treat anxiety

  • water
    water   10 months ago

    the part of where people think he did a murder is the reason why you should address its an ARG or story before media devours you with accusations

  • Not Polterghast
    Not Polterghast   10 months ago

    Seventybroad arrived on the ibternet on my burthday lol

  • I like to dream But she won’t care

    This is just a suicide kind of thing like comeOn don’t do it like what is your problem there’s no need for you to fantasize your life with reality just get some help sheesh I’ll get it if it was for like publicity but if it’s relating to your health get some help

  • K P
    K P   10 months ago

    Good video

  • Your Average Roblox Enjoyer

    Imagine this is actually real,Fooled the internet for fooling the internet(Sorry even I don't know how to explain anymore)

  • Lee z
    Lee z   11 months ago

    that’s so interesting btuh

  • Lynx3000nd
    Lynx3000nd   11 months ago

    Anyone rewatching this series? 👋

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan   11 months ago

    Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got into this situation... Lets start at the beginning.

  • Kepler-16
    Kepler-16   11 months ago

    Heeeyyy I’m slowly going insane

  • Lucia Hidalgo
    Lucia Hidalgo   11 months ago

    10:32 what a coincidence we take the same medication

  • thanos ks
    thanos ks   11 months ago

    i got this recommended at 2021...

  • Taylor Brown
    Taylor Brown   11 months ago

    It always bugs me that humans hate everything they don’t understand then as soon as it’s explained they’re amazed and love it.. this guy made a ground breaking ARG and people completely fell for it now they love him

  • adora marquez
    adora marquez   11 months ago

    Mommy said to not watch this but I am 😤👸😓🙅😰😰💁💝😰💝💝💝💝😤😰 rovux

  • MylesYT
    MylesYT   11 months ago

    And when the video finally drops we get this “gentian impact ad plays”

  • Deadman 2691
    Deadman 2691   11 months ago

    Nightmind is the shit i love both ypur channels

  • Jomarcenter-MJM
    Jomarcenter-MJM   12 months ago

    Tabloid always tried to ruined a good story just for free money and clickbait from ads.

  • hcrompi
    hcrompi   12 months ago

    This kind of reminds me of good Apollo 4’s concept story

  • Nick Hersheys
    Nick Hersheys   1 years ago

    Fucking scary ! He was so obsessed with the character that eventually he BECAME the character.

  • Claire Byrne
    Claire Byrne   1 years ago

    Yeah everyone searching up seventybroad now

  • Relic7
    Relic7   1 years ago

    If this is all just a story created by him, this is one of the internet masterpieces

  • beans
    beans   1 years ago

    It’s not over yet :) ;) :)